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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 49

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Hunters swept away by an overwhelming number of differences.

One by one, he fell unconscious to the ground.

But then, there was Hunter, who appeared, cutting down several goblin’s.

“Gi, Guild Master!”

“It’s pathetic.”

Artist’s guild leader Choi Chul-hwan kicked his tongue.

Just in case, he remained in the guild, but he caught sight of the current situation.


Monsters with black shadows.

As you can see from the strength it has, it was not an ordinary monster.

“Come out! You can’t take me down with all this junk.”

“…I’m sure it is.”

When Choi Chul-hwan shouted, Sung-hyun appeared inside the building.

Choi Cheol-hwan frowned at the sight of him stomping out.

“Why are you wearing a mask?”

“I’m a little shy.”

There was a reason why Sung-hyun had to go in front of him.

As far as he knows, Choi Chul-hwan is a senior hunter of B-rank.

Although there is a difference in skills even in the same rank, he is a level-level talent similar to Cheongseong’s Hunters.

It’s hard to stop him with just ordinary summons.

There was a reason why Sung-hyun had to go in front of him.

As far as he knows, Choi Chul-hwan is a senior hunter of B-rank.

Although there is a difference in skills even in the same rank, he is a level-level talent similar to Cheongseong’s Hunters.

It’s hard to stop just ordinary summoners.

From Sunghyun’s point of view, too much power loss was not welcome.

“That’s the necromancer who attacked the attack.”

“Maybe it’s because of Hunter’s got spare time.”

“Ask me a question before I see the end. Why did he approach us? Do you have any influence?”

“It’s just personal. There’s a bad relationship like cleanliness.”

“It’s not a painter, it’s a Cheonseong?”

“Why, you’re gonna pretend you’re wronged? You’ve done all sorts of things in dark.”

Seonghyun, who was inside, knew too well how the guilds under Cheongseong were rolling.

It was as good as their hands to simply be a subcontractor of Cheongseong.

The leader of the painters took charge of each region and touched all kinds of dirty work on behalf of Cheongseong, and he took advantage of Cheongseong’s name.

Now that you’ve entered this dirty industry in the first place, there’s no such thing as a clean hunter or guild.

Sung-hyun was just pre-empting one of Cheongseong’s roots that overflowed the Gangnam area.

They were the ones who would inevitably hamper future revenge.

“Of course it’s unfair.”

Choi Cheol-hwan smirked.

“The reason why Cheongseong has a guild under his wing in the first place is to beat out a guy like you. So I don’t have to bother you in person. It’s not like I’ve been through this shit once or twice, and the ending has always been the same.”

Choi Cheol-hwan raised the sword after killing a monster.

Then Sung-hyun said, warningly.

“I’m telling you, I’m not good enough to keep the guy who raises the knife in front of me alive.”

“Even a necromancer would be quite capable of this much undead. But I chose the wrong person. I’ll slowly listen to what I’ve been planning on approaching the guild. First, cut off both arms……!”


Choi Cheol-hwan ran away from the ground at once.

All the monsters here were clearly summons of that mask.

Then if you kill that man, the summoner, the whole situation will be over.

The moment the Necromancer, who controls the body, came to the front, he had already made a big mistake.

“You’ll regret appearing in front of me!”



The two swords collided and a sharp sound rang out.

Although Sung-hyun’s feet were pushed out by strong forces, his posture did not collapse or miss the knife.

“Oh, how?”

Choi Chul-hwan’s eyes grew bigger at the sight of Sung-hyun who received a blow.

A necromancer who uses magic behind a summoner or colleagues to get his sword.

It couldn’t have happened in general.

“Why do you think I’m standing in front of you? I’m a little different from other necromancers.”

“Shut up! I’ll give you a good idea, Necromancer!”

Choi Cheol-hwan, who threw up his anger, wielded a sword to the fullest and drove fiercely.

Kaga Gak!


Sung-hyun’s expression of accepting the sword gradually distorted.

His arms were shaking with the tremendous power of pushing one after another.

The movement he saw from the opponent also showed a different level of alertness from other hunters he had faced so far.

Surely the level of the guild leader was different.

‘There’s still a lot of weaponry there.’

Sung-hyun’s eyes turned to Choi Chul-hwan’s sword.

It was too much to use a durable weapon like B-rank’s Hunter and overcome it with a fluke by breaking a sword like before.


Sunghyun was pushed back with the sound of flying.

He said with a short breath.

“Whoa… I must admit that you are much stronger than I am.”

At this rate, there is no proper fight.

The opponent was definitely stronger than himself.

It was too much to fight on par with Hunter of B-rank with Sung-hyun’s power yet.

“Are you saying you’re going to surrender.”

“No, why would I?”

“You have just admitted that I’m stronger.”

“Oh, that’s a one-on-one story.”

Sunghyun smirked.

When he operated the mana, the black shadow under his feet began to shake violently.

Three beings who appeared in the shadows.

“There’s no reason to leave my specialty alone and fight one-on-one.”

Goblin’s chief, Geard.

Niadra, the queen of iron-clad spiders.

Oleg, the ragged monarch.

Three boss monsters were summoned at the same time.


“Bo, boss monster? How the hell!”

Choi Cheol-hwan, who opened his eyes wide, stopped in place.

No matter how good a necromancer is, he has never caused a boss monster to resurrect.

But that’s not enough, calling out three boss monsters at once.

It couldn’t happen in common sense.

“I’m sorry I’m making such a fuss, but… I’m not done yet.”

Before he was surprised, Sung-hyun called out the beings in the shadows once again.


Hundreds of iron-clad spiders pouring out of Sunghyun’s back.

Choi Cheol-hwan was surrounded by three bosses and hundreds of monsters.

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