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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 42


The man in the bear mask put down his briefcase.

It was a bag containing 2,200 in cash.

Sung-Hyun immediately put the bag he was handed into the inventory and became a clean and empty hand.

“…it’s an amazing ability.”

“You’d better not come after me just out of curiosity.”

“Ha, I’m not free enough to chase a man around.”

Leaving behind the man in the bear mask who blurted out, Sung-Hyun came out of the building in Heukryeon. (Black Lotus)

No, he was going out.

But the moment, he just opened the door.

A new message appeared before Sung-Hyun.

[Summon , ‘Geard’ has earned all the experience required for promotion!]

[The promotion quest will be launched!]

[Collect all material items within the time limit!]

[Oquilia’s Eyes (0/1)]

[Intermediate Mana Stone (0/100)]

[Runstone (0/1500)]

[Time Remaining ’71:59:57′]

The invocation of a promotion.

It was the moment when Geard, who was hunting in the dungeon, gained all the experience needed for promotion.

‘No, it’s good news if it’s a promotion, but… Ingredients? What the hell?’

Surprised, Sung-Hyun stood still and looked at the message.

Material items required by the promotion quest.

The mana stone and rune stone is written on the bottom were used for alchemy.

If it’s that much, it won’t be worth a penny or two.

On top of that, I’ve never heard of Oquilia’s eyes, and I don’t know what it is.

‘There’s a three-day time limit…….’

For Sung-Hyun, who has a system message in front of him, it was difficult in many ways.

It was not enough time, so I didn’t know how to carry out the quest.

However, another message appeared one after another, asking if there was a law to die.

[A quest marker for a key item has been created!]

‘Quest… Marker?’

The moment he was confused if he was talking about the quest marker he knew.

An arrow mark appeared at the back of Sung-Hyun with a ringing sound.

“What are you doing, not going?”

The man in the bear mask said something, but it didn’t sound right to Sung-Hyun.

The position of the arrow is closer than you think.

Sung-Hyun followed the quest marker as if he was possessed by something, and was able to find items stored inside the building of Heukryeon.

‘Are you talking about this?’

Standing in front of the display case, Sung-Hyun was absent-mindedly eye-catching.

A lovely jewel with a violet tint.

He sensed unidentified mana in it.

“Suddenly, I was wondering what you were doing, and you came to see this? You have more eyes than I thought.”

The man in the bear mask, who approached him before he knew it, said.

“What’s the name of this?”

“Oquilia’s eyes. It’s a jewel worth at least billions. It came in a few days ago.”


It was a jewelry item from the Dungeon that had a very low probability of appearing as a trophy for the Boss Monster.

The jewel of the dungeon contains powerful mana.

It was usually used to make powerful armor or to apply mana to alchemy.

Aside from the direct use factor, this beautiful figure with subtle mana burned many people’s desire to collect.

It was more scarce than any other gem on Earth, as it was a rare trophy given to a low probability when catching a boss monster.

Thanks to that, it was traded at a surprisingly high price.

“But I never thought I’d ask for a promotional quest…Do you mean we have to raise billions of dollars to promote my summon?

It was not known exactly what the Summon’s promotion would bring.

It could have been a losing business compared to the investment.

But even so, he couldn’t ignore it without knowing what it was.

“Then is this the only jewel here?”

“That’s not true. There’s still one more thing left to be released on the market soon.”

“There’s one more thing like that’s the same thing? Do you have that, too?”

“No, there’s only one thing we’ve taken over. Both gems were obtained from a mid-sized guild called Painter, and we just crossed one of them.”

Anyway, there were only two jewels that appeared recently that were Oquilia’s eyes.

Not long ago, it was not a secret that the Artist Guild acquired it during the attack of the C rank Dungeon because it was publicly known.

“I’m interested in it, can I buy it?”

Sung-Hyun threw a slip of the tongue.

Of course, billions could not have been in his hands now.

But he had to poke something to get some information.

“No, it’s too late. Someone has already paid.”

The man in the bear mask rummaged through nearby documents and said.

“I can’t believe you’ve already got something to hand over… Then I should give up the jewels here.”

Sung-Hyun gave up on giving up the jewelry in front of him.

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A Dungeon Beneath My House Let Me Gain 800% EXP

A Dungeon Beneath My House Let Me Gain 800% EXP

Beneath my house lies a dungeon that let me gain 800% EXP, I can gain 800% more EXP on the dungeon beneath my house
Score 6.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
A dungeon suddenly appeared in the basement of my house. A super-large dungeon of SSS+ rating that was never shown in history.


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