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Second Life Chance of the B Class Villain chapter 4- Invasion

Full of drunk people looking for partners to spend a hot night with, while the ones who can’t find a partner are the ones who stay up all night and go home in the first train of the morning.

Even though it was past midnight, the streets of Garibong-dong, Guro-gu was busy and crowded.

The sight of a child in sixth grade in elementary school was clearly a strange thing.

But no one cared about the child.

There were people who ‘tsk’ their tongues and there are those who are worried about the children, but they showed no more interest than that.

Young children and the current Lee Si-Guk watched the main streets of Garibong-dong.

His gaze turned to the street flashing with people wearing brilliant neon colors.

Then he stopped his gaze at one point.

In the back alley, somewhat distant from the main street.

There Lee Si-Guk took a step.

The desolation was somewhat unfitting near a prosperous boulevard.

There are only two streetlights on this dark narrow road.

In the middle of it, standing in front of the adult arcade where the shutter went down, Lee Si-Guk was briefly lost in thought.


Lee Si-Guk stroked his chin.

He closed his eyes and maximized his hearing.

The hearing of a class B began to capture the sound of everything that surrounded him.

“……come on, I’m being dragged to your hand today.”

“Hehehe. Aren’t you lucky? Don’t be upset.”

“Did you learn skills from the tazza?”

Three men’s conversation came from beyond the place where he is currently.

His grip crept from his mouth.

Lee Si-Guk went straight to the entrance of the building.

He saw an emergency exit leading to the arcade on the right left.

Lee Si-Guk turned the doorknob. But the door was locked from the inside and wouldn’t open.

Then Lee Si-Guk clenched the doorknob and kicked the door with his foot.



The doorknob broke and the door opened wide.


Three gangsters, who were playing poker at the round table in front of the arcade looked at the broken emergency exit.

They were nervous, wondering if it was a raid by the police or a rival organization.

“Who is it?”

“Don’t you know?”

But when a small child, not a police officer or gang member, came in, they became relaxed.

Among the three, the youngest got up from his seat and approached a child.

“How did you get in here? What, you messed up the door?”

The gangster ‘tsk’ his tongue at the broken emergency door.

“This rotten building, really is rotten to the core.”

The youngest gangster didn’t care about Lee Si-Guk. He was just a simple boy anyway.

A little boy was not a a threat. He could just be kicked out at any time.

“Hey. You should look at a customer when he’s here. You son of a bitch.”

However, the story is different when the harsh words was coming from the mouth of young kid, with a really childish voice.

“Did you just say that to me?”

The youngest gangster stopped examining the emergency door and asked while looking at Lee Si-Guk.

His eyes were full of absurdity.

“What if I kill you right now?”


The youngest gangster approached Lee Si-Guk as if he was dumbfounded.

Looking down at Lee Si-Guk, where his height was barely reaching his chest, the youngest gangster looked very pissed off.

“These days, kids don’t even know what is stupid. Aren’t they scared of the world?”

The youngest gangster, who was about to put his hand on the head of Lee Si-Guk, said threatening him.

Walking around outside at this time of day means that the environment where the child grew was not that good.

There was no need to be nice by hitting him.

All he has to do is lowering his head and talked to him harshly while threatening him.

That’s what the youngest gangster would do if the other party involved was a normal kid.

But… It was a big misjudgment.

The hands of Lee Si-Guk moved quickly and grabbed the wrist of the youngest gangster.


And Lee Si-Guk just broke his wrist.



The youngest gangster screamed at the pain of dislocation of his wrist joint.


The youngest gangster’s jaw was punched.

The youngest gangster’s eyes immediately flipped over and collapsed on the floor, losing his consciousness.

When they saw the child coming in without the other gangster, the other two gangsters, who were handing cards to each other, jumped out of their seats.

Earlier they thought that the person who screamed was the kid, but in reality it was their brother.

“What the fuck.”

The second gangster approached him looking at Lee Si-Guk with angered eyes.

The first gangster laughed and followed suit.

The second gangster stood in front of the Lee Si-Guk.

He raised his hand.

Unlike the youngest, he was planning to start a conversation with a few slaps on the cheek of Lee Si-Guk.

His palm flew toward his cheek.

He naturally thought he had slapped the face of Lee Si-Guk.

But nothing got stuck in his hand.


The foot of Lee Si-Guk kicked him in the chin as he stared in the air for a moment.



He fell on one knee.

At the same time, Lee Si-Guk grabbed his head and hit his face with his knees.


The second gangster’s head turned sharply back. His nose began to bleed.

Lee Si-Guk kicked him in the chest.

His body was pushed back with a bang!


The first gangster, who was walking leisurely from behind, jumped from the spot in surprise.

The second gangster was pushed all the way under his feet, rolled a few times, and hit the round table leg where they were playing poker.

The gangster collapsed, while the money and the cards all fell down.

The second gangster, underneath him, was twitching with a foam in his mouth.

“What, what?”

The first gangster alternately looked at Lee Si-Guk with his younger brothers lying on the floor with a puzzled look, the child was the reason why they were like that.

Lee Si-Guk approached the first gangster with a cynical look on his face.

“Why did start with a hand-strike? Anyway, even if you don’t that’s what would happen to you. I know you’re gangsters.”

The first gangster stepped back unknowingly.

“Where is Kang Bong-gil?”

When their brother’s name came out of the mouth of Lee Si-Guk, the first gangster was embarrassed. And at that moment, he realized he was slowly backing down.

‘What the hell…….?’

He can’t believe they were losing against a kid who looks like an elementary school student.

As a man, his pride was wounded.

The first gangster took the knife out of his pocket.

The moment he saw that, the look on the face of Lee Si-Guk stiffened.

Then this time, the first gangster laughed.

“You son of a bitch… ”

But he was unable to continue what was he saying.


It was because Lee Si-Guk flew into space and kicked his face.


The first gangster was pushed back, he rolled over and over again on the floor.

“Time to punch.”

* * *

“Caak! Ta-da!”

As soon as he got out of the taxi, Kang Bong-gil spat out his phlegm.

Then he bit a cigarette and lit it up.


Spitting out cigarette smoke for a long time, he started walking.

He was headed for an adult arcade located in an alleyway.

As he headed to his own business, which he received from Kim Yang-ki, Kang Bong-gil complained to himself.

“I was having a good time but those bastards called me.”

After burning the cigarette in front of the arcade, Kang Bong-gil threw it at the wall and opened the front door of the building’s entrance.


Kang Bong-gil, tilted his head for a moment while looking at the emergency door with the broken door handle, but still he went inside.


Kang Bong-gil was shocked as soon as he entered the arcade.

It was because the three gangsters, who were guarding the place today were standing in the chair as punishment naked.

In particular, the first one has the entire face was swollen, he seemed to have been beaten up by someone.

“Hey, what are you guys doing?”

Kang Bong-gil approached them.

The faces of the three looked up at Kang Bong-gil.


Kang Bong-gil burst out laughing. He was amazed and speechless at the three people holding a bunch of cards in their mouths.

“What are you guys doing? Did you became crazy?”

The answer to Kang Bong-gil’s question came from somewhere else.

“Shouldn’t you be punished for being rude to a visitor of your brothers?”

Kang Bong-gil’s eyes turned toward the sound of the strange child’s voice.

There was Lee Si-Guk, standing in the round table, looking at Kang Bong-gil.


Kang Bong-gil approached Lee Si-Guk.

Lee Si-Guk smiled and said to Kang Bong-gil.


At Lee Si-Guk words, Kang Bong-gil’s expression changed drastically.

“You bastard. Who told you my name?”

Lee Si-Guk just grinned without answering.

“Yo- Yo-, you son of a bitch, you’re calling out your grown-up’s name! How can you remain so calm.”

Lee Si-Guk has come down from the round table.

Kang Bong-gil looked at him quietly.

In the next second, Lee Si-Guk disappeared from his sight.


For a moment, when Kang Bong-gil opened his eyes again, Lee Si-Guk was now in front of him.

Taking advantage of the disbelief face of Kang Bong-Gil, Lee Si-Guk kicked him.


Kang Bong-gil’s upper body bent forward. The impact on his abdomen was transmitted to his lower body and fell on his knees.

He felt nauseous, and he felt like all the things he had been eating and drinking earlier were going to come up at once.

But Kang Bong-gil managed to resist it.

“Cough! Cough!”

Kang Bong-gil, who was coughing, suddenly raised his head due to the cold sensation.

And he could see.

The child who was smiling a little while ago, was now looking down at himself with a crazy expression that a child of his age would never do.

‘What, what, what..’

Kang Bong-gil thought.

“What, what kind of kid…….’

Before his thoughts were finished, Lee Si-Guk grabbed his hair.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Kang Bong-gil was feeling an immense pain that he couldn’t describe.

“What are you doing?”

Kang Bong-gil asked, frowning.

But Lee Si-Guk did not answer.

Instead, he pressured Kang Bong-gil with strong skills.


A sudden squeeze on the heart.

The two small eyes of Kang Bong-Gil were now tearing.

His whole body began to tremble, including his lips.

At that moment, Lee so let go of Kang Bong-gil’s hair.

Kang Bong-gil’s head bent down.


Eventually, he threw up all the things he ate.

“Kang bong-gil.”

Lee Si-Guk called him.

Kang Bong-gil couldn’t raise his head.

“Where is Kim Yang-ki?”

Kang Bong-gil couldn’t open his mouth.

The wave of mana emitted from Lee Si-Guk.

With great pressure, the instinctive fear that he might die if he didn’t speak, eroded Kang Bong-gil’s body and mind.

Kang Bong-gil managed to open his mouth.


At that moment, the power that pressured him disappeared.


Kang Bong-gil exhaled loudly.

He slowly raised his head.

Lee Si-Guk was looking at him with a cynical expression.

“Guide me.”

It was the voice of an innocent child.

If he wasn’t a terrifying kid, Kang Bong-Gil would have like him, but just his voice would make him feel obedient and fear.

Deep inside, Kang Bong-gil could feel it instinctively.

‘If I refuse, I may die.’

“Oh, I see.”

Kang Bong-gil’s polite response made Lee Si-Guk smile brightly.

Then, he raised Kang Bong-gil after tapping him on the shoulder once.


“Yes, yes. Follow me.”

Kang Bong-gil took the lead after coughing a few more times.

The eyes of Lee Si-Guk, who was following him, turned to the three scoundrels for a moment.

“That’s enough, clean yourself up and wait quietly. Behave!”

At his last word, he glared at the three as if threatening them.

The three trembled whenever the eyes of Lee Si-Guk met theirs.

“If you mess with me somewhere, I’ll rip your chin up and down, whenever you want.”

No one dares to argue back.

All three of them nodded furiously.

After smiling at the scene, Lee Si-Guk followed Kang Bong-Gil and left the arcade.

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Second Life Chance of the B Class Villain

Second Life Chance of the B Class Villain

Life of a B Class Villain Act 2
Score 8.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
B-class villain Lee Si-guk, gained superhuman powers in a world where fantasy became reality. Due to an unlucky event, he was caught by the authorities and sent to death sentence at the age of thirty-eight. With all his abilities and memories, he returned to 2017, when he was thirteen, and still in the sixth grade of elementary school. ‘I’m not going to live like that this time.’


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1 year ago

Wow what is he going to do hmm?
Thank you for translating this!

1 year ago


1 year ago

Look like I was right. He’ll turn himself into an anti hero this time 🤔

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