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Superstar from Age 0 chapter 10

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Now another Seojun’s adventure will start!


Seojun and his mom were looking at the laptop. The screen was still scrolling fast, so Seojun couldn’t read any of the words, but fortunately Seo Eun-Hye was reading it for Seojun one by one.

Seo Eun-Hye didn’t think Seojun would understand it. However, it was an enjoyable moment to read the comments to Seojun as they were proper words of encouragement.

“Wow. It doesn’t work after 20 months.”

Although she was the one who filmed the video, the Internet has full of information about the video that Seo Eun-Hye did not even know. In particular, she was surprised by the post that made a research at which baby’s months did and didn’t work the video.


‘Maybe it was because [fairy’s glitter] that I used is the lowest level of ability.’

He had the ability to imitate the skill, but he needed a large corresponding mana. Seojun, who is only eight months old, this was his abilities limits.

“There are a lot of other babies’ mukbangs too, isn’t?”

That’s what trends was like. Everyone copied when someone started to become successful.

Unlike Seojun’s video, however, other babies’ eating shows did not work on other babies.

Babies would eat once or twice as a coincidence, but by the second day it didn’t function anymore.

“Everyone says they will only watch Seojun’s videos. Seojun is so amazing!”

Seojun’s was flattered at his mother’s praise.

Seo Eun-Hye looked up after surfing the Internet for some time.

It was already passed ten o’clock. Lee Min-Joon, who should be back at 7 o’clock, is late.

“Daddy’s late.”

Today, Lee Min-joon left the company earlier to talk about the CF contract with Elephant. And he decided to meet his lawyer friend after receiving the contract.

“If your dad is meeting his friend, they must be drinking.”

“Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo-boo”

Seojun fell asleep on the teddy bear next to him. It’s already 10 o’clock. It was time to sleep.

Seo Eun-Hye hugged Seojun. She was patting his back.

Ding dong.

The timing was not good.


Then the door opened. Seojun opened his eyes at the sound, while Seo Eun-Hye sighed.

“Daddy’s here!” Lee Min-joon’s was red.

Seo Eun-hye shook her head when she saw Lee Min-joon stretching his arms ready to hug Seojun.

“Wash up first.”


Lee Min-joon quickly washed up and sat face to face with Seo Eun-hye.

Maybe he didn’t drink much so his eyes seemed fine.

When Seojun woke up, he played with the teddy bear next to the couple.

Lee Min-Joon took out the contract. It was a copy, not an original.

Difficult words were marked with red pens and has annotations below. Lee Min-joon explained the contract according to what he heard from the team leader and his lawyer friend.

“So the filming starts when Seojun eats, this will be shot for about 30 minutes, and if it needs more, he will shoot another on the same day. Of course, after Seojun’s digestion is complete.”

If they look at Seojun’s eating time, they would have to wait for two to three hours after filming.

“Seojun will be comfortable, but the others have to wait that long. That means we have to finish it at once as much as possible.…. Is it possible to shoot in 30 minutes?”

“I heard that the advertisement will only come out like a video posted on YouTube. It can be corrected, subtitled, or narrated.”

Seo Eun-Hye nodded with relief at Lee Min-joon’s words. Their YouTube video was just a random video taken and uploaded without re-shooting.

“They said they would make the background as similar as possible to places Seojun can eat comfortably.” Lee Min-joon continued.

“Wow, do they care that much? It’s good.”

“I heard it’s going to go up to some kind of YouTube commercial and then it’s going to be on TV. For about three months.”

They cared more for her son than she thought. She was worried that Seojun would have a hard time, but she thought it would be okay if they paid this much attention.

“I think it’s great. What about him?”

“There’s no hidden things on the clause so it’s fine.”

“Then shall we advertise?”

Lee Min-Joon nodded at Seo Eun-hye’s question. Seojun also nodded. His mom and dad laughed when they happened to see him nodding.

“Seojun said it is good too.”

“Then it’s decide!”

Lee Min-joon came to find a black pen. Then he took out the original contract.

“You can sign here.”


Seo Eun-Hye wrote her name and also Lee Min-joon wrote his name.

Seo Eun-hye, who was busy thinking for a while, brought red paint from Seojun’s toy warehouse.

“What is that?”

“It is Seojun’s commercial, so we need his signature. It’s a paint made of natural ingredients. I bought it on sale in advance to have Seojun play with it when he gets litter bigger. Seojun can’t sign, so I’ll take his fingertips.”

Seo Eun-Hye took a small bowl from the kitchen and took some red paint. Then she put Seojun on her lap.

Seo Eun-Hye took Seojun’s right thumb on the paint.

“Wait, wait, wait! Let’s take a picture to celebrate our first contract!”

Lee Min-joon quickly took out a camera and clicked. He filmed a video to avoid it being blurry. Seo Eun-hye stamped the baby’s thumb under the couple’s signature.

The CF contract was stamped red with the signature of the father and mother and the baby’s thumb.

* * *

Seojun opened his eyes. He felt like he would fell asleep before he knew it. When he opened his eyes and looked at his palm, there was still redness in his thumb.

Recalling his mother’s words that it would be gone tomorrow, Seojun clenched his fist and unfolded it.

Seojun, who was only looking at his hands, raised his head.

There was a blue door in front of him. It was the very small door that he could open for now.

“Is this still the only place?”

Seojun swung his hand to the right. A door bigger than a blue door appeared. Even if he pressed the door with his palm, the tightly closed door wouldn’t open. He waved his hand again and opened the blue door.

Seojun crawled slowly through the door.

“Did I read this many books?”

Unorganized books that couldn’t fit on the shelves were scattered on the floor.

“Well, should I make an automatic cleaning spell?”

He tilted his head, but he thought it would not be a bad idea to indicate how far he had read in this way.

Besides, it was hard to do anything with this baby body now.

Seojun took out another book and started reading it after reading the previous books.

“Well, is there anything good?”

‘What do I need to do for the commercial shoot?’

[Fairy Glitter-Lowest] worked well, but only for babies up to 20 months old.

Unlike his mukbang show that only need to work on babies, Elephant powdered milk ads had to appeal to parents for purchasing power.

“To adults… Well…… what could it be…….”

Seojun read the book diligently and went down.

Books containing many lives were read in an instant.

Surely there was a difference between the body of reality and his body inside of the library. Unlike his real baby’s body, in the library he was able to read letters quickly, and he was comfortable to move hands and body.

But if he keep reading the letters, his eyes would still hurt the same.

“Oh, my eyes.”

Seojun, who had been resting for a while with a small palm or two on his because his eyes hurt.

Suddenly, he thought of the doll of Lich King that his uncle gave him.

“With Lich’s hypnotic magic, it would be really comfortable…….”

He knew it would work through the video, so even a sold-out was not a dream using a single hypnotic magic.

Unfortunately, however, the memory of life as long as a Lich’s lifespan he had to enter through a very, very large door. Seojun, as he is now, he couldn’t even open the next door after this one..

“Besides, Lich’s magic is only evil (dark)…… This is too much…”

Seojun, who is learning the E.L.F.’s basic breathing, gave up early on, and read the book again.

“This, I think I’ll need to read all night……phew…”

He couldn’t find the right ability.

It seemed like a lot of time had passed.

Seojun thought. Why don’t he just give up and rest? Shall he look for a little more?

At that time, a book came into Seojun’s eyes. As he read the title as if he was passing by, the faded memory permeated into Seojun’s head.


“Was this here?”

Seojun’s eyes shook. Seojun quickly opened the book and read it. Reading the book made him feel much closer to life he experience at that time.

“This would be great!”

Seojun smiled brightly as he had found the ability he liked.

* * *


Team leader Choi Hyun-ji quickly ran to greet him.

Seo Eun-hye, who was picking up Seojun from the car seat, also greeted her with pleasure. Lee Min-joon took Seojun’s bag from the passenger seat.

“This is Choi Hyun-ji, the head of the Elephant planning team.”

“Yes, hello. I’m Seo Eun-hye, Seojun’s mom.”

Choi Hyun-ji led her family to the set.

“There’s some time left until the shoot, but you’re here quickly!”

“I think Seojun needs to get used to the unfamiliar filming site to film well.”

“Then we’ll thank you!”

The filming site was open and spacious, one side was decorated like a living room in a family house and one side with cameras and lights.

People who looked like staff were moving furniture into the living room and repositioning the lights.

Seo Eun-Hye, who was watching this scene the first time, saw the living room set of the family house. Seo Eun-hye admired it.

“That’s exactly the same.”

“Yes, we decorated it as similar as we could from the video posted on YouTube.”

Seojun also looked at the living room decorated almost exactly like his house.

He spit out some sound as if to give his approval.

“This is the waiting room. If Seojun is uncomfortable, please come in and rest comfortably.”

When she opened the door, there was a room decorated with a warm feeling.

Dolls that babies would love and a small crib where he could lie down. A coffee pot on the other hand, an Elephant powdered milk with a yellow elephant on it, and a bottle sterilizer. Even diapers from various brands.

In addition, Seo Eun-Hye and Lee Min-joon thought they were so well prepared that they could just sit and eat sandwiches, coffee sticks, and snacks.

“That’s great.”

“Yes, you can always look around the set. Or you can rest here until the shooting time. The director hasn’t come yet……. Oh, there are many wires under your feet when you look around the set, so please be careful. You might touch some dangerous objects, so hold Seojun tight.”

Seo Eun-hye and Lee Min-joon nodded at Choi Hyun-ji’s words. Choi Hyun-ji left the waiting room to prepare for the shooting.

“I didn’t expect them to prepare like this.” Lee Min-joon said as he unpacked Seojun’s bag.

“I know. But these dolls are so cute.”

Seo Eun-Hye, who hugged Seo Joon, admired the dolls gathered on one side.

Fluffy and yellow chick dolls, panda dolls with big eyes, and sparrow dolls huddled together. It was a far cry from the dolls in the house.

Lee Min-joon laughed half as if he had resigned. In his hand was the only ordinary teddy bear in the house, taken out from his bag.

“Seojun won’t like it.”

The mother heard her husband word so she look at her son. Seojun was not interested in the doll in front of him. He stretched his arms looking at the teddy bear that his father took out. Lee Min-joon gave Seojun the teddy bear.

Too much to hold on to, Seojun was put in a prepared crib with the teddy bear.

‘Uncle’s doll is the best doll ever!’

Seojun, who was fiddling the teddy bear’s belly which looked like his doppelganger, looked down at his own belly with a meaningful look. This contained the lethal weapon for advertising found in the library of life.

‘Huh? My head keeps going down……?’

Unable to bear the weight of his head, Seojun stuck his forehead in the belly of the teddy bear in front of him and fell sleep.

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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