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The Greatest Extra Chapter 11.2- Banquet (1)

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The conversation was more decent than he thought. Still, there were imperial knights all over the banquet hall, so it seemed to protect the minimum courtesy.

If it were a gathering of aristocrats, the word “bug” would have popped up very easily.

Although he did not swear openly, the aristocrats were busy undermining him little by little when the story of the fifth prince came out.

“The Third Prince is entering!”

The entrance seemed to be noisy, and the Third Prince entered with about 10 members of his own Secret Squad.

More than half of the Secret Squad consisted of wizards, as were the princes supported by the Red Tower and the Yellow Tower. Those who were not wizards also appeared to be knights belonging to the tower.

“The wizards of the Red Tower and the Yellow Tower.”

“As expected of the Third Crown Prince.”

“The Blue tower hasn’t joined yet.”

“They have no royal family members to support, do they? I don’t think there’s any good in dragging their feet like this.”

Although the nobles chatted small, those who openly showed such behavior were only low-ranking nobles, far from the power structure. The true nobles remained silent.

The march of the Third Prince is over. Entering deep into the banquet hall, he moved to a place where nobles who supported him gathered.

After he was the First Prince who entered immediately. His Imperial Guard, supported by the military, was composed of powerful knights.

Next came the second prince, accompanied by his own Secret Squad, whose men were all in a dark mood.

“I can’t see His Majesty the Fourth Prince.”

“He says he’s not feeling well. They say he is still recuperating.”

The nobles had a conversation. The Fourth Prince has not been feeling well since he was a child.

So he rarely showed up at official events.

“The Fifth Prince is entering!”

The servant let out a powerful voice.

“His Majesty the Fifth Prince?”

“It’s been five years.”

All of a sudden, the Fifth Prince, who hasn’t made an official appearance in five years participated in the banquet? The nobles turned their heads in the direction of the entrance, wondering if they had misheard the servant.

The door opened and the Fifth Prince entered. But it was different from five years ago

“Is the Fifth Prince that stout?”

HE trained hard enough to vomit blood for three months. It’s weird if he doesn’t lose weight.

“By the way, did the Fifth Prince have a Secret Squad?”

Someone said in a mysterious voice.

No one really wanted to follow the Fifth Prince. Therefore, there were many rumors that he had no proper subordinate as well as the Secret Squad.

“Where did he pick up those mercenaries?”

One murmured with a look of contempt.

Speaking in a voice enough for everyone around him to hear, he was a noble of the capital city and a man of the third prince.

It is possible to make insulting remarks openly because of the protection of the third prince.

On the contrary, he may be trying to undermine the Fifth prince in front of other aristocrats in order to impress the Third prince.

Most of the nearby Nobles nodded and sympathized with him because of the image.

“I didn’t know that the Fifth Prince had made a Secret Squad, but I didn’t know that he would have brought more high-quality knights than the Knights of the leading aristocracy.”

“The spirit is different, they are skilled enough to go to war.”

Unlike the aristocrats in the capital, the aristocracy in the north, which borders the Heipel Empire, recognized at a glance that the level of knights following in line behind the Fifth Prince was high.

“The woman behind the Fifth Prince is a Senior wizard.”

“I didn’t expect him to have such talent…….”

Officials at the tower also recognized Desia’s location.

Before entering the banquet hall, Desia has been faithfully following the order of the Fifth Prince not to hide Mana.

Senior wizards are such expensive human resources that they cannot operate on small estates.

In particular, Desia, who is following in the footsteps of the Fifth Prince, was young, forcing the attention of the officials of the tower to focus on her and the Fifth Prince.

Someone said, “What can you do even when you have good men? The Fifth Prince has no faction. It will be a lonely feast, obviously, they are from the Emperor.”

‘I’m sorry, but that didn’t happen.’

He smiled and moved on.

His bad reputation now was less than it used to be. It was all due to his brilliant minions and his changed appearance.

However, there were many eyes with contempt, perhaps because of the perception that he was still a scoundrel.

‘I am not a scoundrel anymore, I am the Fifth Prince of the Empire.’

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