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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 44

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“What’s going on over there?”

“It looks like you’ve got a dungeon.”

Citizens looked down at the fence-lined street.

A dungeon broke out in the middle of the city in broad daylight.

The hole in the bottom of the road was ready to spit out the monster at any moment.

As a result, the surrounding streets were also controlled, and the surrounding vehicles were unable to move.

Some of them were likely to shout and be annoyed, but no one could complain at the current scene.

It was because Hunters appeared on the scene before they knew it.

“Is everyone here now?”

A man carrying a big axe opened his mouth.

In his surroundings stood the painters’ hunters.

“You said it was a D-class dungeon, didn’t It doesn’t look much different from what I got. It’s going to be easy today.”

“Still, don’t let your guard down against the undead monsters—they’re the perfect match to lose your ankle if you let your guard down.”

“Well, did you say Dungeon’s name was Raggedy Gul? I’m already cursing at the thought of dealing with the filthy zombies.”

Hunter, who frowned with annoyance, turned his head.

There was an employee passing by.

“What the hell is this dog-like dungeon? You’re telling me to screw us, right?”

“Sorry, I’m sorry, but I can’t do anything about it.”….”

“Hey Mr, I told you not to talk back. Uh!”

Hunter slapped the employee on the head and said.

Hunters next to him exchanged glances for a while because of the man’s behavior that started with eager employees.

“What’s wrong with him again?”

“I don’t know. Something bad happened yesterday.”

A man who vents his anger on a non-awakening employee.

However, it was a scene that everyone on the scene handed over insignificantly.

“Hey, let’s go. Time’s up.” said the man with the axe.

When the captain of the attack ordered, the hunters each took up their weapons.

“You’re going in here, aren’t It’s deep.”

“Are you scared?”

“Ha ha, shit.”

“Stop chatting, everybody go.”

The nine hunters, who approached the entrance of the big dungeon, jumped into it.

Ordinary people would have broken their legs, but the Hunters who landed safely entered the inside without any problems.

The attack on the dungeon has begun.

‘Is this just the beginning?

On the other hand, there was Sung-hyun, who had all the images in his eyes.

Waiting on the rooftop of the building right next to the street, Sung-hyun was looking down from the beginning.

‘It’s normal to keep these buildings under control, but… There’s no way you’d care that much about the middle-class guild.’


Sung-hyun swallowed cup noodles at once.

While mumbling in his mouth, he still did not take his eyes off him.

‘You don’t have to care about the public’s eyes because it’s completely controlled to the surrounding streets. About 10 people should be left out.’

Under the distance he saw, only officials from the Artist Guild were coming and going.

Guild staff to control the scene and support the Hunters.

‘I tried to knock everyone out and get in… You don’t have to do that.’

Lunch time was just around the corner, and the employees were all gathering in the corner.

At least one person should be kept in front of the entrance in the standard way.

However, it does not just flow to FM stations as it does to all of them.

In fact, when the hunters entered the dungeon, it was the most relaxing time for guild employees on the scene.


Sung-hyun took out a bone mask from the inventory.

I thought it would be useless, but it looks like it’s used more often than I thought.

“Just in case, I asked the Goblins to make another design, so they won’t get caught for moving on the black market. Then let’s go right away.’

Wearing a mask on his face, Sung-hyun quickly went down the building.

While he was distracted by filling up the stomachs that the employees had given me.

Sung-hyun, who had a close call, approached the entrance of the dungeon.

It was difficult for ordinary people to notice it unless they saw it with their own eyes when Hunter tried to hide his/her movements.


After throwing himself under a hole in the middle of the road, Sung-hyun lightly landed and raised his head.

“Okay, successful infiltration.”

Sung-hyun, whistling, looked around.

Zombie corpses that used to be crowded in the dungeon are scattered all over the place.

The hunters of the artists who entered first took care of it.

“You’re taking care of a lot for me, too.”

Sung-hyun smirked.

He didn’t come to steal the jewelry, but the reason why he suddenly infiltrated the dungeon where the artist guild was in charge was simple.

If you’re going to feed him, you should have fed him properly.

‘Then let’s take our time and follow behind. They’re going to clean up the monsters for me.’

The outside dungeon was not nutritious for him anyway.

There is a dungeon under the house that gives eight times the bonus of experience, and there was no need to relax here.

By now, there must be a nine-member D-class Hunter attack team fighting with zombies excitedly.

‘I just need to eat one of the most nutritious things.’

Sung-hyun walked leisurely into the dungeon as if he were sightseeing.

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