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The Greatest Extra Chapter 2.1 The Fifth Prince of the fallen Empire (2)

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Character List

Raymond Pilius

Alex Tilinger, Baron Tilinger’s second son.

Ronald Pilius, emperor of the Pilias Empire.

Aloken Pilius, third Prince of Pilias Empire

Lisefield Dior, an Old Mage

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Note: Splitted the 2nd chapter because it got 30 pages. Each part got 10 pages.

“I didn’t even feel a slightest hint of his presence…….”

The 5th prince is said to have no power over them, but is he this weak-willed? However, considering the setting of the Royal Guard, it may be natural. All of them possess supernatural powers.

“I am a Royal Guard from the first platoon, Nice meeting you.”

“I am also pleased to meet you too.” Raymond replied with a nod.

“Because It was sudden, I couldn’t follow the protocol. I was sent here to pick you up, so if you are angered, please let it down.” the Royal Guard said with his head slightly lowered.

Even when other princes come to the palace, they won’t bother to follow the protocol, but what’s the difference? It’s just lip service.

“Quite angry, this notice just came suddenly. Anyway, never mind that part.”

‘It’s not that I care.’

Before Coming here, the royal guard made some changes to his personal assessment of the fifth Prince. He looked a little surprised, but he didn’t see him clearly because he was covered with a helmet.

“I’ll take you to the dining room.”

“A Royal Guard as Guide……. This is very reassuring.”

Raymond said with a smile on his face. It wasn’t sarcastic, it was actually pure joy.

The voice of the fifth prince, who was full of energy, spread a smile on the lips of the royal guard.

Of course, he wasn’t seen because of the helmet.

“Yes, Your highness the fifth prince. I’ll protect you even if the assassin pops up right away.”

“The shield of the imperial family will never be breached. So I’m relieved.”

What’s the point of being attacked at the palace in the first place? Still, a bright smile spread to the face under the helmet of the captain, as Raymond smiled and thanked him purely.

Even if it’s just a word of goodwill, having this conversation with the Royal Guard itself was not a bad experience.

This isn’t the real fifth prince in front of him now.

“I will protect you even if an assassin from the kingdom of Edgar, the kingdom of night, comes at you, fifth prince.”

There is a three-kingdom alliance who is hostile to the Pilias empire, so it is not possible that the best assassin class of this time, Harsha Xin, is here?

Although this empire was falling, it is still an imperial palace deep within the Imperial City.

‘It’s never gonna happen.’

There was absolutely no way it was going to happen.

“An Attack!”

“The palace has been attacked!”

“Royal guards! Protect the Emperor!”

The empire seemed to have fallen far earlier than Raymond thought.

“Oh, my….”

He managed to bear the thought of swearing.

It’s been 5 years since he had seen the Emperor’s face, and he couldn’t believe that this would happen when he decided to finally see him.

I’m unlucky enough to have no luck.

He was just a little embarrassed, not scared at all with this current situation.

This is because if he recalled what was written in the book, it is clear that most characters do not lose their lives here.

Above all, the fifth prince, Raymond Pilius, survived the attack on the banquet hall at the beginning of the first volume.

Of course, the loses his life with other royal families at the climax of the first volume where there was a massacre, but at least he will not die yet.

“The knights must protect His Majesty the Fifth Prince!”

The imperial knights, who followed him as attendants shouted at the top of their lungs, drew their sword and surrounded Raymond.

Raymond was embarrassed by the sudden change of situation and tried to open his mouth.

“Is this a royal family member? I’m quite lucky.”

The assassin appeared between space. The empire is said to have fallen, but this is the imperial palace. It was not easy to assassinate the Emperor.

It’s just a powerful reconnaissance to find out the Emperor’s escort, but here’s a royal family. Besides, there aren’t many escorts.

Most of the Imperial Guard and Royal Guard were concentrated on the Emperor.

“It’s my first time facing a Royal Guard.”

The assassin was confident of his victory. Looking at the scene, the Royal Guard opened his mouth.

“An assassin, eh.”

‘Someone sent a real assassin?’

Raymond was freaking out.

“But don’t worry, Fifth prince.”


The Captain picked up a sword.

“I have promised to protect you.”

He felt determination in his voice.

“The shield of the imperial family is not meant to be broken.”

“I can believe it. I made it before the Royal Guard.”

“I won’t let you down.”

Before that he took a step forward.

As unusual momentum flowed out of his body, the assassin, who was initially confident of winning, was also nervous.

“Is this the Royal Guard’s power?…?”

The moment the assassin muttered in a voice of interest, the sword of his own work was wielded.

A short and sharp small sword also popped out of the assassin’s sleeve.


Only after more than 10 clashes between the small and long swords did Raymond notice that the battle had begun.

‘It is clear that the fifth prince is not talented, but I never thought It would be this bad.’

Raymond sighed at the level of the body, which wanted to see the confrontation between the two strong men but did not even see the afterimage of the movement properly.

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