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Greatest Extra Chapter 12 Banquet (2)

With a clear smile, the contents of what he just said were shocking enough to be heard only by the Master of the Blue Tower.

“Aigoo, what do you mean by ‘the banquet hall will be attacked’?”

Lisefield, the Blue tower Master, asked with a surprised look.

“Your Voice, make it a little lower.”

“I’m sorry.”

He thought he said it in a small voice, but it was a little bit loud. Lisefield nodded with an uncomfortable face as Raymond lightly warned him.

“Shouldn’t we notify the Imperial Guards?”

“I may be from the Imperial family, but I was still a scoundrel until recently. Do you think the Imperial Guards or the Imperial Knights will believe me?”

Raymond asked the Blue Tower Master to the point he became speechless.

Even though he has changed now, it was still unbelievable coming from the scoundrel Fifth Prince.

In this banquet scene, there was an attack to the Imperial Family, but the Empire is still alive.

It would be too much to suddenly cancel it, believing only the words of the Fifth Prince, who was once a scoundrel.

“You wouldn’t believe it, would you, old man?”

He spoke in a voice so small that it could only be heard by the Master of the tower. Of course, his title has also changed.

“Yes, I honestly think so too.”

Raymond nodded with a wry look at Lisefield’s lie.

“So we have about three hours to go?”

“That’s about it, right? I don’t know the exact time actually.”

He spoke frankly.

[Time past midnight, the living black shadows threw themselves at the banquet hall.]

It was part of the story described in the novel. The exact time of the raid was not written, but it can be gauged that it will happen after midnight.

“Why didn’t you tell me beforehand?”

“You wouldn’t even believe it if I told you earlier.”

“It’s still hard to believe, even now.”

His shook his head with a short sigh at Lisefield’s words.

There is an option of not to speak, but he still wanted for his followers to be prepared.

“You’ll know when the time comes.”

When Raymond finished talking, he called Gesteine.

Gesteine, who had been wary of the surroundings, came running towards him at once.

“Did you call for me, Your Highness?”

“The banquet hall may soon be attacked.”

“I’ll be prepared.”

Gesteine, having a loyal knight character, followed directions without saying a word, unlike Lisefield.

For him, Raymond, the Fifth Prince, was the savior who brought back his lost sword skills that everyone said were impossible to retrieve.

Although he has not reached the stage of blind faith, deep trust has been buried in the eyes of Gesteine, who sees only the Fifth Prince as his master.

“We have about two hours left……?”

The banquet was boring.

Many nobles came around, but everyone only looked at each other, and no one dared to talk to them first.

In fact, he didn’t care about any of those people, but it was a rather disappointing result that the high-ranking nobles didn’t even make a move.

Oh, it wasn’t like there wasn’t a single person to talk to.

“Raymond, after all, it’s been five years since you’ve been to a banquet.”

The Third Prince said with a slick expression.

He was not a welcoming person, but he had no choice and greet him with a smile because of the eyes that surrounds him.

“Are you here, brother?”

“So, how are you?”

Conscious of the surrounding eyes, the Third Prince smiled brightly and tapped Raymond on his shoulder as if encouraging him. However, the gaze on his cheek was so cold that he thought he was killing him with his stares.

“Yes, I’m doing well thanks for caring.”

He answered with a smile and looked around.

The Third Prince’s minions approached and stopped in front of them, naturally blocking their view from the other nobles.

Similar to the Third Prince, his men’s behavior was also insidious.

It occurred to Raymond that the Third Prince might seem more stealthy than the Second Prince, who is called the king of assassins.

“Fifth Prince……!”


He turned his head toward the Third Prince, blocking the blue tower and Gesteine, who were rushing to intervene.

Even if they make a fuss here now, they will move as the Third Prince wishes. And Raymond also wondered what the Third Prince has to say.

“Raymond, my lovely brother.”

The Third Prince whispered with a hideous smile in his mouth.

“Yes, go ahead. Brother Aloken.”

“Did you forget all the advice I’ve given you so far?”

‘It wasn’t a threat, but it was the advice? This is funny.’

“I’m keeping it in my mind.”

“But why did you attend the banquet?”

It seems like a sharp blade was smeared from his dull voice.

Raymond could feel the eyes of the Third Prince, Aloken, gazing at him, but he kept his mouth closed and remained silent. He didn’t feel the need to answer his question.

Maybe he was annoyed that he stood silent for about five minutes and made Aloken opened his mouth to continue his speech.

“Raymond, I think I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it one more time.”

What are you trying to say to set the mood?

“People don’t change, one exception is when they’re about to die.”

He raised his head and stared at Aloken, the Third Prince.

He looked his way and gave a grumpy smile.

“You’ve changed too much now.”

With that said, the Third Prince left with his men.

The insidious Third Prince stopped threatening here?

He checked his watch just in case.

It’s midnight.

It’s about time.

[The magic light went out]

When the wizard beckoned, pitch-black darkness eroded the banquet hall. Black shadows took advantage of the opportunity.

“What, what! I can’t see a thing!”

“What do the wizards doing? Use the light magic right now!”

The nobles made a fuss. The wizards gathered the magic light, but the darkness did not recede.

It’s bound to be.

It wasn’t just the magic lamp that was turned off, it was a dark barrier of at least the highest level of Wizards.


The darkness receded when the Tower Masters, who was next to the Third Prince, wielded their staff.

“Protect His Majesty, Imperial Guard!”

“The Emperor’s shield is unbroken!”

The Imperial Guard moved towards in one place.

Of course, the first to be protected was the Emperor.

“The Imperial Guards! Protect the Imperial People! The Imperial Knights, get out of the banquet hall! Find out who’s responsible right now!”

The Emperor raised his voice. He was old and ill, yet he has not lost his dignity and his imperial power has not collapsed.

An imperial order was declared and the Imperial Guard and the Knights moved. Several imperial knights also clung to Raymond’s place.

Raymond saw clearly in the confusion.

Taking advantage of the confusion, the image of the Second Prince seeping into the darkness to escape from surrounding eyes. And it was substituted by an image of someone wearing the Prince’s costume instead of the missing prince.

Raymond saw it.

[Black shadows poured down from the ceiling of the banquet hall. They were all the most distinguished assassins, the Assassins of the Kingdom of Edgar. Their number was over a hundred.]

“Oh, my God! What a blast!”

Lisefield, who pulls out the “Heart of the Sea” with his head clasped, and Desia, a high-ranking wizard prepares magic. And Gesteine, who ordered the Secret Squad to build a shield.

In the middle of it, the Fifth Prince opened his mouth.

“It’s finally the time.”

In the first volume, the story was unfolded to go to the “Bloody Funeral” where most of the characters died.

As scheduled, the Emperor became seriously injured here today. Then, at the end of the first volume, the “Bloody Funeral” begins with his death.

But that won’t happen. The Emperor will be safe today.

“I’m going to stop you.”

The darkness is gone, but there are still some shadow assassins. A sharp blade emerged from their arms.

“Knights, come on!”

Imperial knights pulled out a sword and ran toward the assassins. But the assassins were faster.

They swung their swords at nearby nobles, servants, etc.



There was a surge of red blood. A shrill scream broke out. People collapsed helplessly.

The nobles attempted to escape the banquet hall with a small number of accompanying escorts, but all the entrances, windows, and terraces were guarded by assassins.

“Since you’ve had experience attacking the palace, they know when the reinforcement will arrive.”

They’ll try to do it before that. Even in this terrible mess, Raymond gazes at his surroundings desperately trying to read the situation and find one thing.

‘The assassins are acting in two groups.’

He wouldn’t have known it before. But now their collective action is somewhat visible, albeit faint.

It was a chaotic situation, but he was able to concentrate on it because the Secret Squad was guarding him.

‘Group one is adding to the confusion by sealing off entrances and killing nobles. And the other groups are the sergeant gods?’

He even strengthened his eyesight while climbing to the intermediate wizard stage, but the sergeant’s movements did not show any signs.

But it was as clear as they after the Emperor.

‘How the hell did this become a bloody Banquet..….?’

Raymond suddenly got scared. At the end of the first volume, compared to the “Bloody Banquet” where all the imperial families of the Pilias Empire were wiped out, it seemed to have just been a narration that the raid on the banquet hall was just fresh blood.

“It’s too loud to be just shedding blood..….”

He frowned at the soaring fountain of blood and the falling people.

The nobles who were escorted were better off, but the servants had no choice but to give up their necks.

The assassins were wielding weapons against everyone in front of them to add to the confusion.

This much blood from the Banquet Attack alone, but how much blood was shed in the Bloody Funeral?

“The Fifth Prince!”

Gesteine ran over with his empty left arm sleeve and pulled out a sword.

Mana Sword, a symbol of a high-ranked knight, rose sharply on his sword.

He seems to have been so absorbed in thinking that he didn’t even notice the assassins surrounding him.

“Two Assassins.”

Gesteine, who looked at the momentum of his enemies, reported.

‘Someone sent two Assassins to kill me, who’s nothing but the Fifth Prince, a son of a bitch.’

This side seems to have risen a lot more than Raymond thought.

‘Shall I use the spear of sacrifice?’

He thought so, but he shooked his head soon.

In this situation, if Raymond were to use it, he’ll probably stretch it out, but it was too much to use for just mere Assassins.

“I can handle one.”

“Then I’ll take off the other one.”

Holding the symbol of Blue Tower, the “Heart of the Sea” Lisefield stood next to Gesteine. The tight old man’s intestines felt strong today.

“Mana sword? I didn’t expect a high-ranking knight to be posted to the Fifth Prince.”

“Kekeke, what if you are a high-ranking knight? You only have one arm. Can you even swing the sword properly?”

“I know, hahaha!”

The two Assassins openly looked down on Gesteine.

Then Gesteine stared calmly at them, and Raymond opened his mouth, lightly clicking his tongue.

“Gesteine, show them you haven’t lost your sword art.”

“I’d be more than happy to do so, Your Highness the Fifth.”

The resolution was felt in Gesteine’s eyes. With his unique sense of sharpness, he breathed out neatly and maintained his momentum.

It’s the first time he got into a battle since he got his sword art back

When he was betrayed and his left arm was cut off, he thought he would never go into action again.

But he went into action today and held a sword to defend his newly sworn alliance.

How could he hide his joy of living and breathing as a knight?

Despite facing a strong enemy, there is no way to prevent his smile from spreading around his mouth.

“Come on, one arm. I’ll give you a special concession.”

Raymond smiled silently as he looked at the sergeant flicking his fingers lightly. He wanted to tell them they would regret it.

But Gesteine’s actions were a little faster.

“Turn it off, turn it off!”

There was a flash of light. When he came to his senses, the Assassin, who lost his left arm, was falling back, scattering red blood all over the floor.

It happened so fast that it was invisible to the eyes of the Assassin next to him.

With the assassins stunned, only the Fifth Prince and the Shadow Squad looked as if this was expected to happen.

One-arm swordmaster Gesteine.

In the novel, he is a genius swordmaster who met the main character in the second book. He receives a one-armed sword art and becomes a swordmaster.

His talent was not tarnished, even he become a swordmaster a little earlier.

“Oh, shit!”

“You didn’t even see this old man?”

As soon as another Assasin tried to approach Gesteine, this time, the green tower owner, Lisefield, stepped up.

As he swung the Heart of the Sea, and dozens of sharp ice awls poured down from the sky toward the sergeant.

“Kkk, kkk!”

After the attack, the Ice awls looked as if hedgehog.

Even if he was a member of the elite assassin group of the Kingdom of Edgar, his opponent is the master of magic among high-ranking wizards.

It couldn’t have been a match.

“Kill them all!”

When shouted in a calm but dignified voice, the Shadow Squad stepped forward, leaving only a small number of people.

Desia’s ice magic first poured over the heads of the assassins.

Half of them were killed in a single blow, and the rest of them were wiped out by the Shadow Squad.

“We’ve cleaned up the surroundings.”

Gesteine also seems to have taken care of other Assassin.

“Let me take you somewhere safe, Your Highness the Fifth.”

“No, we are going to support the Emperor.”

“Doesn’t the Emperor have the imperial shield?”

Gesteine asked carefully. he could see clearly that he was uncomfortable while trying to connect his words.

Gesteine’s meaning was clearly “There is an imperial shield surrounding him, so you don’t have to really help him.”

Rather than being loyal to the Emperor, he is taking this attitude because he considers the safety of the Fifth Prince first. But Raymond did not break his stubbornness.

“Look around, Gesteine. Do you see any of my brothers?”

“I can’t see them”

Everyone ran away somewhere. Among them, the first to hide was the Second Prince.

The Third Prince was followed by the First Prince, who remained at least until the end, but was injured and evacuated to safety by his own Shadow Squad.

But the Emperor was different. When all his sons were running away, he was guarding the banquet hall and leading the imperial knights to protect the dignity of the imperial family.

‘If I go now, I can get points.’

As soon as all the princes fled, the Fifth Prince threw himself to protect the Emperor.

‘This should be a great picture.’

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The Greatest Extra in history

The Greatest Extra in history

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
One day, when I opened my eyes, I became the 5th prince of the empire that appeared in the novel. I was supposed to be happy. But the empire fell and the 5th Prince was horribly killed.


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Thanks for the chapter (≧ β–½ ≦)

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Don’t we make an exception and shoot the third prince with friendly fire?

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