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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 45

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Zombies soaring from all sides flocked out.

“What, didn’t you take care of all the mobs?”

“It just came out again!”

“Darn it, stop that way right now!”

The frightened Hunters swung their weapons at the zombies.

It was all the more troublesome because the monsters appeared while dealing with the boss.


A zombie with a huge body roared fiercely.

The bad-smelling one rushed toward the hunters.


“Wow… that boss is so dirty and tough, isn’t he?”

Oleg, the ragged monarch.

He was the boss monster of D rank and the owner of the ragged burrow.

Due to its very strong vitality and regeneration, it could not be caught unless it accumulated the damage quickly.

“But we’re almost there! Just a little more push!”

“Minimum number of people for the mob! Everybody focus on the boss!”


Hunters poured the attack on Oleg.

The firepower of the nine hunters was sufficient, and eventually Oleg’s body tilted.


“Oh, damn it. He’s such a dirty guy.”

“Phew… I barely made it.”

Painter Hunters gasping for air.

They lost a lot of stamina because he was a boss with a troubled pattern that hid even the small mobs.

Eventually, he was destroyed, and the Hunters approached to get the spoils.

“I’d like you to give me something nice here.”

“That’s why the next team said two gems came out and it was a big hit, and we don’t get it either.”

Hunters talking excitedly before getting trophies.

But they didn’t even notice.

There was an unidentified black shadow around Oleg’s body.

“Huh? What’s this? It’s not working.”

“I’m sorry, but I put him first.”

“What, voice? Where are you!” an unidentified voice heard out of nowhere

Surprised Hunters looked around in a hurry.


Sung-hyun, who was hiding his appearance, appeared as he landed.

Sung-hyun mounted on the body of a great Oleg.

“You, what are you?”

“How did you get in here?”

The artist’s hunters pulled out their weapons and shouted.

However, Sung-hyun didn’t even look up to them.

“Well, thank you for the meal.”


He instantly put a wiggling shadow into Oleg’s body.

As expected, eating everything raw is the best.

“Jesus, damn it! What’s this?”

A panicked man rummaged through Oleg’s body.

However, no matter how much he searched, the spoils did not come out of the boss’s body.

A strange black shadow running through it.

“Who are you? What the hell are you doing?…!”

Hunters’ eyes were on Sung-hyun.

He broke into the dungeon where the attack was going on and he interrupted it.

In this industry, it was the most sensitive act, and there was nothing strange about swinging a sword at the opponent right away.

However, they could not recognize Sung-hyun’s face in a mask.

“Hey, you. I don’t know what you did, but give me the item again.”

The engineering captain stepped forward and said.

However, Sung-hyun’s reaction was not good.

“I didn’t bring any loot either. No, I can’t, even if I want to.”

“I’ve seen you playing tricks on everybody here, do you think that’s gonna work?”

“Oh, no, you’re not talking to a thief again. I think he’s here to steal it from the beginning, but let’s just kill him quickly.”

Hunter, standing next to him, said as if he was frustrated.

Murder was certainly not so weighty in the Hunter world.

It is said that large guilds control indiscriminate murder or genocide to some extent in the name of managing security in the area.

There was no such basic deterrent in the fight between hunters.

Therefore, many hunters tried to belong to the guild.

In particular, killing a single person in this dungeon was not even a sight to put on the guild.

“I’d rather be.”

The engineer nodded and picked up the ax.

Only one opponent.

I don’t know what you were thinking, but this was a nine-member attack squad.

In addition, they belong to the Qingxian guild.

It was impossible to touch any force in Gangnam, and it was impossible to carry out such a sabotage.

In other words, it was clear that Hunter, an individual who had no thoughts or wanted to die, had no guild.

“It would be troublesome to deal with nine D-level Hunters at the same time who were definitely one of the attackers. Numbers are gangsters.’

Hunters from the artist with weapons.

They surrounded him as if they would never let him go.

“Don’t you think you’ll just let her go?”

“Ha… what?”

“If you let me go, I’m willing to end it peacefully.”

“Puhahaha! What’s he saying?”

“Now you can feel what you’ve done, right?”

Hunters burst into laughter at Sung-hyun’s words.

It seems that he, who was scared late, is begging for his life by mixing bluff.

“The moment you pull out your weapon, it’s over.”

“Shut up, you’re done from the moment you step in here. I’ll make you beg to stop killing me.”

“Well… if you have to do that.”

Painters approaching with a ferocious spirit.

However, Sung-hyun only rolled up his mouth.

“Are you going to sleep now and wake up?”

Sung-hyun, who glanced back, said.

Then, as soon as his words fell, the arms of the ragged monarch, Oleg, wriggled.


“Well, uh….”

“Huh? What, what!”

“I’m sure you killed him earlier!”


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