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Music Show Genius Chapter 36

TL: I thought there were still many stocked piled chapters that I sent before but they were all posted because someone sponsored the novel. The reason why I didn’t update because I travelled around places a bit. Sort of a treat for me after being stuck in quarantine for a whole year.

“Mark Miller, you can call me whatever you want.”

He shook my hand without using any force, but my hands seemed to still be crushed.

Still, Jung-ho smiled broadly because he felt good.

“This is meant to be, shall we have a drink and talk? I’ll treat you!”

He shook his head.

“I will buy it, so stay here.”

After a while, he showed up with two cups of iced Americano.

“Thank you.”

He been missing a cold drinks.

After drinking all the way, his thirst finally died.

“Are you a fan of Jera?”

“Yeah, I like her songs.”

“I’m a fan, too. You know there’s Black Note Label on Broadway, right? I’m staying there, making songs, and working as a YouTuber.”

Jung-ho, who guessed that the other party was a silent type, came forward first and talked about this and that.

There was no change of expression on Mark Miller.

However, Jung-ho could tell that he was listening to his story, because we were making eye contact.

“Then you’ll come here more often.”

“I guess. Sometimes we busk, or we just go for a walk and sit down, have a drink and talk.”

Jung-ho grinned.

“Can I come again tomorrow?”

“Times Square Square is open to everyone.”

It was the moment when Jung-ho had a new conversation partner besides Jera and Sam.

Late night

Returning to the accommodation, Jung-ho took a shower and changed his clothes. He got a message from Jera while he was editing the video he was going to upload today.

[Where are you now?]

“Here she comes!”

Jung-ho hurriedly sent an answer.

[Dorm. Shall I go up?]


He said, “Okay, that’s it!

Looks like she finally made a decision.

Jung-ho went up to the penthouse with an excited look.

Jera was in the living room.

She was wearing leggings and a T-shirt. He whole body was soaked with sweat.

The stagnant water was dripping down her hair.

“Sit there.”

She lead Jung-ho on the sofa, and continued.

“I’ll do my best from now on, so please watch till the end and make a judgment.”

After a while, crítica’s prelude flows from speakers installed everywhere.

Her eyes become more intense.

Overwhelmed by the queen’s spirit, Jung-ho unconsciously gulped with nervousness.

‘So she has been practicing these past two days!’

As soon as he realize the truth, his expectations rise.

But it didn’t take too long before it collapsed.

Her expression and aura were great, but her body didn’t follow her.

With charismatic eyes, this was a sloppy flounder of Jera!

Jung-ho closed his eyes slowly.

It was a sight to behold.


Jera’s dance was over.

Jung-ho said with a serious expression.

“I’ll be honest with you.”


“If you want to choose this song as the title, you have to learn how to dance from me.”


“I’m a little doubtful whether this is a wise judgment… I think it would be better to reorganize and tune it so that it doesn’t need dancing.”

Jung-ho, who was agonizing, sighed deeply.

“The dance was complicated. Now I know why she hesitated.”


“I’ll do my best either way. What would you do?”

When asked by Jung-ho, Jera did not hesitate for a second.

“I will dance. I like this song. So teach me.”

“Are you sure you want to? Again, it’s going to be an intense training.”

“I’m ready. I will definitely pull this off perfectly.”

She grinned.

“I really liked this song. More than any other song I’ve ever heard.”

He would usually be thrilled that she had given him such a good compliment, but… Right now, Jung-ho was hesitating whether he teach her. She was obviously a bad dancer.

“Just focus on vocal practice for the time being. Let’s start tomorrow morning.”


The first dance training session for Jera has begun.

“I’ll teach you the basics of body waves, so try it. Top to bottom, bottom to top. Repeat these two patterns. Got it?”


“First, raise your chin….”


“Pull your chin and gently push your chest in a diagonal line…”


“No, it’s not the belly, it’s the chest.”

“Like this?”

“Okay, and bend your knees as you stick out your belly…”

“Take out your butt and sweep it up naturally. It’s easy, right?”


“Now, let’s repeat this pattern until you get used to it.”

‘Let’s do it together until you can!’

Standing side by side, his mouth was constantly moving, counting the beats.


Jera’s whole body was wet with sweat, but she kept repeating it regardless.

‘I’m getting better!’

Fortunately, she wasn’t someone without talent in dancing.

“Good. You’re doing great!”

Jung-hi continued to encourage her so she could gain confidence with his compliments as he try to increase the difficulty little by little.

She sweated profusely but never showed signs of hardship.

Basic training was conducted throughout the morning.

In the afternoon, he taught her some basic body wave movements. They stood side by side again, repeating until she accustomed to the moves.

At 4 p.m.

She became pretty good at doing the five basic body wave moves.

He gave her another assignment at this point.

“Let’s do what you’ve learned so far to the song.”

The music playing is crítica.

“I’m going to repeat the five moves to the rhythm. Just continue until you can. All right?”

Jera, who couldn’t afford to answer, blinked helplessly.

‘But her eyes was still full of energy.’

Her mental strength was so strong that the more tired her body is, the more intense her eyes are.

Her body lack dance skills, but she is a professional in mental strength.

“Look carefully and follow exactly. All right?”

To the intense rhythm, Jung-ho started dancing the five different patterns of waves. Jera did her best to imitate Jung-ho’s movements.

“The end! That’s it for today. Good job.”

As soon as the music finished, Jera collapsed as her legs lose strength.

“Should we take a quick shower and go to Times Square to dance?”

Unlike Jera, who was exhausted, Jung-ho still had a lot of stamina.

It’s 7 p.m.

By Manhattan standards, it’s never a too late time.

‘Let’s do that.’

Jung-ho, who made the decision, told Jera lying on the floor.

“It’s good even if it’s light, so keep repeating five moves to the rhythm. Just before you go to sleep, okay?”


“Good job. Go up and take a shower. If you do just remain there, you’ll get sick.”

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