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Doting my wife and daughter Chapter 4

Lin Haoqiang searched with his eyes. The first half of this small shop, which is only ten square meters, is a place for steaming steamed buns and doing business. The second half is where the workbench and raw materials are stored.

On one side of the room, against the wall, is a row of tables and chairs, which can accommodate a dozen people eating at the same time.

Such a small shop really needs to be taken care of. If two people work together, it will not be too tiring.

But if it is handled by one person, it will be difficult.

Thinking of Lingling’s marriage to him over the years, she never had a good day, and Lin Haoqiang wants to slap himself!

Simply not a thing!

Someone married you and gave birth to your daughter, but you don’t cherish it at all, either by punching or kicking!

Something more terrifying than a beast!

Lin Haoqiang looked at the small shop with only ten square meters.

Over the years, Pan Lingling had to manage the housework, take care of her daughter, and sell buns from morning until night.

But what have you done?

Lin Haoqiang’s nose was sore, and it felt as if something was blocking his chest.

Lin Haoqiang said to himself, “Lingling, starting today, I will make you the happiest woman in the world!”

He smiled brightly at the air and took out a pot of minced meat from the freezer.

When Lin Haoqiang picked it up and smelled it, he knew why Lingling’s buns were not selling so well.

The meat filling is not well-adjusted.

The meat filling should be combined with raw soy sauce, minced ginger, and pepper powder before being poured into a bowl with broth, followed by oyster sauce, peanut oil, and minced green onion, and stirred clockwise.

Stirring is not random; it must always be in one direction, such bun stuffing will taste better, oily, and not woody.

In addition to adjusting the stuffing, the dough is also exquisite.

And after the steamer, the steaming time should also be controlled by the heat.

Although Lin Haoqiang rarely makes steamed buns, he is a piece of cake with his 30 years of Michelin chef skills.

Taking a deep breath, Lin Haoqiang started.

He was not satisfied with Lingling’s minced meat.

Re-stir after searching all over the store for seasoning, and after some simple processing.

Because there is no broth, only water can be added. During the stirring process, water is added four times in total.

This is an important step in preparing the perfect meat filling.

It didn’t take long for the meat filling to be perfectly blended with the fragrance of green onion and oil, and, as he stirred, the fragrance permeated the small shop.

Lin Haoqiang shook his head and said to himself, “Only this level can be reached!” It looks like I need to go buy some seasonings in the afternoon.

Well, the meat was not fresh enough either.

It is also necessary to boil the broth; without the broth, the taste of the steamed buns will not be perfect.

Lin Haoqiang doesn’t want to be halfhearted about anything he does.

Strive for perfection.

Next, make the dough.

In the freezer is the fermented dough.

He slapped it a few times, and it fermented just fine.

He washed the panel carefully, soaked up the moisture on the panel with a dry towel, and then started kneading the dough to expel the air from the dough.

Then knead into long strips, and break them in groups.

Kneading the dough agent is also a science.

Lin Haoqiang has been engaged in cooking for 30 years, so he is naturally familiar with the steam buns.

The buns he made were not the most common pleats on the market, but they were played with his skillful hands!

After packing forty steamed buns into a basket, Lin Haoqiang decided to play tricks.

Using the store’s blender, he chopped some carrots and reformulated some flour.

After adding carrot juice, the prepared dough is puffed with red powder.

With quick hands and feet, he made another forty small pork buns.

These little pork buns are so cute.

After doing this, because he was worried that there would be no customers at noon, Lin Haoqiang put 20 fresh meat buns and 20 small pork buns in a steamer.

Steamed buns also need to pay attention to the essentials.

Steamed buns, if they are not sold for too long, their appearance and taste will decline.

Therefore, Lin Haoqiang was not in a hurry to steam the second cage.

After placing the buns in the second cage, Lin Haoqiang began to prepare the third buns on the signboard.

3-in-1 bun

It is nothing more than minced meat, quail eggs, and half-cooked mushrooms to make stuffing.

The quail eggs were boiled and shelled yesterday, and the mushrooms were fried, and a bowl was sealed with plastic wrap.

There was still time, and Lin Haoqiang neatly packed a basket of forty-three fresh buns.

At this time, the pig buns and fresh meat buns in the first cage had already reached the heat. After he turned off the heat, the buns began to rise.

He estimated that even if there were more guests at noon, there were still two cages to spare, which should be enough.

Making the dough is hard to work.

The dough should be kneaded skillfully. The longer the kneading time, the softer and more delicate the dough will be, and the taste will be better.

While kneading the dough, Lin Haoqiang thought that Lingling had paid so much for this family over the years, and he felt uncomfortable.

“Madam, give me three meat buns and two pickled cabbage buns.”

A middle-aged bald man in a suit came to the store and took a closer look. There was a man sitting inside. He couldn’t help but take two steps back and looked up at the sign.

“That’s right, it’s Lingling Steamed Bun Shop, why did you change someone?”

Lin Haoqiang smiled and said, “No substitutions, my wife is off today, and I’m on top of the shift.”

The bald man asked suspiciously, “The taste hasn’t changed, right?”

“Don’t worry!” Lin Haoqiang stood up and walked towards the steamer, “But the pickled cabbage buns have just been sold out. Can you add three meat buns and two more little pig buns?”

“Little pork bun? You have developed a new product here? Okay, just as you said.”

Lin Haoqiang opened the steamer and brought him a bun.

The bald man was a little surprised when he saw the little pork bun, and said with a smile, “It’s so pretty! I’m still willing to eat it!”

Lin Haoqiang said with a smile: “It’s just an experiment so that customers can eat more fresh.”

After the bald man scanned the code and paid the money, he opened the bag and couldn’t wait to eat.

“Hmm!” The bald man’s eyes lit up.

Thumbs up while chewing.

“Did your shop hire a master? This bun tastes so much better than before!”

Lin Haoqiang smiled brightly: “Thank you for the compliment, and I hope eldest brother can help me with more publicity!”

“Well, this bun is really good!”

After a while, another old aunt holding a child came.

I wanted to buy a bean-paste bun for the child to eat, but Lin Haoqiang recommended the little pork bun, and the kid shouted he want to eat it when he saw the cute shape of the little pig bun.

After eating one, the child is still clamoring to eat.

The old aunt was curious, so she bought one to taste, and after taking a few bites, her eyes widened.

“Your bun is really good! It’s delicious!”

Lin Haoqiang said with a smile: “Tomorrow we will launch a new variety, the taste will definitely be better than today’s!”

Lin Haoqiang has already thought about it. After Lingling comes over, he will purchase the raw materials himself!

There were new ideas in his mind.

The meat buns are only 2 yuan each, the three fresh buns are 2 yuan and 5 yuan each, and the steamed buns are also 50 cents a piece, which is all too cheap!

Raising prices for no reason, certainly not.

New varieties have to be added! Raise the price and get more profit.

BBQ pork buns, sauce beef buns, lotus root meat sauce buns…

Moreover, buns are not expensive, as long as they taste good and are genuine, there is definitely a market for them!

Lingling is still not very good at doing business!

After a while…

Two more students came over to buy buns. No surprise, as long as Lin Haoqiang recommends it, anyone will be willing to buy such cute-looking buns.

Even bought a few more.

Lin Haoqiang saw that the time was almost up, and he hurriedly put a basket of three fresh buns, a basket of meat buns + small pig buns and steamed them.

When there were no guests, he quickly began to prepare the steamed buns.

At this moment, there was a ding sound.

“System startup.”

A mechanized electronic sound.

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On the day of my rebirth and divorce, I became a doting husband and dad

On the day of my rebirth and divorce, I became a doting husband and dad

Status: Ongoing
Opening his eyes, Lin Haoqiang returned to the day he divorced his wife. In the last life, he was a gambling addict, lazy, and abandoned his wife and daughter. As he was dying, he learned that his wife became ill from overwork and had long since passed away, and his daughter became a criminal and died on the street after ten years of being in prison. Although Lin Haoqiang died, he did not go to after life as he expected. God not only gave him a chance to return back in time, but also gave him a small farming space.


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