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The Greatest Extra Chapter 34- Blow the trumpet first (3)

“Siadin, this is where the appointment is, right?”

Sylvia Platier, who possessed platinum bobbed hair, asked with her green eyes shining in the dark.

Siadin is a member of the Elven Platier tribe and she has emerged from the forest to serve as the bodyguard for the descendant of the High Elves. She scratched her chin and reaffirmed by pointing out the map.

“I’m sure. This is where we’re going to join.”

“But why can’t I see anyone?”

Sylvia asked with a low voice. There are two reasons they thought of, first they have come to the wrong place or they have changed the place of appointment at the last minute without informing them. Siadin already double-checked the map with Sylvia, so she didn’t think they were lost.

She was the best scout among the Platinum Elves clan, she was specially brought by Sylvia because of the danger that the world tree was facing.

In the novel that Raymond has read, Sylvia is a High Elf and also one of the companions of the main character, therefore it could be said that the eyes of the Second Prince were far more discerning than the Third Prince’s.

“Isn’t this the second time we came here?”

She hoped this would not be the case.

“We are lost, so please stop seeing us a Joke and come out.”

Sylvia’s eyes trembled. It was a humiliating declaration. But she had no choice.

People dressed in black appeared one by one in the dark.

Everyone was masked, but Sylvia knew that they were the Second Prince’s minions.

“You can’t even read the map?”

“I wonder why His Highness the Second Prince pity such a weak elf.”

The assassins mocked Sylvia right in front of her.

‘I’m angry. I have a lot to say. But I can’t.’

As she bit her lips to the point where blood leaked out, Siadin, who was standing behind her, took two steps closer and whispered with a very low voice, enough to be heard only by her.

Her emotion that was about to explode like a volcano died quickly due to the concern of her subordinate. She mustn’t show her anger here.

She have to put up with it for the sake of the World Tree, for now, she could only follow the Second Prince who held her leashes.

‘I must be a puppet without feelings.’

She whispered to herself as if she was hypnotizing herself. For the World Tree. For the sake of the clan. And for the forest.

She had to be a puppet that is being controlled.

“I’m sure you’ve heard about it, haven’t you?”

A man wearing a silver badge on his chest over the leather armor, which indicated his status as the leader, asked as he approached them.

She wanted to nod her head without hesitation to avoid the mocking eyes of other assassins, but she couldn’t.

Heading to the Black Mountains to strike the Fifth Prince, this is what the Second Prince told her to do.

“If you could tell us a little bit about your plan, it would be a great help to us in order to guide you.”

Sylvia asked while looking down. There was nothing she could do because the Second Prince was holding her weakness.

Seeing the descendants of the High Elves, a noble lineage, bowing to the low-quality Assassin, Siadin bit her lips.

It was hard to see the noble being she served bowing to others. However, she should not waver so she stayed silent.

“How far do you know?”

Apparently, this time Sylvia’s smile shook for an instant. But she soon regained her composure and lowered her gaze.

‘I am now used to being looked down.’

“I’ve only heard that I’m going to attack the Fifth Prince in the Black Mountains.”

“Well, that’s enough information you need to know.”

“But, am I really going to attack the Fifth Prince? I heard that the Blue Tower and Red Tower Masters are standing by his side.”

The two tower Masters are not as famous as the Heifel Empire’s Ice Tower, but they are famous within the Pilias Empire.

In addition, even though he is one-armed knight, he is also a former high-ranking knight, so the Fifth Prince’s power should not be taken lightly.

“This is none of your business.”

The assassin next to the leader said to her.

But how can she not care?

If they are wiped out, Sylvia, who served as their guide to the Fifth Prince, will not be safe.

“No, this elf should know.”

The Leader spoke with a calm voice to his subordinate. Within few seconds, his eyes looked to Sylvia.

“We have more people that will join us as soon as we arrive at the Black Mountains. With their help, assassination of the Fifth Prince will not be impossible.”

“I see, thank you for letting me know.”

There was no explanation, but Sylvia could easily imagine that the “Moon Knights” from the Kingdom of Edgar were the people that the assassin Leader referred to.

“Guide as the best as you can. Then you can live and die for the long life as an elf.”

Sylvia smiled and nodded at the cold words of the assassin Leader.

However, behind her smile was a cruel blade ready to stab in back, but the man in front didn’t notice.

* * *

“Shadow Squad, gather!”

Gesteine shouted. About twenty Shadow Squad members gathered around. They surrounded, Raymond, the Fifth Prince.

“The battle forces of the Blue Tower and the Red Tower are ready.”

Berenus Kyle, the Master of the Red Tower, said calmly.

After it was decided that they will follow the Imperial Army to the border, 32 people, including knights and intermediate wizards were provided by the two tower Master for the Fifth Prince.

Originally, there were 39 people, but seven lost their lives on their way to the Black Mountains.

“The Imperial Army is at the vanguard!”

Casillas, the commander of the Imperial Army, shouted with a loud voice.

A hundred Imperial soldiers stepped forward. All they have to do now is wait for the war.

Raymond lift his right hand slowly. Then he turned his head for a moment.

As soon as he turned around, Marquis Crayer and his family all came out of the gates of the central city and were seeing Raymond off.

“Fifth Prince! You must come back!”

Under the solemn atmosphere, the marquis’ eldest son and heir, Cron, shouted with all his might. Marquis Crayer smiled at his son’s sincere shout.

“I, Marquis Sand Crayer, awaits for the safe return of the Fifth Prince.”

Then he pulled out his sword and took it toward his chest.

“The Knights!”

“Draw your Sword!”

Knights lined up behind Marquis Crayer and pulled out their sword in unison. The nobles from the other family were also courteous, and without hesitation, they pulled out their swords with their right hands like what the Marquis Crayer did.

“We’re behind you, Fifth Prince! Please always remember it!”

“I will not forget your loyalty.”

Raymond turned his head again and looked in front.

“All units, move forward.”

His voice was calm and full of spirit. Once again, the journey to the dangerous Black Mountains began, but none of the 100 Imperial soldiers, as well as the Shadow Squad and the battle squad from the tower, showed any hesitation.

One hundred Imperial soldiers took the lead.

After one hour, they heard the sound of trumpets.

They initially heard it from a distance, but as gradually they got closer to the streets, soon the 500 cavalry with Marquis of Crayer’s flag welcomed them.

“I’m Lance, commander of the 11th Cavalry from the Crayer Army. With us, the Fifth Prince will be safe in the border.”

There was no heads up that be the Calvary of the Crayer would follow them. This appears to be an extra protection prepared by Marquis Crayer.

It’s also rude to refused, so Raymond joined the 11th Cavalry without any hard feelings.

They followed Raymond and his entourage safely to the border as promised.

After they arrived to Black Mountains, the lead was taken over by the cavalry. Before that resume their way, all the soldiers praised the Fifth Prince.

“In the future, with His Highness the Fifth, there will be endless glory!”

The commander of the cavalry shouted as he looked towards the Fifth Prince with great expectations.

“I never thought I’d be back in the Black Mountains.”

Lisefield, the Blue Tower Master, complained, but there was a faint smile around his mouth.

Raymond nodded silently and pulled out a map.

“It takes about two days to get to the seventh stronghold.”

“We’re going to have a fight there, aren’t we?”

“Old man, how come you are so forgetful? I’m sure we’ve already finished planning this all back at the Crayer’s castle.”

“I just asked to confirm.”

Leaving the Grumpy Lisefield behind, Raymond called Casillas and assigned him a route.

The Imperial Army took the lead.

It took them two days to get to the seventh Stronghold.

Along their way they got attacked by some Orcs, but thanks to the presence of two high-ranking wizards, the damage to the Imperial Army was not significant.

“We’ve reached seventh stronghold.”

“With the order of the Fifth Prince, we shall camp here.”

An officer of the Imperial Army reported with a loud voice.

The soldiers of the Imperial Army moved in unison.

The seventh Stronghold was now empty because it had been evacuated after being fatally damaged by the Kingdom of Fresyria.

Anyway, only a minimum of repair was needed to stay temporarily even for a few days.

“How long do you think the repair will take?” Seeing the state of the Stronghold, Lisefield couldn’t help but ask.

“Most of the facilities are intact, so it won’t take long. With the help of the wizards, it looks like everything will be done within two hours.”

Casillas answered the question of Lisefield.

Magic is great. If the repair work had been carried out only by the Imperial soldiers without the help of the wizard, it would have taken more than three hours.

As soon as the repair was over, it was already night. Raymond called his aides to his tent.

“As I said back in the Crayer’s castle, uninvited guests will visit soon.”

He did not mention exactly who the uninvited guests were, but the aides gathered in the barracks did not seem to care about it.

“It won’t be soon. I think there will be a ‘visit’ tonight.”

“Oh, is there any reason why the Red Tower Master thinks so?”

Raymond was curious.

“After a long march, we reached our destination, and a honey-like rest was rewarded. We have just arrived so the military has no choice but to relax.”

Casillas look at the tower Master with a sharp look. He was offended by how Berenus worded it but it was just brushed off by the offender.

“Keep talking.”

“I don’t think we are going to miss this opportunity.”

Berenus’ prediction was correct, the uninvited guests were now on their way.

* * *

Sylvia Platier, the greatest path finder, used the power of the spirits to guide the assassins on a safe route even in the Black Mountains.

It should take two days of travel from the Black Mountains to the 7th stronghold where the Fifth Prince stayed at, but Sylvia found a shortcut and allowed them to arrive within six hours. But the assassins’ gaze toward Sylvia remained indifferent.

“That’s the flag of the Fifth Prince.”

The Moon Knight, who joined them as they arrived in the Black Mountains, said after finding a flag fluttering in the center of the seventh stronghold, the largest.

The Imperial flag, it wasn’t something anyone could carry. The Fifth Prince is definitely here. The eyes of the assassins staring at the stronghold shone sharply.

All their eyes was like from a predator who seems to be looking at a tasty prey.

“Secretly, surround.”

The Moon Knight spoke in a low voice and sent a signal to them. The Moon Knight moved first, followed by the Second Prince’s men and they scattered around the seventh stronghold in unison.

“What am I supposed to do?”

The assassins are moving. So what did she have to do now?

Sylvia asked the assassin who was staying by her side.

“Now that you’re done, you’ll have to secure a quick escape route, so stand by here.”

Three assassins remained around, watching her. Sylvia sighed at the reality that she was being treated as a prisoner.

“We’ll take down the night watchers first.”

The command was sent to all. The assassins of the Second Prince slowly went behind each of the Soldiers at the command of the Moon Knight.



The assassins’ attacks, which signals the fall of red-uniformed Imperial soldiers, began.


The assassins of the second prince and the Moon Knight all jumped over the wooden fence and ambushed the stronghold. The shadows fluttered through the darkness of the night. It was both discreet and deadly.

But soon they realized that something’s not right.

Only after 15 more soldiers were knocked down, did the Moon Knight realize something was wrong.

“Hey, this is….”

The soldiers from the Imperial Army had scattered around.

“A trap!”

This was obviously a trap. As soon as he tried to warn everybody, a white flare had already soared into the sky and illuminated the dark night sky.

“Fifth Prince, I didn’t expect you are this cunning…….”

The Moon Knight gritted his teeth. His fear for the Fifth Prince has already ingrained in his bones.

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The Greatest Extra in history

The Greatest Extra in history

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
One day, when I opened my eyes, I became the 5th prince of the empire that appeared in the novel. I was supposed to be happy. But the empire fell and the 5th Prince was horribly killed.


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They have a taste of their own medicine. As always, thank you for the chapter!

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