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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 43

Even if the promotion quest was important, he couldn’t hit the back of his head.

From Sung-Hyun’s perspective, it was difficult to find a new reliable trading target, and if he loses here, he would only return to greater damage in the long run.

Then the only way left is to go after the other side’s jewelry.

However, a thought passed through Sung-Hyun’s head, who was agonizing over it.

‘Uh, wait… Guild, It’s the Sanha Guild of Cheongseong! ’

The Sanha Guild of Cheongseong.

It did not simply mean all guilds operating in the Gangnam area, where Cheongseong reigns.

A guild of direct subordinate relationships under which the organization itself is under a guild.

There were so many of them that I could only think of their names belatedly.

“So the other one that the artist guild has yet to cross?”

“Well, I don’t think we’ve decided how to dispose of it yet. I don’t think there’s anything else I can tell you here.”

The bear mask’s words that spoke little about info

However, Sung-Hyun blinked his eyes at every word he said.

‘This… I don’t think I need to pay a high price.’

“Let’s see. Huekryeon, Qingxian guild……”

Sitting in front of the computer, Sung-Hyun was searching the Internet hard.

Access to information inside Cheongseong was lost after being kicked out, so it was not possible to obtain as in-depth information as before.

‘But it’s pretty much still in my head. I looked it up and found that some of the information was made public.’

The Huekryeon guild was a medium-sized guild with a fairly well-known name.

A guild under Cheongseong that handles dungeons in a fairly spacious area.

With 20 or 30 C-ranks at the center, there were several members of the D-class Hunter’s guild underneath it, and the guild leader was a formidable record as a senior hunter of B-rank.

‘The guild has nearly 300 Hunters. If I go at it by myself, I’ll lose no matter what.’

It is the number of guild members.

Unless you’re a high-ranking hunter of an overwhelming gap, you’re a tough opponent for a hunter to face.

However, Sung-Hyun didn’t have to be scared by them.

‘But it’s not like all 300 people are coming, is it? It’s not like there’s a dormitory in some guild building.’

Anyway, Hunters commute to the guild and gather at the scene when there was a situation.

If it was the “Oquilia’s Eye” he was aiming for, it would be kept in the guild vault, and Sung-Hyun only needed to aim for it.

To feed Cheongseong, he will steal jewelry for promotion quests quest.

‘No, no, no…Well, there’s too much we’ve had to do to just steal jewelry.’

Sung-Hyun, who was thinking quietly, shook his head.

The idea of trying to step down after just stealing jewelry has changed a little.

You have to return what you’ve been hit to your stomach to relieve your sense of responsibility.

‘Normally a guild, it’s a guild under Cheongseong, but I can’t stand down.’

The Qingxian guild was different from the general regional guild.

It is a guild within the direct sphere of influence of Cheongseong, and it is a force that moves under the order of the Han In-ho.

Although it moved under the influence of Cheongseong, there was a clear difference from the local guild, which was a strictly independent group.

‘They’re like the hands of the blue. If it’s already done, you should’ve played more.’

For large guilds, the affiliated guilds were also the foundation for regional control.

When the affiliated guild is shaken, the guild above it is also shaken.

Of course, the Cheongseong guild is so huge that it will never be hit by the disappearance of several guilds.

But this kind of thing starts with a small thing.

Even in a battle between large guilds, they start to separate from each other before a major all-out war.

If the support base of the region is shaken, no matter how powerful it is, it will slowly shake.

“Even though the metropolitan area has been quiet lately… It’s only for people’s eyes, but it’s just an outward appearance.”

Cheongseong’s power is strong enough to be called the two major guilds.

However, it was not an absolute position that ruled the entire Republic of Korea.

Right now, there is a strong competitive guild called Hwashin in Seoul.

Incheon’s Baekryong Guild is seeking to expand aggressively and enter the outside world, and even the Tae-san and Pacheon guilds in Gyeonggi-do are in a rough dispute up and down.

The situation is the same as on storm eve, when a major incident may happen.

Cheongseong would never want to have trouble inside in this flow.

Then of course I’ll give them something they don’t want.

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A Dungeon Beneath My House Let Me Gain 800% EXP

A Dungeon Beneath My House Let Me Gain 800% EXP

Beneath my house lies a dungeon that let me gain 800% EXP, I can gain 800% more EXP on the dungeon beneath my house
Score 6.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
A dungeon suddenly appeared in the basement of my house. A super-large dungeon of SSS+ rating that was never shown in history.


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