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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXPChapter 46

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The heavy-weighted Dungeon boss monster looked down at the hunters.

Obviously, Oleg, who had been killed, started to live and move.

Sung-hyun was the third new boss-class summoner.

[“Oleg, the ragged monarch.”]

[Grade – Leader]

[Level – 39]

[Boss’ pressure], [Rejuvenation], [Fire Vulnerable]

‘As expected, chief-grade summoner. Not bad.’

By the standards of the system, a single field of dominion was required within a dungeon in the basement to be assigned as a monarch-level summoner.

It would be no match for an outside dungeon.

“That’s ridiculous! I’ve never heard of the nature of resurrecting the Boss Monster! What kind of trick did you do?”

“What would you do if you knew you were going to die anyway?”

Hunters gritted their teeth in response to the derisive response of Sung-hyun.

“Don’t pretend to be funny. I don’t know how you revived the boss, but you must have forgotten that we’ve already killed him once. Everybody ready for battle!”

With the captain’s cry, the hunters raised their weapons.

It is a nine-man attack squad that killed Oleg along with numerous zombies flocking to the dungeon.

Even if an unidentified uninvited guest popped out, there were no mobs like that just now, so it was easier for one hunter to come at it together.

Unfortunately, however, it wasn’t just Oleg and Sung-hyun that they had to deal with.

“Did you hear that? Let’s get started.”


Oleg roared and hit the ground loudly.

Then black shadows stretched out under his feet, devouring the fallen zombies.


Hundreds of zombies in the boss room stumbled and woke up.

The open-mouthed zombies turned to the artist’s hunters in unison.

“Hey, this is….”

Nine D-class hunters who were already exhausted from the battle.

There were hundreds of monsters surrounding them, a boss, and a hunter.

When the eyes of the hunters were filled with despair, Sung-hyun briefly said.

“Don’t eat it. I’ll leave a trace of it.”

Once he turned to the enemy, he had no intention of making it soft.

Once the swords were taken out of the world of these hunters, it was nothing to kill and kill each other.

“Come on, wait!”


The screams of the hunters inside the dungeon.

However, there was no way to hear it from the outside.

Sung-hyun, who wiped out the artist’s attack team, disappeared from the scene.


Artist’s guild leader Choi Chul-hwan hit the desk hard.

In front of the half-cut desk, he exhaled a harsh breath.

“That makes no sense! I can’t believe the attack team was wiped out! That’s not what monsters did to you?”

The shocking news is that the attack team, which was attacking the dungeon, was completely destroyed.

Most shocking of all, it was not the work of a monster in the dungeon, but the work of a hunter who sneaked in.

It was tantamount to a declaration of war against the guild.

This caused the entire artist guild to turn upside down.

“Who the hell did this?”

“I don’t know. He covered his face with a mask and disappeared completely, leaving no witnesses.”

The employee who sweated hard said.

“However, one thing that can be specified is that Hunter is likely to be a necromancer.”

“Necromancer? I heard there were no witnesses.”

“But all the bodies of the monsters on the scene were gone. When we looked at the scars left on the Hunters’ bodies, most of them were suffered by monsters.”

“That means…….”

“Yes, I think we did this using the bodies of monsters that our guild members had knocked down.”

“Was it because I was told I had been beaten by a single man?”

Choi Cheol-hwan frowned.

Although it is cumbersome and tricky, it is a necromancer who exerts strong power on the battlefield if the conditions are met properly.

If he had quietly disappeared and appeared at the last minute and used the body that the painter’s guild members had knocked down, this was not impossible.

“By the way, if you did that, you didn’t mean to plan it from the beginning.”

Maybe it’s just a crazy guy who got caught up in a wild ride.

Or he’s been attacking his guild since the beginning.

He wasn’t sure either way yet.

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