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Reincarnation of the Forsaken Genius Chapter 3

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The two-meter-high monster was so powerful that even skilled soldiers were reluctant to face it.



Inferno showed his presence with enthusiasm instead of answering.

The hot heat filled my lungs, and soon my whole body felt warm.

“I need to save that child. Give me a hand.”

I saw a boy running slowly across the field.

The gray wolf ran faster than the boy and the gate is not yet closed.

However, it was unlikely that a soldier stationed at the gate would rescue the child.

The child’s parents came running after hearing the news from behind.

Their cry shook the cold night air and touched my heart.

I passed through the wide open gate.

The soldier guarding the gate shouted as he tried to close the door.

“Young Master!”

The one who called me had a long Sword anging around his waist and he held a circular shield in his left hand.

He wore simple clothes and there were no magical items.

“Follow me.”

Four soldiers obeyed my orders.

They’ll know that if I die, they will die anyway.

‘Our number is four. With our current skills, we are not up to par against the enemy. However…’

When I was Louis Vreio, I learned all kinds of swordsmanship by heart.

Even though I didn’t have a talent swordsmanship. Of course, I was terrible at the time, so I couldn’t accurately perform swordsmanship.

‘I also have the experience of Lewis Hebron.’

Lewis Hebron’s sword skills were mediocre, but still he has a little bit of talent.

And now, I am in his body.

Someone with humble origin and a Theoretical Genius are now one.

With my knowledge about Vreio’s Swordsmanship Technique, I am confident in this situation.


I took the sword from my waist.

Looking at the sword, a poem recited by a legendary knight came to my mind.

‘I hit the moon in the water with my sword against the flowing moonlight, far away from me.’

The poem that I memorized without knowing the meaning.

It was an indirect expression of the sword.

No, it was an accurate expression.

My hand holding the sword was strained.
There was no tremor. Like a swordsman who has wielded a sword for a long time, I filled my lungs with the air of the battlefield in front of me.

‘I can do it.’

I’ve honed my sword skills for these past few days.

Although I have never used it properly, I have practiced the swordsmanship I knew perfectly.

Every time I swing my sword I saw hope.
And today, I found more hope.


I ran towards the wolf.
There was no reason to back down.
My citizens were in danger, and I was the heir of Baron Hebron. I had to protect them.

“Inferno, go to my sword!”

Inferno’s flame surrounded my sword.

The heat made my sword red in color.


The gray wolf ran faster in order swallow the boy, however, I jumped at it too.

“Get down!”

The boy lay flat with his eyes closed tightly.

The moment I jumped over the boy, I faced the gray wolf.


The heated long sword cut the wolf chest.

As soon as the sword touched him, flames shot out. His upper snout was torn long enough to frighten him.

Perfect timing was important in swordsmanship.

I inserted the sword deep into the wolf’s belly.


There was a smell of burning meat.
Smoke gushed from the wolf’s stomach.
He twisted himself and fell down with a thud.
When one died, the three gray wolves behind slowed down.

They didn’t rushed at me immediately. They became wary. It wasn’t just because of me.
The soldiers behind me threatened the wolf with their sword.

“Get out of here!”

“Tom, get up quickly. The young master has came to your rescue. Stand up and thank him!”

A soldier forced the little kid, named Tom, back to his feet.

Realizing what has just happened, the frightened Tom bowed towards me first before rushing back.

“Thank you, young master!”

I didn’t like Tom’s skinny body.

“You shouldn’t die at this age. Survive 40 or 50 more years and work for Hebron. That’s your destiny. Come to the warehouse early tomorrow morning in order to receive grain and meat. Eat and gain weight is what you have to do now.”

That was how Vreio’s came to success.

The citizen is what keeps the county going. Without them, the land will be unable to produce any grains.

“Of course! I’ll live for Hebron!”

It was then.

“Look behind!”

Wolves went around in groups.
They weren’t just four wolves.
Four were only the first one to arrive, there are 20 more after that.

I asked the soldiers, staring at the wolf pack.

“It’s nice, isn’t it?”

The soldiers stared at me with disbelief, but I just laughed seeing their expression and ran away.

“I love it! I love it!”

I cut the nearest gray wolf.

When I killed one, two rushed at the same time.

I dodge the attack of one and cut the other.
And then killed the one that I dodge.

All my movements were as natural as water.

‘As expected, even with little talent I can be exceptional with the Vreio Swordsmanship Technique.’

This swordsmanship technique usez a minimal amount of aura to flow to a specific body part at an appropriate time.

However, it was difficult to find an opponent in such a rural baron for practice.

“Young Master, you’re amazing!”

“But you have to retreat now. Those wolves……!”

A soldier pointed behind me. The other wolves are incoming.

Looking at them, I took a deep breath.

Currently, I was feeling an emotion that I didn’t feel back when I lived underground of the Duke of Vreio.

I realized that I was breathing alive.

The first ones I dealt with were nothing more than Cannon fodder.

The main attacker are those at the back.

They would have surrounded me if I had stayed any longer.

I was excited, but I wasn’t so stupid as to get carried away by emotion.

“Yes, let’s go back.”

The soldiers also ran behind the wall.

They kept pace with me, and the child ran along.

“Don’t struggle. Survive by all means.”

I lifted the child with one hand.

“Uh! Young Master, let go! I’m heavy!”

“I can’t feel your weight because you only have bones and skin. Is this how you’re gonna get your job done? From now on, gain weight. Turn your flesh into muscles.”

The soldiers couldn’t keep up with me even though I havr a kid in my arms.

I was the first to arrive at the gate.

I put Tom down at the gate, and he ran away.

His father hugged Tom and sobbed. His mother slapped him on the back.

They looked very affectionate.

I felt proud of myself for a moment. I had protected that scene.

‘Those are mine. I don’t wanna lose what is mine. I am quite greedy.’

I waited for the soldiers to arrive and said, “Close the gates.”

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Reincarnation of the Forsaken Genius

Reincarnation of the Forsaken Genius

Status: Ongoing Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
At the age of three, he spoke three languages, at the age of four, he memorized the Vreio family's aura technique. He invented the magic formula when he was five, but... No matter how good his brain is, his body was born with the curse of not being able to learn mana. “Ordinary humans have no qualifications to be part of the Vreio Family.” After he died like that, he didn't expect to be reborn. His new family was a small noble family. He is now named Lewis, son of Hebron Baron. “Nothing is limiting me now.” Buy Me a Coffee at


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