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Devour the wolf chapter 17

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Even with a low sigh, the voice was full of despair.

“This was also a dream.”

Then the world stopped. No woman, no wind, no flames, no dust floating was in the air.
Lovelita, who was looking down at the strange appearance of the woman who stopped with her mouth open as if she were trying to say something, asked the child.
“Do you remember me?”


“Then we’ll talk fast. Let’s get out of here.”

She has already succeeded before, so she will succeed again this time. On the contrary, the child stepped back half as Lovelita approached the child.

“……what, aren’t you going with me?”

“Wait a minute.”


“Wait a minute, please.”

Time moved as the child turned to the woman again. Already a tearful woman lowered herself to face the child.

“If you go over there, your father will be there.”

“Yes, Mother.”

“I love you. My child. My legacy.”

The woman stroked the child’s head. Holding the skinny hand, the child said.

“Me too. Me too, Mother. I’ll miss you no matter how much time passes.”

Patting the tear-stained cheek, the child continued.

“Even after a very, very long time, I’ll keep remembering. I won’t forget you. So please don’t get sick, too.”

Then he hugged the woman with strength. The small, thin back without a sound was greatly shaken over and over and over again.

He was crying all over. Lovelita waited silently for the child’s farewell. Soon after, the time stopped again as the child turned away wiping away the dripping tears.

“Well, you know what?”

Lovelita, who has never soothed a crying child in her life, approached the child with a very awkward and similar squeaky movement.

“Is that your mother?”


Strangely, she couldn’t say anything after that.

What should she say? ‘You must be sad to say goodbye to your mother, right?’

Then who wouldn’t be sad in this situation? But she can’t just go back to reality with this atmosphere.

Lovelita, who sighed secretly, approached the child closely. He flinched when she hugged the child back in her arms.

“What the….”

“Let me know if you feel uncomfortable.”

She relaxed her body so that the child could push her away at any moment, but fortunately the child did not do. So Lovelita said.

“If you want to cry, cry more.”


“It’s a dream here anyway, so no one will know.”

Soon the child’s body trembled. The vibration went all over the body to Lovelita, and somehow he felt like he was crying with her.

* * *

Leon looked still at Lovelita, who was galloping the horse with swollen eyes. They are on a mission to the Strath area near the capital.

“What did the man who saw it say?”

Lovelita asked Jamie.

“A Peacock.”

“They are usually Marsupial or reptiles now they are birds? Why the hell did he call it a peacock?”

“Well, I can’t tell because after he said that, he died.”

Jamie said, shrugging his head.

The capital has been quiet for a while since the last creature appeared.

Though occasionally marsupials such as the previous jelly form have appeared throughout the countryside, their frequency has been significantly reduced in recent years.

This was like the peace before a storm.

And as if waiting, there was a massacre in the Strath area.

It is no exaggeration to say that one village was devastated because there were nearly two hundred victims.

When a creature began to speak, the Queen was reviewing everything herself, even if there was a slight abnormality.

Perhaps most heads of state are guessing, as is Lovelita.

About the meaning of what the creature said.

Thus, the Queen herself sent both the first and second army to the service of the Strath region.

“You told me to capture it alive, so I’m sure I’ll do a great job this time.”

Lovelita suddenly turned her head and said to Leon.

Leon, who has the mana to burn everything, capturing was very different than what they usually do.

“Let’s just do it my Vice-leader.”

Of course, Lovelita, who handles wind like a sharp blade, capturing a creature was not a difficult case.

Lovelita, who exchanged blows one by one, said this time, as always.

“Do you want to make a bet?”

“What bet?”

“Who catches it first.”

“There’s nothing I can’t do.”

There was a spark between the two. And at the same time, both of them started to run fast towards the village affected with their horse.

There were no more superiors among the ranks, and only two Vice-leader remained.

Jamie and Carlyle. They made the usual eye contact to each other and just shrugged it off as if they could not help it.

“Oh, my gosh, my gosh, this is so hard.”

Lovelita, who almost flew in by the force of the wind, jumped off from the horse.

It was a village at the beginning of the Strath Area that had been reported. When she saw the black roofs and the blood stains dried up on the wall, she remembered last night’s dream and felt nauseous.

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