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Superstar From Age 0 Chapter 101

The flight from LA arrived.

When the letters appeared on the screen, the airport became a total chaos.

After some time, the door of the arrival location opened.


When the Korean child actor who laughed and chatted with many famous Hollywood actors appeared, a loud cheer sounded in the whole airport. Seojun quickly used his ability hearing the shouts much louder than when he left the country.

[Apple flower scent that calms you down]

[E.L.F’s basic breathing activated]

There was a sweet scent coming from him.

When the excitement calmed down and people went still, the whole airport was now quiet.

There were more people who couldn’t smell his abilities specially those at the back, but they just clapped with a happy face, because they couldn’t advance with the people in front not moving an inch.

Seo Eun-chan, Cocoa Entertainment employees, and An Daho were relieved. But neither the bodyguards nor the airport guards let a sigh of relief as they remained vigilant.

‘I shouldn’t use this ability…’

Seeing the quiet people, the next ability he prepared wasn’t used at all.

Seojun smiled and waved at people.

The live camera kept turning. The appearance of Seojun and the people gathered were captured.

A while ago, people were worried watching the television with noisy and crowded crowd in the airport. But now they admired them.

-There are so many people, but they can unite! As expected of Lee Seojun’s fan!

-It’s really fascinating

A small platform was prepared like when Seojun left the country. He on the podium and held a microphone.

Flash went off everywhere.

Among the sound of applause, Seojun’s voice resonated.

“Hello, I’m actor Lee Seojun.”

Clap clap clap clap!

[Lee Seojun, an actor who widely made his name known to the world, has returned.]

[KBC, Interview with actor Lee Seojun!]

[MBS, interview with Hollywood star Lee Seojun!]

[SBC, Lee Seojun: “Thank you for voting”]

T/n: Lol MBC became MBS, KBS and SBS became KBC and SBC

* * *

“DAHO! Today’s script!”

An employee of the team 2 handed An Daho a small box.

Seojun took a break from entertainment after the interview with the three broadcasters to commemorate the award.

The break, which should have been short, became longer and longer, eventually a year passed. However, even after a year of break, the amount of scripts being sent to Seojun remained the same.

Movies, movies, dramas, dramas, dramas.

An Daho, who was roughly looking at the script, nodded.

Interestingly, as Seojun became famous, the number of scripts featuring child actors increased.

At first, there were only works urgently made to feature Lee Seojun but eventually rejected.

However, when some company took notice of other wonderful child actors that became popular, child actors such as Choi So-young and Lee Da-jin, the rejected script of Seojun were given to them.

Team 2 didn’t expect that those dramas and movies became somewhat popular. They were hurt but we’re not discourage

There is a high possibility that the script will not work, so an employee, who was a member of the second team, asked.

“I can’t do this again, right?”

The team 2, which was actor Lee Seojun’s dedicated team, also had nothing to do due to Seojun’s prolonged break. So while they were “slacking off” they became in charge of Brown Black’s newly debuted junior group “White.”

A few months later, when White settled down, new employees were also being hired to take care of the 5 membered group.

When Seojun starts his activities again, there would be enough people. Another dedicated team will formed for White and Team 2 could return to handle Seojun.

“There needs to be a script that Seojun likes.”

“I know. When does that script appear?”

“Take it easy. dols don’t have many breaks due to events or various performances, but for actors is usually long. A year of break is given.”

“Sigh. Brown black was too busy. They were also busy making the next album even during their break. It’s my first time having this long break at our company, so it’s so awkward.”

The employee nodded at the words of An Daho.

An Daho, went back to his work but a script caught his eye.

* * *

After a year, Seojun lost some of his baby fat, grew up with a more handsome appearance.

His baby teeth were all removed and his permanent teeth were formed.

Although the inner mollars, which are hard to see, were removed and permanent teeth were still growing, his front teeth still created the appearance of the perfect teeth usually seen on toothpaste advertisement.

Seeing that the top of his round head got closer to An Daho’s sight than before, he really grew a lot.

1 year.

A year has already passed since the WTV Film Festival. Seojun, who was still in the first grade back then, will now be in the third grade after the winter vacation.

An Daho handed Seojun a box and came inside his house.

Seojun took out a script from the box. He become excited as soon as he easily saw the five thick scripts.

“What do you want to drink?”

“Do you have juice?”


Seojun went to the kitchen.

An Daho looked around Seojun’s house.

On one side of Seojun’s living room, a trophy shaped like a popcorn box was displayed.

In front of it was a photo taken with Seojun together with Shadowman team, his parents, Seo Eun-chan and An Daho.

It was a picture that fills his heart with pride everytime he sees it.

“This is you juice.”


The two sat in their seats. Seojun started reading the script, and An Daho also took out another script to read.

Occasionally, there were evaluations about directors, writers, and production staff investigated by employees written at the back of every script.

Production companies and directors with the worst evaluation were excluded immediately, but directors and writers who they are not sure if they have rumors, were marked separately.

“Have you finally found a script that caught your eyes?”

Until the last script, Seojun quietly read them down.

An Daho, was very hopeful this time.This is because the writer of the drama script that Seoju is reading now was So Eun-jin, the same writer of Re-Investigation, where starred as a cameo in the past, with the same director of the drama Choi Min-sung.

“The production company is okay, too.”

With the success of the Re-Investigation, the writer, director, and Seojun approval for the cameo was taken in consideration. Plus they have experience of filming with Seojun.

No broadcasting station has been decided yes, and no audition for actors have been held yet.

Depending on the actors, the script could be either become positively or negatively successful.

Seojun read the script and put it down.

It wasn’t the entire script, but only the scene where Seojun appeared was clearly written.

He went to the first page to check the synopsis and read the script again.

“Hm. Hm.This is nice!”


An Daho, let a sigh of relief deep inside, hearing the vague approval of Seojun.

Seo Eun-hye and Lee Min-joon were also worried about Seojun’s prolonged break. Listening to the news of Brown Black, who were busy, they started to worry about Seojun’s relaxed life without any work activities.

‘Did he lose interest in acting? Should they find something new?’ this were question they usually asked to themselves.

But Seojun reassured them that same as Rachel Hill, Evan Block, and Lee Ji-seok, who he has the same jobs with, have at the longest three years of break.

Seojun handed over the script to An Daho. He really like the script, and he specifically liked it because it is a historical drama that don’t appear much these days.

“I want to do this!”

1 year…

The sleeping genius finally went outside of his cave after the long break.

* * *

“Hello, I’m your favorite YouTuber that reviews movie, Movie Star!”

Movie Star turned on the live broadcast. Many comments appeared immediately.

“Finally, Marine’s movie assembly, which was started filming last summer, has finished and now they started promoting it. Wow, I heard it’ll be released in mid-January! I’m really curious about the stories of Redborn, Shadowman, and other heroes put together. Oh, by the way, in the advertisement video of Green Wing 2, which was released early last year, Green Wing’s appearance in the assembly was confirmed! A round of applause everyone!”

CLAP clap clap clap clap clap clap clap!

“The appearance of Green Wing is important, but there’s one more thing that’s more important to us, right?”

At the words of Movie star, a person’s name began to appear in the comments. Movie star nodded and said.

“Yes, I’m talking about actor Lee Seojun! Jin Natra! Wouldn’t he appear in the advertisement video of Assemble? I think so. Honestly, when he came back to Korea after receiving an award at the WTV Film Festival and interviewed by all broadcasting stations, I realize that he will be going to make his debut on TV! I assure you he will be in a drama! ”

-They Interview was his last appearance… ㅠㅠ

-There’s no commercial, drama, or even vlog.

Movie star’s face also became gloomy seeing those comments.

“Honestly, the activities he did last year were amazing. Shadowman 2… he filmed this the year before, but anyway. Shadowman 2, Re-investigation cameo, children’s Play ‘Spring’, and WTV film festival. They are all a box office hit! Isn’t this usually hard for an adult actor to achieve? And he is only 8 years old back then! Actor Lee Seojun did it. Around of applause everyone!”

CLAP clap clap clap clap clap clap clap!

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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