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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 48

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Sung-hyun standing in front of the door of the big safe.

No matter how careless the guild is, the safe where the trophies are usually stored was thoroughly managed.

Therefore, unless thoroughly prepared in advance, it was not something that could be done by fluke.

In order to handle things secretly, he had to get a key or password in advance and spend quite a lot of time.

‘But it’s kind of annoying to get that far.’


Sung-hyun lifted a sword held with both hands.

The door to the vault he stood in front of was a special steel door made of materials from Dungeon.

Needless to say, it was made of very hard materials, and no matter how hard a hunter was, it was very difficult to break through.

Standing in front of the safe, however, Sung-hyun swung the sword with all his might.


Turn it on!

Sung-hyun, who quickly inserted a sword, opened the door of the safe and began to make a passage.

Sung-hyun’s powerful cutting power.

No matter how much the vault was made from the resources of the dungeon, it was too much to withstand the sword of Sung-hyun with its materials.


“Let’s make it simple. Simply.”

After tearing off some of the doors, Sung-hyun went into the safe with a relaxed face.

Then, there were several items welcoming Sung-hyun inside.


Various equipment lined up in expensive cases like exhibition.

They were all trophies from the bosses.

The spoils of each dungeon handled by the painter’s guild were kept together before disposal.

As they were items to be sold at auction, they were only worth more than a certain amount.

‘You can get it by selling it for the other materials you need to get a promotion.’

The cost of mana stone and runeston, if not billions, was considerable.

Under such circumstances, the small extra income that came out in time.

If the deal is handed over to the Heukryeon guild, it will be simple to clean the source, and it fits perfectly in many ways.


Sung-hyun activated the inventory window and swept all the items by smashing the shelves inside.

‘And… the last important thing remains.’

Sung-hyun quickly turned his head.

A display case with quest markers floating around.

It was “Oquilia’s Eyes,” which glowed with subtle mana.

As he saw last time, it was definitely a beautiful figure.

‘I see why rich people want to collect these things. But I’ll use it for a better place.’

Sung-hyun took Oquilia’s eyes and put them into the inventory.

Cash, of course, was in the bank, so there was nothing to take, and this completely robbed the artist’s safe.

Sung-hyun, who cleaned up the inventory window, escaped from the safe.

“The intruder!”

“There was a sound from the basement of the main building!”

Sure enough, the painters’ hunters were flocking from outside.

The noise from overpowering a hunter and cutting out the safe leaked out.

At the sound of steps came closer and closer, Sung-hyun thought.

‘About ten people are approaching right now. If we count the whole building, there will be dozens of Class C and Class D power.’

It was too much for Sung-hyun to deal with dozens of hunters alone.

But as you know, he wasn’t alone.

Let’s go!

Black shadows stretched out in all directions under Sung-hyun’s feet.

The hunters arrived late and stopped in place.

“What’s that guy? What’s wrong with the basement before that?”

An unidentified man wearing a mask.

And behind him was a black shadow that eroded the underground.

Hundreds of monsters poured out of the black darkness, along with numerous sudden signs.

“Just knock ’em down. There’s nothing to kill.”

Hey, hey!

“Mo, it’s a monster!”


Hunters scrambled back as monsters poured out as they filled the stairs.

They were so scared that they ran out of the building.

But the monsters poured down everywhere, smashing windows and walls.



“Oh, my God! We have to fight!”

Only then did the Hunters pull up their weapons and try to respond.

However, Goblin and zombies, who rushed fiercely, were not large enough to stop them with only ten people.

“Too many numbers!”

“That’s not the only thing, why are these guys so strong with goblin and zombies?”

Hunters apparently swung their weapons at the thought of Goblin in general, but it was a big mistake.

He is a summon of Sunghyun who is clearly different from ordinary monsters.

As much as they follow the level of the boss they follow, they are different from regular goblin, who are only F rank versus monsters.

“I can’t stand this!”


“Oh, my God, what the hell is going on?”

‘Don’t be like that. Come on and help!’

Even Hunters, who were sleeping in the building, hurriedly brought out their equipment, but the battlefield was already in chaos.

Dozens of people joined the battle, but it was still difficult to handle.

The pouring monsters were already more than four digits, not hundreds.

Right now, the guild site where employees used to come and go this afternoon has now become a dungeon full of monsters.

“What the hell is this……!”



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