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DQAAO Chapter 5.2- something went wrong in my body

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Today is the day when I am alone with my father. My father called me to Ducal Hall, not his study or reception room. He was a Duke of the Empire, the blue pillar, and a war hero, and Ducal Hall is the most secret and mysterious place in Quilz Castle, where only a small number of people which he allowed can enter. This means that he didn’t call me just to say hello.

“I have a bad feeling about this.”

From the beginning, it would have been nice if my father wasn’t so talented. Four years ago, after my Heavenly Sky Eye activated, I unexpectedly received my father’s attention. He still thinks I’m a genius to this day because of that.
My father was more affectionate than those heartless fathers of other noble families, but he was not easily swayed. If he thought I was a useless child, he would have let me stay at the southern island villa.

“Follow the light, young master.”

Under the guidance of a maid, I finally arrived at the Ducal Hall.
The maid, who manages all the chores in Quilz Castle, was also not allowed to enter the Ducal Hall.
I walked alone in the hallway of the Ducal Hall. The deeper I went into Ducal Hall, the more the atmosphere changed. The antique interior of Quilz Castle, gradually became a forest path covered with tree roots and flowers.

The landscape of the forest unfolded that even the hallway I was walking earlier disappeared.
I heard that the space itself changed under the influence of a Spirit’s power. It is like a dense forest created inside Quilz Castle. As the maid said, I followed the subtle light of the plant’s roots.

“That’s an amazing power.”

After walking in the forest for a long time, I was finally able to meet my father at the end of the road.

A legend who deals with the Spirits.

The blue pillar of the empire, the hero of the Great War.

A strong man who everyone in the empire respects and has a commanding reputation beyond the lands to other continents.

Libera Quilz Reinberg. He was attached to the branches of a giant tree rooted in the Ducal Hall like a cicada. With his eyes gently closed and a happy expression.

“What are you doing?” I asked, looking strangely at my father.

My father replied with a smile.

“I’m communicating with the Spirits. Wait a minute, I’ll be done soon.”

Contrary to his image among the people, he is actually a weirdo (sometimes).

* * *

When referring to Libera Quilz Reinberg, he is nicknamed as the continent’s No. 1 pitiful husband, except that he was a War Hero and a Duke of the Empire, my father was also famous for his marriage beyond his status. He was the only man in the entire history to have married a royal princess while possessing the status of a commoner in the Empire.

Of course, several factions supported him for fear, but the majority were still having doubts about him. However, my father shouted at the nobles who protested, “I didn’t love her because she was a royal princess, but the one I loved was a royal princess.”

Anyway, he is such a great person. He became a duke even though he was born a commoner and a war hero who overpowered the Empire’s army at a young age. He is a contributor to the founding of the Empire, which had already collapsed, and has maintained a peace decades later.

“Come here.”

When my father, who came down from the tree, waved his hand, the roots of the tree moved by themselves and turned into a chair. Two chairs were created immediately, when my father sat down, I sat on the opposite chair.

“I heard you were doing well.”

How am I doing well?

“The maid didn’t tell you that I was beaten by Ranista?”

“Ha ha, brothers grow up fighting.”

I had a lot to say, but I kept my mouth shut. Father is not someone I can reason with.

My father treated me kindly. He tried to be considerate of myself by asking if I was feeling uncomfortable anywahere or if there was anything I wanted. However, encouragement was not the point. My father asked me secretly.

“What about your communication with the Spirits?”

Spirit is a mysterious power also called the beast of transcendence.

It was a special and powerful force that existed only in this world, which was different from the bizarre forces from my past life.

My father saved the empire with the power of Spirit.

Spirit Power was sometimes magic, force, army, and disaster.

The tough rope that tied me was also the power of Spirit.

As it was a special power, the Youngsusa Temple was very rare, and it was said that no one who reached a level as great as his father in the history of the continent. But funny enough, my great father considered me a genius that will succeed him.

The reason was simple.

When I decided to go down to the villa to avoid my other twins after the Heavenly Sky Eye activated, I followed my father into Ducal Hall for the first time.
The existence of Spirits was so Rate that I only knew my father as the strongest Spirit user. That’s why I said to him innocently, “Father, I see a lot of bizarre beasts.”

Although I found out later, the stronger the Spirit power a person posses, the more difficult it is to sense Spirit of other people’s. But that day, I saw all my father’s spirits at once.

I didn’t need to feel them, because I literally saw them.

Heavenly Sky Eye.

Because of my ability titled as God’s eyes.

That day, I witnessed my father falling backwards. He was more surprise than what happened at the “Artemis’ritual” incident.

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Duke’s Quadruplets Are All Overpowered

Duke’s Quadruplets Are All Overpowered

공작가 네 쌍둥이는 모두 먼치킨
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
Quadruplets were born in the Reinberg family! All the children were unusual. The firstborn was the ruler of Murim. The second was Demon’s ruler. The third was an angel that descended from heaven. They were all the invaders who tried to invade Earth in their previous lives, “Who were you?” As the youngest, I… “Cantavia” I was someone that protected the Earth.


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