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Choi Cheol-hwan, who wielded a sword, shook off the iron-clad spiders that ran at him.

It became stronger depending on the level of Niadra, and due to its unique hard armor, it was a defense that was difficult to penetrate even at the average level of a D-class hunter.

However, Choi Cheol-hwan was a B-class hunter and had the power to cut down an iron-arm spider at once.


Even if several dogs rushed in at the same time, Choi Cheol-hwan shook off and cut them.

However, there were not only dozens of them surrounding Choi.

Hundreds of monsters surrounding him.

On top of that, a huge arm struck him.


Oleg, the ragged monarch, ran over and overturned the ground.

However, Choi jumped high and avoided Oleg’s attack, while cutting off his flesh.

Oleg’s flesh, which had been cut, fell to the bottom of the larynx.


However, Oleg roared fiercely and rushed even further toward him.

Like a boss monster with regenerative characteristics, he did not budge from the level of attack.

It shows that the flesh that had been cut off is being filled again with fast recovery.

‘Oh, my God, I wouldn’t be able to deal with him.’

If Choi Chul-hwan’s skills were originally good, he could have done it in a flash.

However, the existence of monsters rushing from the side was a problem.

In the case of Boss Monster, the physical strength to withstand the attack was so great that no matter how much B-class hunter it was hard to get rid of it with a blow.

However, he was so disturbed that he couldn’t finish it.


“aahh…! Is it acid?”

Choi Cheol-hwan barely escaped the acidic fluid of Niadra by throwing himself.

Three boss monsters surrounding him.

In addition, hundreds of iron-clad spiders were joined.

Choi Chul-hwan was getting tired, and his stamina ran out noticeably fast.

Meanwhile, he couldn’t avoid the web of Niadra, who flew in, and his ankle was tied up.

Damn it!

Choi Cheol-hwan hurriedly ripped off the web and pulled out his feet.

But in the meantime, Geard’s big club was already in front of him.



Choi Cheol-hwan, who was directly hit by a flying club, bounced off.

After rolling on the floor for a long time, he felt like he was going to let go of his mind for a moment when Gead’s blow accompanied by shock waves.

Nevertheless, Choi lifted himself up at a fast pace that could be said to be quick

His behavior is like his instinct, which he has accumulated a lot of experience as a high-ranking B-class hunter.

However, Sung-hyun was right in front of him when he stood up.

“I know you’re trying, but let’s call it a day.”


Choi Chul-hwan, who was hit in the face with a sword handle, went out and fell.

He even lost his weapon and collapsed on the floor, but Geard’s club attacked him one more time without giving him time to stand up.


Choi Cheol-hwan, whose bones were completely broken with loud noises.

Stretching as it was, he could no longer lift a finger.

[Unexpected quest completed!]

[Receives quest rewards by knocking down the strong of the great gap!]

[All Stats Increase by 10!]

“When I faced Choi Chul-hwan, he suddenly gave me a quest… That’s a good one, too.’

Sunghyun, who confirmed the reward of the quest, smiled.

He did not give any experience, but the increase in the stat was greater than that.

It wasn’t just him.

[You have earned title of strong self-governance!]

[Damage taken from opponents stronger than yourself is reduced by 10%.]

‘It’s very effective to get this kind of bonus.’

It was an excellent option to reduce the damage that was taken from someone stronger  reduced by 10 percent.

At first, the title system, which was thought to be only a bonus level, was gradually revealing its true value as it piled up one by one.

Each option was applied indefinitely and strengthened Sung-hyun’s body.

“Well… I think we’re done for now.” said Sung-hyun, who turned his eyes to the side,

All the guild members of the artist who were fighting on the other side were already down.

While Choi Chul-hwan was tied to Sung-hyun, he could no longer stand in the pouring group of monsters.

“I can’t believe you have this ridiculous ability… Who the hell are you?”

“Well, that’s not important.”

Sung-hyun approached Choi Chul-hwan with a sword.

“The guild leader died, the safe was robbed, the building was destroyed. Actually, the artist’s done.”

A severely damaged artist guild.

He did not kill any of the guild members, but they would be stuck for a while due to injuries.

Dozens of guild members were unable to act and suffered massive property damage.

With the guild suffering this much damage, it would be too much to exert the same influence in the surrounding area.

Of course, the guild seats under Chengseong will be in jeopardy.

The competitive guilds that are aiming for Hoshi will hit right up.

Under such circumstances, the guild leader, who will serve as the center point, died, so it was unclear whether the guild would survive when the remaining people gathered together.

“What a fool! Do you think you’re gonna be okay after all this? You’re like you’re messing with the Cheongseong!”

Angry Choi Chul-hwan squeezed out the remaining strength and shouted.

It was a different matter than simply attacking or stealing from some guild members.

Sung-hyun, who returned all the monsters and recovered them, left  leaving all these traces.

It was also a message he left to Cheongseong.

The message is that the fight against the invisible enemy has begun.

TL note:- Qingxian guild is the painter’s guild

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