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The Greatest Extra Chapter 11.3- Banquet (1)

His bad reputation now was less than it used to be. It was all due to his brilliant subordinate and his changed in appearance.

However, there were still many eyes with contempt, perhaps because of the perception that he was still a scoundrel.

‘I am not a scoundrel anymore, I am the Fifth Prince of the Empire.’

His steps were full of confidence, and the following subordinate also walked with their hearts straightened.

It seemed as if they were saying, “We follow the Fifth Prince no matter what look we get from others.”

And when they walked until the center of the banquet hall, there was someone who showed up in front of them.

The nobles recognized his face and were astonished.

“Isn’t that the Blue tower Master?”

“Lisefield Dior, Blue Tower? Why did he go to the Fifth Prince…….?”

Everyone couldn’t adapt to the sudden changes.

When the other two tower stood behind the Third Prince, the only force that declared neutrality was the Blue Tower.

But now they’re approaching the Fifth Prince?

“He must be having a bad relationship with the Fifth Prince.”

“Yes! I think he is really a public disgrace.”

This was what the lower aristocrats expected. The higher nobles shook their heads. They were different from the lower aristocrats.

“There seems to be something we don’t know.”

“There’s no way that a prudent tower would move without thinking.”

“It seems that he has decided to stand behind the Fifth Prince.”

They were right. Unlike low-ranking aristocrats who only like to talk to others meaninglessly, high-ranking officials analyzed the current situation in a cool manner.

“The power of the tower is never light…….”

“Well, that’s interesting.”

If we consider the power of the Southern Magic Tower alliance, the red tower is the first and the Blue tower is the second.

And it can be said that the Yellow tower is in third place.

If the second-largest force among them, the Blue Tower, decided to stand behind the Fifth Prince, the battle of succession to the throne would be even more fiery.

With everyone’s attention focused on the center, the Blue tower Master opened his mouth.

“Fifth Prince, may I take you to the table we’ve arranged for you?”

The banquet hall became quiet. This is because everyone knows the meaning of what the Blue tower Master has said.

In a formal speech, that means they want to stand behind him.

Now all that remains is the answer of the Fifth Prince. Everyone’s eyes were on the Fifth Prince again.

“I accept the favor of the tower.”

Again, the banquet hall was in uproar.

It is at this moment that it was declared officially by the Blue Tower, they stood behind the Fifth Prince.


* * *

The elders of the Blue tower were gathered in the place where Lisefield guided, but Philip cannot be seen among them.

As they approached the place, the elders stepped back, respectfully and courteous. Naturally, a place was created between them.

“Fifth Prince, how does it feel to have the attention of the nobility in one place?”

Raymond’s mouth smirked at the playful question from the Blue Tower Elders.

“That’s not bad.”

Nodding his head, he spoke in a calm voice. The attention that had been cut off for five years was being concentrated on him again.

Right now, he could feel the eyes of the nobles.

He pretended to be talking to the blue tower Master and quickly looked around from his sideview.

He was not looking at the high-class nobles, but the middle-class aristocrats, who didn’t support anyone, that are coming up close to him and looking for an opportunity.

“There are no other talented people.”

It’s not that they didn’t support other Imperial Princes, but they were nobles who wasn’t accepted due to their lack of capability.

They couldn’t have been much help. He looked over just in case, but the results were the same.

‘Are you saying I still have to move on my own?’

He stopped looking through.

They didn’t move first. Probably waiting for the conversation to take place in a visible position first.

‘I guess that’s it for now.’

Nobles showed interest, but that’s it. They haven’t shown enough expectations yet.

‘But after today, a lot will be different.’

As soon as the Emperor appeard today it would be midnight, Raymond’s know that there will be an event that will change the history of the Empire.

“Do you remember last time you asked me why I was rushing to form a Shadow Squad?”

Raymond looked at Lisefield and asked.

“Yes, I remember.”

“I’ll tell you why now.”

He spread out three fingers.

“In the next three hours, the banquet hall will be attacked.”



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The Greatest Extra in history

The Greatest Extra in history

Score 7.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
One day, when I opened my eyes, I became the 5th prince of the empire that appeared in the novel. I was supposed to be happy. But the empire fell and the 5th Prince was horribly killed.


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Thanks for the chapter ฅ ^ • ﻌ • ^ ฅ

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Yay finally there will be action stuff

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