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Greatest Extra chapter 13- Banquet (3)

‘This should be a great picture.’

Enduring the urge of smirking with himself, Raymond raised his head. And shout out loud enough to be heard by all the Imperial knights who had volunteered to stay and fight.

“The Emperor is still fighting alone in the banquet hall! Are you loyal to open the way with me?”

With all the Imperial family members fleeing, the only one who stepped forward was the Fifth Prince. The appearance attracted many Imperial Knights around.

“I’ll be with you, Your Highness the Fifth!”

“Our Knights will join us!”

“I am touched by your Highness! We will sacrifice our lives to open the way!”

The Fifth Prince, who goes to rescue the Emperor in crisis when all the other princes just fleed.

A very good picture has been completed.

* * *

The blue energy tore apart the barrier of the black shadow.

Reclaiming his sword, Gesteine threw himself sharply forward.

Although he lost his left arm, his sword skills were still sharp.

Every time he swung his sword with his eyes shining, the assassins who blocked the front fell, they were scattered in between blood.

Even the Assassin, who told him that they were undergoing terrible training from the age of five, were powerless in front of Mana Sword, a high-ranking knight.

“How could there be such an accomplished knight is under the command of the Fifth Prince?”

‘That vivid Mana Sword is clearly a symbol of high-ranking knighthood. He’s like a knight commander at this point!’

The imperial knights followed, admiring Gesteine’s outstanding swordsmanship and strength.

“Ice Spear!”

It’s not one, they were dozens. Dozens of ice spears created by the Blue Towers Wizards penetrated the black shadows.

The assassins seemed helpless, but there was not much damage on this side.

There was no damage to the Fifth Prince’s Shadow Squad, which consisted of the most elite, but many Imperial knights that accompanied them collapsed.

‘I never thought the power of the Kingdom of Edgar was this great.’

There was a reason why in the setting it was called the kingdom of night, the country that ruled the darkness of the continent.

He didn’t know how many assassins they have, but just by looking at the level of those who were put into the banquet right now, he could tell that they were never easy to be underestimated.

“The Knights and the Guards, hurry up!”

Suddenly, he had a nervous thought and raised his voice.

The novel clearly stated that the Emperor was fatally wounded in the raid on the banquet hall, but there was no description of what kind of power he had suffered under the Kingdom of Edgar.

So he was nervous.

“It is said that the boundary of the imperial palace has been breached, but the fact that the Emperor, who is guarded by the shield of the imperial family, was fatally injured is likely he was attacked by one of the Dark Emperors.”

Dark Emperors, the five top assassins who rule the darkness of the continent.

Three of them are in the Kingdom of Edgar, and two of them are under King Edgar’s control.

Are they meeting a mid-level boss from the start?

“I’m so unlucky.”

These words popped out to himself.

He was breaking through the middle of the enemy’s camp, but he could not break through the earthquake even if he was a sergeant because he was surrounded by imperial knights in addition to the Shadow squad.

There was nothing to do except to challenge the magic attack in the middle in order to be and dust-proof or to occasionally encourage imperial knights

“There is His Majesty! Cheer up, everyone!”

He shouted using Mana.

The Emperor was deep inside the banquet hall, but now he’s almost there. The Emperor was seen struggling to stay in front of his eyes. And many Imperial Guard was lying next to him…….

There is only one assassin standing in front of them.

‘Don’t you see it?’

He was obviously just standing there and he is not even moving, but there was a faint afterimage. It was as dark as a shadow. The more he tried to look into it, the more blurry it seemed to be out of focus.

“What the hell?”

Dozens of bodies of black-clad assassins and imperial knights were scattered around the Emperor. The imperial knights who saw this cannot stay still.

“The Emperor is in danger!”

“The Imperial Knights, draw the sword!”

More than half of the Imperial Knights who were standing by escaped like a low tide from the dust.

They threw themselves without hesitation at the black shadow.

“You idiots!”

Blood splattered on his cheek before the words “Come back!” popped out.


“Kkk, kkk!”

The screams of the imperial knights. More than 10 of them are falling apart.

Even though most of them lack hands-on experience compared to those in the North, they are also knights. How could more than 10 people be so helpless?

“I didn’t expect the Dark Emperor to be here.”

This ominous energy was telling us that the assassin in front of us was one of the darkest conditions reigning above the sergeant gods.

“Didn’t expect the Invisible blade of the Kingdom of Edgar to move……. I didn’t expect this.”

The Emperor looked like he had given up everything.

Dark Emperor is known to have swordmaster-like force. The imperial shield was too weak to bear him.

Given the collapse of the imperial family’s shield, the Imperial guards, and imperial knights in front of their eyes, it is certainly not an exaggerated rumor.

“Your Majesty, we will buy you time. Take refuge with the Imperial Knights.”

Marquis Blizzard, the head Commander of the Imperial Guard, urged the Emperor to escape.

He could feel the will of death in his voice. He was willing to throw himself in for a split second against the gloom.

But the Emperor knew better than to escape.

The surrounding area has become inescapable due to the blockages used by the Invisible blade.

“How about my sons, did they all flee?”

The Emperor asked something else. Marquis Blizzard opened his mouth with his eyes on the dark, against the Dark Emperor.

“The Princes, they have to escape safely.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

He sounded resigned. That’s all because his sons are safe.

The fact that he is a father does not change even though he is the Emperor. He doesn’t blame his sons, as long as they were.

“All I care about is my sons until the end.”

The Emperor slowly closed his eyes. The Imperial knights were annihilated, half the Imperial guards collapsed and the rest were exhausted.

The end is just around the corner. He has no lingering feelings about life, but after his death, he was worried that his sons could lead this declining Empire well.

“The Emperor is in danger!”

“The Imperial Knights, draw the sword!”

The moment he gave up everything, he heard a shout.

“The Imperial Knights have come to support us through the siege of the assassins!”

At the cry of Marquis Blizzard, the Emperor opened his eyes and turned his head in the direction of the shouting.

At the center of the bloody imperial knights who came through the road was the Fifth Prince, Raymond.

“You’re a stupid man…….”

He thought he’d be the first to run away, but he never thought he’d come to save his father. But the joy was also brief.

The opponent was a Dark Emperor, possessing sword-master-class force. The imperial knights couldn’t have been a match against them.

The Imperial knights, who came forward with curiosity, rolled around in the ground where they were cutting into pieces. Other imperial knights were stiffened when more than 10 people were struck.

Now there is no imperial knight present, making it easy for the dark Emperor.

“Fifth Prince, the situation is not good.”

Gesteine said. In addition to the Imprrial Guard, there were a few high-ranking knights and wizards around the emperor, but they seemed insufficient to handle the Dark Emperor.

“This is an unwinnable battle.”

Gesteine judged coolly, but Raymond had a relaxed look and neither did the tower owner, Lisefield, look too worried.

Desia, of course, had a dying look on her face, but Gesteine couldn’t afford to look into her complexion.

“Is that Raymond Pilius, the Fifth Prince? There’s nothing to see with you, so step back quietly. Then you’ll be able to save your life.”

It’s like telling him to run away on his own because it’s annoying to cut a lowly creature like him. At the same time, there was a lot of darkness, perhaps with the intention of frightening him.

He is said to have risen to the level of an intermediate wizard, but he cannot survive from the darkness. His breathing became rough and his vision became black.


“The Fifth Prince!”

Gesteine took the sword and killed the living. Thanks to him, he is back to normal.

Instead of thanking him, he opened his mouth staring at the gloom.

“How dare you infiltrate the Imperial City and harm the Emperor! Does the Kingdom of Edgar really want war?”

“You are still drunk on the glory of the past.”

The Dark Emperor did not deny their connection to the Kingdom of Edgar.

One of the two Dark Emperors Under the King of the Kingdom of Edgar shows their innermost thoughts.

They intended to kill.

“Run away!”

The Emperor raised his voice. His voice, gaze, and face showed concern for the Fifth Prince, Raymond.

But Raymond did not lose his composure. This is not a bluff.

<<Are you ready to sacrifice?>>

Then he raised the spear, and this sacrifice will soon be a sharp spear that will pierce through the enemy.

He heard a voice. He did not take his eyes off from the Dark Emperor and lifted the energy from his heart. White energy rose around him.

“I’ll have to revise the plan, I should kill you before His Majesty.”

Then Dark Emperor turned away. When the Emperor saw it, he jumped out of his chair and shouted.

“The Imperial Guard, protect the Fifth Prince!”

“If we go, the Emperor will be in danger!”

“I can’t follow that order!”

The only case in which Imperial guards can refuse orders is when the Emperor’s life is deemed to be in an extremely dangerous position.

They did not comply with the order, and the Dark Emperor called in about a dozen highly skilled assassins, leaving the Emperor and the Imperial Guard to keep in check, then slowly stepped toward Raymond.

“Did you think you’d kill me now?”

The Invisible blade did not answer. Smiling at the sight, Raymond raised his hand.

White energy gathered, but he thought it would take a little more time to form a spear.

It was not easy to operate because it was the first time to use it in real life.

His consciousness was already fading as huge amounts of life force began to run out.

“Can you make some time for me?”

Raymond said to a high-ranking knight, to the Blue tower Master and to Desia a high-ranked wizard. They stepped forward, nodding their heads silently and with a grim look.

“We’ll be with you.”

Only a few Imperial knights were present. The Dark Emperor looked at them and raised his arms silently.

Nothing was seen in his hand, but Raymond knew he was holding a dagger. That was the setting of the hidden blade, one of the five dark clouds.

“Invisible blade.”

When are they gonna move? It was a moment when he thought so in tension. The hidden blade stormed the ground and soared upward.

The movement showed no signs, but he seemed to swing his arms.




The invisible blades hit the imperial knights. Red blood scattered as they shrieked and collapsed.

Gesteine stepped forward and Lisefield swung the Heart of the Sea.

Dozens of ice spears aimed at the Dark Emperor but they were cut into dozens of pieces before reaching him.

Gesteine’s Mana Sword was also broken in a collision with the invisible blade.


Gesteine collapsed and Lisefield was also injured and stepped down. The imperial knights are all dead, too.

Now the only one left beside Raymond is the high-ranked wizard, Desia.

“Absolute Shield!”

She didn’t know what she would use because she was on the level of a high-ranked wizard. The High-Tier defense magic suitable for the nickname of Absolute Defense.

“It’s no use.”

She stopped the advance of the Invisible blade for a short time, but that’s it.

The invisible Blade tore up the absolute defense and he had penetrated deep, scattering cold glances.

It was the moment when the invisible blade was aimed at Desia.

“Ker, ker…?”

The Dark Emperor bowed to the pain felt in the chest. There was a huge hole in the chest. Red blood poured out of his mouth.

“What the hell….”

The face of the Dark Emperor hidden under the mask showed the impression of disbelief.

His defense was breached? No, most of all, he didn’t even feel anything flying in.

“The Dark Emperor of the Invisible Blade has been taken down!”

“Get out of here! Fall back!”

He didn’t know that the called Dark Emperor of the Invisible Blade would be hit. It was unexpected.

Assassins hurried to escape out of the banquet hall with the Dark Emperor.

“Is it over………?”

“The Fifth Prince!”

He was losing consciousness. His view was slowly becoming dark.

He could feel his arms supporting his weak body trying to stumble down, but it was only for a moment.

“The Fifth Prince!”

He also heard someone’s else voice. There was Lisefield when he raised his head with difficulty. His neck was covered with blood, but fortunately, it didn’t seem fatal.

“That’s a relief…”

The thought had suddenly popped out of his mouth.

Blood was felt flowing from every hole in the body, including eyes, mouth, and nose, and ears.

That was the last sense he felt when he was conscious, and the last sight he saw was the Emperor throwing all his face and running to him from afar.

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The Greatest Extra in history

The Greatest Extra in history

Score 7.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
One day, when I opened my eyes, I became the 5th prince of the empire that appeared in the novel. I was supposed to be happy. But the empire fell and the 5th Prince was horribly killed.


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1 year ago

NOOO protect tour father!

1 year ago

Aww, the emperor cares about his family.

1 year ago


Really lack the “DRAMA” and the “screaming at each other” moments, the dark emperor died with really lack of impact xD

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