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The Owner of the Villa Chapter 1

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Born as the fourth daughter of a dying semi-baron, she was chosen by Count Bell, who had the largest estate near the capital, for her face being a little bit beautiful.

Immediately after marriage, great wealth, honor and prestige were given to Charlotte. As soon as she came up to the capital, she immediately became a person who received the attention of society.

A huge mansion owned by the Bell family was decorated in purple upon marriage. Light purple curtains from other countries, a newly embroidered amethyst marble floor in the main hall, and various purple flowers embroidered with gardens.

Rumors circulated among socialites that Count Bell was too afraid to wrap his wife around.

As evidenced by the truth of the rumor, my husband can’t stand close to me whenever there was a social event.

My husband and I were the most talked couple in the Esselen Empire.

Besides, recently I have a new business to do. 

The court romance novel, which I have written for fun, became the best seller in the Esselen Empire after repeated trials while being rumored about among the social ladies.

The first novel, “Isabel’s Room,” was about changing her husband. Isabel, a lady who was tired of her marriage, wakes up one morning and finds out that she went back to her room when she was a virgin.

Isabel, who went back 10 years ago, changes her husband and changes her life. With this novel, I woke up and experienced what it was to be a star.

One day, I woke up and suddenly my novel was selling like hot cakes.

Emily, the main character of the second novel, “Emily Laughs,” has actually ended her own husband.

This work, which depicts a disturbance between Emily, who got rid of her husband with the help of a witch, and the women in the village who envied Emily, gained explosive popularity among the ladies who really wanted to get rid of their own husband.

The third novel, “Lyudmilla Is Not Guilty,” was about a wicked woman.

The main character Lyudmilla transmigrates in a book possessing the wicked woman’s body who killed her three husbands.

Lyudmilla, being the wicked woman, could not escape the prosecution for killing three husbands.

She tries to escape the death penalty in all directions, and in the process, she finds out that unlike the book depicted, all three husbands deathe was not done by her.

The scene that was especially popular in the novel was the part where three husbands died brutally. The court newspaper criticized my novel for becoming more and more stimulating, but the reactions of the ladies, the main readership, were different.

“Lyudmilla Is Not Guilty” was the most sold among my three novels, putting me on the list of one of the most popular writers in the Empire in name and reality.

Three luxurious books of gold and silver adorned the study of the ladies of the Esselen Empire.

The popularity that swept through the social world soon flowed into the market.

A cheaper version was made, and even ordinary women wanted to change, eliminate, or kill their husbands, and the novel sold like hot cakes, making, “The whole empire go up and down.”

Men who ignored court romance novels, saying that only women read them, also began to read my novels.

My novel has become a must-read for the ladies of the Empire, and a trend among men to secretly read them.

Now, these three books of the “Husband Series” were a repertoire of jokes that my husband Count Bell makes at every ball.

“Welcome, ma’am. All right, everybody, come here. Let me introduce Charlotte Bell, the best writer of the Empire, my beloved wife. No, I should introduce her with her famous pen name, Charlotte Blythe, you’ll know that name better than her actual name, right? Patterson, you know that, right? My wife changed her husband, got rid of him, and this time she even wrote a story about killing him?”

“Oh, my God! The Count must have done something very wrong.”

People were laughing like crazy. My husband grabs my waist with a curious hand gesture and pulls me to his side and pretends to kiss exaggeratedly my cheek.

Oh my, I cover my mouth with a silky fan decorated with top-of-the-line lace, with a high and slender voice like a lady.

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Thank you! Really interesting story❤️

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worth ready a few more chapters if there was any

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