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Greatest Extra Chapter 14- Imperial Assent (1)

The Invisible Blade Dark Emperor approached his son. The Emperor ordered the Imperial Guard to back him, but they didn’t follow the orders.

They said that their motto is to be a shield that protected the Imperial Family, but the Emperor would always comes first. It wasn’t that their behavior wasn’t incomprehensible.

Fortunately, his youngest son seems to have some of the followers he has collected. But not everyone was a match for the Dark Emperor. The one-arm Knight bought some time, but it was not enough.

“Absolute Shield!”

Even the best defense magic, nicknamed absolute defense, has been pierced.

As soon as he thought it was all over, a white flash burst out and something pierced the chest of the Invisible Blade Dark Emperor.

It happened in an instant. Everyone was surprised.

“Marquis Blizzard, did you see what just happened?”

The Emperor questioned Marquis Blizzard, the strongest of the Imperial Guard.

H thought he would have seen what happened, but…….

“I saw the Fifth Prince lift a white spear, but since then…….”

Blizzard cut off what he was saying. It happened so fast that it was invisible to his eyes, a high-ranking knight.

The Emperor wanted to ask more questions, but he couldn’t.


It was because the Fifth Prince was collapsing, spewing blood from his whole body.

The Emperor ran toward Raymond, who was coughing up blood.

The Assassins were backing down with the injured Invisible Blade. But there were still several assassins around.

The father’s affection for his son exceeded to the threat of his life.

He wasn’t stopped by the Imperial Guards and a handful of imperial knights escorted the Emperor.


Despite his injured body, Gesteine and the Shadow Squad, who stood up by the side of the Fifth Prince with a sad spirit, stepped aside and let the Emperor hugged the Fifth prince.

Looking at the Fifth Prince, covered in blood, slowly closing his eyes, the Emperor lost his face and cried.

He is the son who led the imperial knights alone when everyone ran away. His heart is in pain.

The appearance of the Fifth Prince was not strange even if he lost his breath immediately.

As everyone remained silent, the Imperial Army came in through closed entrances and windows.

“Your Majesty, we have reinforcements!”

Someone said. It was good news, but the Emperor’s expression was stiff.

The few assassins left were suppressed by the Imperial Army, knights and wizards rushed to the Emperor’s place at once.

“The Emperor!”

“I’m so sorry we’re late!”

The commanders bowed their heads. But now their apology to the Emperor couldn’t have been heard.

The Emperor opened his mouth with a cold expression that he had never shown in his life.

“Help me.”

Commanders looked up at the Emperor’s words.

“If something goes wrong with Fifth Prince, you will hold responsible for being late.”

The Emperor’s voice today was colder than ever.

The Emperor did not want the day to repeat ever again.

* * *


His whole body screamed.

As soon as he regained consciousness, he tried to stand up and recall the last memory he could remember, but his body didn’t listen.

“Fifth Prince! You’re awake!”

When he managed to turn his head to where he could hear a familiar voice, he saw Alex.

“Are you all right?”

“Why are there so many knights here?”

He lightly asked Alex’s question.

“A state of emergency has been declared in the attack on the banquet hall by a Dark Emperor. We have received an order to escort the Fifth Prince.”

Over Alex’s shoulder, several of his men in the Shadow Squad uniform and imperial knights were seen filling the room. They were heavily armed.

This was a totally different scale of attack from the previous Imperial Palace attack.

This situation was not strange at all when a state of emergency was declared.

“Alex, how many days have I been lying down?”

“You haven’t woken up in a week.”

‘So it’s been a week. I’ve been lying down for quite some time now.’


He wanted to get up right away, so he tried to move his body, but it wasn’t easy.

His body hardly moved as if it had hardened, and instead, groans flowed out from his mouth.

“I will first let them know that the Fifth Prince is awake.”

“To whom?”

“I’ve been told to report to His Majesty immediately when you wake up.”

“Did the Emperor came here?”

“He went every day. He stayed here for about an hour just before I left.”

The attack on the banquet hall was practically an attack by the Three Kingdoms Alliance. (Edgar, Fresyria, Heifel Kingdom)

They must be very busy with this, but the fact that he visited the hospital every day showed how worried the Emperor was about towards Raymond.

“Then I’ll leave you to rest, please.”

“Yeah, don’t worry about it.”

When he answered with a nod, Alex left the bedroom, leaving a worried look.

Maybe she heard that he was awake, but not long after Alex left, Desia came to visit.

“Your Highness, are you feeling well?”

“Yes, it’s hard to move, but fortunately I’m not dead.”

“That’s a relief. I’m not up to the rank of a Sage wizard yet, so you can’t go on like this.”

Desia retorted as if she was complaining about him.

A smile spread around Raymond’s mouth as he looked at her because he knew it was a joke.

As the Invisible Blade Dark Emperor approached, she used all her might to protect Raymond.

It must have been hard on her body because of the high level of defense magic.

For Desia, protecting the Fifth Crown Prince was very worth it.

Thanks to the wizards’ books he gave her, she saw hope in her stagnant situation and was able to rise to the level of a higher-tier wizard at once.

If it weren’t for Raymond, she wouldn’t have reached the upper level so quickly.

Desia, who has a deep knowledge of magic, knew that fact better than anyone else.

‘I can’t live without the Fifth Prince.’

When she first mentioned the status of the Sage wizard, she was half-hearted.

However, after reading the magic book given by the Fifth Prince, she became a High-Tier wizard, and now she had no choice but to believe in him.

Trust in the Fifth Prince began to take root inside her.

“Your Highness, The Master of Blue Tower, is here.”

A member of the Shadow Squad, who was guarding outside the door, carefully pointed out his head and announced the visit of the master of the Blue Tower, Lisefield.

“Tell him to come in.”

He allowed me to visit with a pleasant complaint inside why so many people came to visit him when I was sick.

“How are you feeling, Your Highness the Fifth Prince?”

This is the third time that he heard a similar question.

He has gotten sick of hearing it, but it’s hard to stop them. He opened his mouth with a faint smile to answer the question of the old man from the Blue Tower.

“I’m sick to death.”

“Thank God.”

Despite the painful response, Lisefield smirked and sat next to Desia.

“I didn’t expect it to be this much…….”

The thought he had unconsciously popped out from his mouth.

When he pierced the wall of the tower, he felt pain and fainted, but he didn’t know it would hurt this much just because he used a little more life force.

However, if he did not consumed this much vitality, it would not have penetrated the shadow curtain, the only armor that the Invisible Blade Dark Emperor was wearing.

“I’m glad it’s this bad. You’ve used too much vitality compared to what you showed at the tower.”

“I had no choice but to pierce through his shadow cloak.”

“I could imagine. He was using an unusual magic artifact and that was the only ‘shadow cloak’ in his class.”

The Blue Tower Master nodded and uttered a murmur close to talking to himself.

Although the shadow curtain is famous among the artifact of Magic, it is not easy to obtain information.

He wanted to ask how the Fifth Prince knew, but soon Lisefield shook his head with a calm look.

He won’t answer him either way.

They haven’t been together for a long time, but he thinks he knew the character of the Fifth Prince roughly. He was sure he won’t tell the source of his information.

“I think I can now move slowly.”

The pain remains but he isn’t paralyzed anymore.

Raymond slowly rose and sat on the bed.

“The Fifth Prince must be careful when you use the Spear of sacrifice. If you do something wrong…….”

“I know.” Raymond replied, nodding his head obediently.

He knew the story, so know what the Master of the Blue Tower was trying to refer to.

He was sure he was trying to say he could die knowing his mind.

“Fifth Prince, Alex is here.”

“Come on in.”

When Raymond allowed them to come in, the door opened and Alex walked in carefully.

He was briefly relieved to see Raymond sitting with a much more relaxed face than before.

“The Emperor said he would send a messenger later.”

“He’s now in a military meeting,” Alex added.

As their relationship with the Three Kingdoms deteriorated, the Emperor was extremely busy.

“Shall we take a walk?”

The paralysis didn’t seem to be completely relieved, but Raymond thought it would get better if he took a walk lightly.

Desia and the tower Master rose from their chair, and Gesteine, who was waiting, approached them while looking calm.

“We will prepare the Shadow Squad,” he said.

It was a light remark, but more than 10 people were moving at once.

Directly in front of Raymond’s room, was the garden of the Fifth Prince’s Palace. There where 10 Shadow Squad members, including Gesteine, who escorted him, followed by the Blue Tower Master, Desia, and Alex.

“Aren’t there too many escorts?”

He thought it was a little too much.

“The Emperor has asked us to pay particular attention to Your Highness safety.”

Gesteine replied.

The intention was good, but if someone saw him like this, they would think he was a prisoner.

As he left the bedroom with the Shadow Squad, he was shaking his head.

They saw the imperial knights on patrol.

He had never seen them before.

They cast their respectful eyes on the Fifth Prince and made a military salute.

Their look was burdensome, and Raymond hurried to the garden.

However, every imperial knight they encountered in the garden was looking at him the same way.

“Why are they here?”

Among the imperial knights, there some who had a badge of being under the Emperor’s command.

“Are you curious?”

Raymond asked Alex, but the Master of the tower replied him instead with another question.

“I’m curious.”

“After the banquet hall was attacked, the imperial knights guarding the Fifth Prince were replaced by the knights of the Emperor.”

‘That’s what happened. I had no idea because I had fainted for a week.’

“And the Fifth Prince sacrificed himself to protect the Emperor. I think you know better about the loyalty of the knights of the Pilias towards the Emperor.”

Now that he heard about it, he understood why imperial knights pay their respect whenever they encounter him.

The loyalty of the knights towards the Pilias Empire and to the emperor is well known.

This abnormal loyalty was also the only pride of the declining Pilias Empire.

It was written in the set-up book that since ancient times, the awe of the imperial family, having subordinate with absolute loyalty towards them.

“Yeah, I know.”

Nodding his head, he moved his step.

He arrived at the garden shortly after walking while talking to the Blue tower Master.

As he took a walk in the garden, his numbness was relieved quite a lot.

“Let’s go back now.”

“Yes, Your Highness the Fifth.”

Gesteine took the lead with the Shadow Squad members.

After the attack on the banquet hall, imperial knights and soldiers under the orders of the Imperial Guard could be seen throughout the Fifth Imperial Palace.

He came back to the bedroom in two hours.

“I need to pretend I’m sick.”

He was going to make a big fuss, but Lisefield shook his head.

“I don’t think that’s going to work. The imperial knights saw the Fifth Prince take a walk.”

“Oh, you’re right…….”

He had no choice but to understand.

Still, he felt comfortable because the reorganization seemed to have released a considerable number of the Third Prince’s minions.

“The Emperor is on his way.”

Alex reported. Instead of answering, Raymond nodded and got himself out of bed.

Although it is said that he is recuperating, when the Emperor comes in person, he cannot lie down.

The door opened and the royal guards came in first to check the safety. It was not long before the emperor entered the bedroom.

His face was full of anxiety and worry.

“The Emperor, the Fifth Prince Ray…….”

“What are you doing? Lie down now!”

Worry was smeared out of the Emperor’s face.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

He wanted to take a rest. As he lay in bed with the favorable eyes of the Royal Guard, the Emperor came close and sat in a chair.

“Are you feeling well?”

“I’m fine thanks for your concern.”

He was sick to death before he went out for a walk, but now he was fine.

“I won’t ask you anything, but don’t push yourself too hard.”

There was no particular conversation.

The Emperor couldn’t stay long because he was busy. He left first and the captain of the Imperial Guard, who accompanied him, remained.

Was his name Ivan Lowe?

He remembers reading about him in the settings.

He is a high-ranking knight, who supported the First Prince.

Raymond couldn’t figure out why he was left behind. Did he have something to say?

‘Did he felt that I was checking him out? ‘

Ivan opened his mouth with a calm look.

“When everyone escapes, I pay respect to the Fifth Prince, who fought for the Emperor.”

“Didn’t Sir Ivan stand behind Brother Serraque?”

“I am a servant of the Emperor before serving the First Prince.”

Ivan said. That was a wise answer.

“And thanks to His Highness the Fifth, I and my family have been able to maintain our lives and positions.”

If the Emperor had been assassinated, not only Ivan, the captain of the of one of the squad of the Imperial Guard, but also his family would have died. So he wanted to thank Raymond.

“Let me know if you need my help. I’d be happy to step up if I could.”

After that, Ivan left.

“Can you rest now?”

He wanted to get some sleep. However, when asked, Lisefield smiled and opened his mouth.

Something’s not right.

“You need to sleep in a little bit. The Master of the Red Tower is on his way here.”

“What happened to the Master of the Red Tower?”

“It seems that rumors about the Spear of sacrifice that the Fifth Prince showed at the banquet have reached the Red Tower’s ears”

It bothered him a little bit. But it was going well as planned.

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The Greatest Extra in history

The Greatest Extra in history

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