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Devour the wolf chapter 16

Like a while ago, he suddenly found out that the water she brought was strange, or asked her to prepare a meal because he was too busy to go down to the canteen, the fruit was old, the soup was cold… but because she was his right hand now as his acting Vice-Leader she didn’t have any other choice but to follow his commands even if she needed to run back and forth.

Is that all he need?

Spill a fine ink bottle.

Or, he would run excitedly on the smokestack, dirty the carpet, and suddenly have Lovelita do all sorts of chores and cleaning, like there was dust on the window frame.

Rather, she would rather hit him or complain about something noticeably difficult, but she was just struggling because he was having fun complaining about anything.

Anyway he can’t go to Sienna and tell her that the water doesn’t taste good.

“Devil, you son of a bitch.”

Lovelita once wanted to slap him in the mouth, bacause his complain are too much for her pretty deer.

“Oh, Commander, where are you going?”

Lovelita was walking down the hall when Jamie waved excitedly on the other side.

Jamie was filling in for Lovelita while she was out of the First Army these days. Of course, that’s how it was always been, so the First Army was as peaceful as ever.

“I’m going for a water errand.”

“……What are you doing?”

Jamie shed tears as he watched his Commander running for errands to a mere watsr.

“Well, by any means.”

“Yeah, go learn a lot.”

What is it? She don’t think that’s a good thing to say.

Jamie patted Lovelita hard on the shoulder, who had become the current deputy Commander.

Then Lovelita’s eyes saw a sparkling red drink in Jamie’s hand.



“What’s that?”

“Cranberry juice. They gave it to me at the restaurant.”


Lovelita’s eyes glistened.


Lovelita, who held the doorknob with a strange laugh, tried to hide her expression and gave strength to both cheeks.

“You’re late.”

When she opened the door, she saw Leon still burried in reviewing the documents.

Already sensing it was Lovelita outside the door, he said without looking at her coming close.

“Ah, I was getting something.”


“Cranberry juice.”

Leon looked up at those word. As Lovelita said, there was a tray on her hand, ice water and cranberry juice on it.

“Did you bring it for me? This is very suspicious.”

“What are you talking about? Jamie gave it to me to drink it.”

Lovelita slammed ice water down on Leon’s desk. Without looking at it, Leon pretended to be deeply disappointed.

“Oh, my assistant can’t think of the well being of her boss at all.”

Lovelita’s hand paused as she tried to drink cranberry juice. Leon reached out to her as if he had waited.

He didn’t have to tell her. She gave it to Leon voluntarily, staring at his brazen eyes as if saying, “Give it to me,” Lovelita handed over the juice in his hand.

“If you’re thirsty, at least drink water.”

Lovelita snatched the cold water handed by Leon as if he were being generous. Looking at her burning red eyes, he took a big gulp of cranberry juice, which Leon had forcibly taken away from her.


Of course, he didn’t swallow it.

Lovelita, who was holding back laughter at Leon’s face, which was getting hotter and hotter to his ears, gulped down the icy water.

“Huh! Ugh!”

Leon, who couldn’t even swallow what he had in his mouth, jumped to his feet. Then he struggled hard to take away the ice water in Lovelita’s hand, but Lovelita, who poured in a mouthful of water that was cringe-worthy, gave him only an empty cup.

“Did you swallow something really spicy, boss?”

“…Ugh, hey, you, Lovelita…”…!”

Leon spat it out, whether it was juice or lava, in the empty cup given by Lovelita, tried to shout at her, but Lovelita opened the door, waving her hands gently with a pitiful face.

“Oh, poor Leader! I’m going to get some water for you, Mr. Leon.”

Soon his shout was released to the top of his lungs but the guilty person disappeared behind the door.


* * *

Lovelita was standing on a ruin. The ground was burning, and the sky was gray. There was no one around as if everything was waiting for something with bated breath.

“What the hell is this place?”

When she saw the scenes that were literally close to the appearance of her nightmares, she frowned.

“Well, there! ……Oops!”

Then a woman rushed in and bumped into Lovelita.

Unlike Lovelita, who covered half her face, the woman’s feet were barefoot. The old, shabby woman held a little boy’s hand tightly.

A boy whose face look was black. Although the age was different, Lovelita knew the child was the same boy she had seen in previous dreams.


The child’s appearance was a mess, as if he were running frantically along with the woman.

As Lovelita approached the child, the child, who had been breathing hard all this time, looked up.


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The Wolf’s Meal

The Wolf’s Meal

Devour the wolf, The deer and the wolf
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Artist: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Korean
Lovelita Kabda. Princess of the Kingdom of Kabda, also the First Army Commander, She’s beautiful and has the same temper as a wolf. She got entangled with a complicated relationship with her rival, Leonhard Dier! Odd events that happen since then. In her dreams, Lovelita was associated with a man she can’t see his face. Powerful demons come upon the kingdom. Lovelita, who was confronting the case, after a series of events… She find herself connected to Leonhard. A much deeper intertwined relationship than just a one-night accident. The dizzying romance between a well-behaved deer man and a wolf princess begin!


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