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Lewd contract

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Kim Jin-Hwon, the best pitcher in the Major League, is Hana’s crush for 12 years.

He suddenly returned to Korea and declared that he would play in the domestic league for a year, which was hard for his fans to accept.
Hana joined the club for the purpose of just seeing him one day, and finally she had a chance to meet Jin-Hwon in person.

Kim Jin-Hwon, a naive young man who only love baseball, suddenly fell into an impure temptation during his stay in Korea.

Hana, couldn’t restrain her old unrequited love that she proposed the most absurd thing.

“Kim Jin-Hwon, you need to be in a contract relationship with me for a month.”
“This is really some kind of shit.”
“If you don’t like it, let’s get a reporter now…”
“Shut up.”
Since Jin-Hwon was rumored to be a person that doesn’t want his reputation go in drain, Hana threatened Jin-Hwon’s weakness and demanded a lewd contract in order to have his body for at least once. Jin-Hwon, a pure young man who only knew about baseball, found his desire to remain silent with his contract with Hana.


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