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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 47

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Given his meticulous preparation, however, he could not have known which guild’s hunter he was trying to attack.

In other words, the guild must retaliate.

Otherwise, the whole guild will look ridiculous.

However, the problem was that the purpose and identity were unclear enemies.

“Wouldn’t it be better to contact Cheongseong? Perhaps the Hwashin’s guilds have begun to check.”

“No, that’s not necessary. There’s no definite circumstances in which another nine guilds bought it, but I can’t ask for help from an uninvited guest.”

Although they were an affiliated guild that swore allegiance to Cheongseong, they were never a warm caring relationship.

If you can’t handle the matter properly by yourself and give up your hand, you will be filmed as an incompetent group.

He couldn’t ask Cheongseong for help in an uncertain situation.

“How long will it take to catch him?”

“We’ve released the Hunters, but it’s going to take some time.”

“Even if it takes a lifetime, we have to track him down and catch him. Just in case, raise the guard of the guild. Let everyone know to be wary. Especially when you attack a dungeon, be careful not to get hit in the back.”

“Yes, I’ll tell him right away.”

The employee, who nodded, stepped down.

As the employee disappeared, Choi Chul-hwan’s eyes fluttered again.

“How dare you touch my guild? I don’t know who he is, but… Don’t try to die a fine death if it’s in my hands.”

Choi Cheol-hwan gritted his teeth.

I hoped that he would appear in front of me as soon as possible.

But the timing of facing him came much faster than he had thought.

A dark night with the sky dyed black.

Standing in front of the painter’s guild building, Sung-hyun gently pulled out a sword.

“Then let’s go. To get my jewels.”


Sung-hyun jumped over the high fence at once.

After landing lightly, he went into the shadow of the fence and caught the surrounding area in his eyes.

Along with the spacious yard, the artist guild’s building was placed in the form of a draw.

This is a lot in the middle of Seoul.

Of course, it is no match for the headquarters of Cheongseong, but it seemed to make a lot of money like the Hunter Guild, which is properly located.

‘But it’s still the same structure we’ve seen before. Guild vault. It’s underground in the main building.’

Sung-hyun, who hid in the darkness, moved with her breath hidden.

Rather than rushing into the building, he went around outside to check the situation.

“Oh, shit, I’m not in the army, I’m on fire in the middle of the night. What the hell is going on with this crazy guy?”

“I can’t help it. It’s better if it’s one of them. Maybe they’re going to war on a guild basis.”

Two grumbling men passed by without seeing Sung-hyun.

Sure enough, the artist’s hunters were walking around on patrol.

Unlike usual, a number of hunters remained in the guild building in case of any unforeseen events.

Judging from the number of people seen and the number of people walking around, it seemed to be at least a few dozen.

Hunters who don’t leave the house at all and are sleeping or patrolling in the building.

He seemed to be aware that he was on alert.

‘Well, this is just the right number.’

Sung-hyun smirked.

If it was all about getting the eyes of the main Oquilia, it would have been simpler to infiltrate here and steal the jewelry before destroying the Dungeon’s attack team.

However, that was not the whole purpose of Sunghyun.

In the first place, he dealt with the attack team to draw a bunch of painters’ hunters in one place and send a message to Cheongseong.

A clatter.

After touching the mask again, Sung-hyun moved his body.

Due to the location of the CCTV, he must have checked his appearance at the entrance of the dungeon.

If you look at this mask, you’ll quickly notice that it’s an enemy.

‘Is it over there?’

The quest markers provided by the system are not produced unless they are somewhat close in position.

Given that the quest marker for the jewel of the Black Rite Guild on the black market was also not felt when he returned home, it seemed clear that it had something to do with distance.

And now, when he approached the artist’s building, another quest marker was clearly visible to him.

‘It’s nice to have nothing to lose.’

Sung-hyun, who entered the main building, easily headed down to the basement where the safe was located.

It was clear that the quest marker was marked beyond.

But around the corner, there was Hunter guarding the safe.

“You, what are you?”


While the embarrassed man was trying to pull out the sword.

Sung-hyun slammed his head into the wall at once.

The man’s head slipped on the shattered wall.

“Hmm… did you hear it?”

No matter how much it was underground, Hunter might have heard it.

However, Sung-hyun did not pay much attention.

‘You look tough.’




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