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Gordon Corman, the commander of the Millennium Knights.

He didn’t like Raymond.

How could he listen to the remarks coming from a person that would always show his contempt towards them?

Aren’t wizards and knights always at odds?

It was regrettable that he could not lead the knights properly, but it was okay.

Because he was proud and satisfied of being the Commander of the Millennium Knights.

But, if it weren’t for Raymond, who had been a Jerk for years, his reputation wouldn’t falter.

Gordon Corman was becoming a laughing stock among the knights.

It started since the image of the Commander knight from a Wizardry Family has begun to change into the knight for the incompetent Jerk son of the family.

It was when Raymond started beating his servants that he started thinking negatively about Raymond and his reputation had gone in ruin.

Despite that, there is no denying fact that if Raymond becomes a runaway in the future, he would still have to follow him.

He could see the future of being thrown out as pawns when dealing with stronger people just for Raymond to save himself.

Still, he came all the way here while trying to calm down.

Even if he is a Jerk young master, he is still his master.

“You came to see us who only know how to swing swords ignorantly, so you must have been frustrated because your magic training didn’t go well.”

Of course, he thought Raymond would be intimidated and wouldn’t answer properly or just answer randomly and step down.

However, the situation went completely different from what he thought.

“I think I’m ignorant for sure.”

Clearly Raymond responded back to Gordon Corman and even provoked him afterward.

“Even a child can do swordsmanship. Are you really necessary for the family?”

When he heard that, Gordon Corman couldn’t take it anymore.

He felt like that the incompetent young master, who couldn’t do anything alone and treated his subordinates like garbage, was now looking down swordsmanship.

“If it’s a sword technique that even a child can do, the young master can do it. What about a spar? To compare this childish swordsmanship you deemed of.”

Of course, he won’t come forward himself.

Since he was the commander, he didn’t need to spar with the young master himself.

But no matter which Knight comes out, aren’t they strong enough to break down the incompetent young master in front of them?

Of course, it would be done moderately, but at least they would be able to tell to their young master about the reality.

‘I’ll show you clearly that you shouldn’t look down on knights.’

Gordon Corman stared at Raymond, thinking inside.


“A spar…”

Isn’t it funny?

Originally, it didn’t make sense to ask him for a spar.

Raymond was basically the Young Master of the Millennium Family, dubbed as one of the greatest Wizardry Family.

Did any Millennium family member ever had a confrontation with Knights and swords?

There was definitely none.

In the first place, each if the Millennium family members had never touch a sword.

The only sword they use was just a short dagger they carry around just in case.

A spar against Raymond?

Of course, they were trying to humiliate him by completely crushing him.

Even though Raymond knew all of those intentions, he had no choice but to laugh inside himself.

However, to be able to touch the sword once again, this was interesting.

He know the opponent’s capability is, so he can win if he do well.

“Of course, if you’re afraid, you don’t have to do it. I’m not forcing you at all.”

That’s what the middle-aged man in front of Raymond said.

The commander was really trying to lead to a direct of confrontation as much as possible.

“Young master…”

Eventually, Alice tried to come forward, but he raised his hand to block her.

“Okay, I’ll do it. What’s the rule?”

At that, Gordon Corman tried to hide his smile and spoke.

“Hmm… Since you’ve never learned swordsmanship, you can fight with our youngest.”

He said so and beckoned and called a knight.

A Knight, who was sitting on the floor watching the situation, jumped up and approached them.

Gordon Corman, who confirmed that the youngest knight was coming, continued.

“Of course, no using of Mana. And… If the young master hits our youngest, you will win. On the contrary, the youngest wins if the young master shouts to surrender.”

As if he was asking if this was okay, Gordon Corman looked at Raymond.

The previous Raymond wouldn’t be able to win even if this were the conditions, but he is different.

No matter how trained the youngest knight was, the knight was a knight, and it will not be easy for the knight to make him surrender.

He isn’t the previous Jerk anymore.

He’s a crazy swordsmanship genius.

“Bring a wooden sword.”


Two wooden swords were prepared.

It was a wooden sword with an iron core embedded in it, giving it a similar feeling to a real sword.

Raymond grabbed a wooden sword.

Even though it was not a real sword, his heart was beating hard.

The desire to swing the sword quickly spread from his heart to the whole body.

His muscles that are not trained wriggled and get nervous.

“Then we’ll start the battle.”

Gordon Corman looked through the knights sitting in a circle and spoke.

Raymond wanted to start the battle immediately but he wasn’t satisfied with just that.

“I don’t think you’ve said anything important yet.”

“What kind of…”


“Ah… If the young master wins, I’ll admit that it’s a sword trick that even a child can do, and I’ll voluntarily step down from the position of the commander of the Millennium knights.”

Gordon Corman threw out a strong bet.

Raymond just shrugged.

“But if the young master loses…You have to admit that the swordsmanship of our Knights is not a sword technique that even children can do, and make a formal apology.”

Admitting and apologizing, in fact, what Gordon Corman wants right now would be embarrassing Raymond in front of the knight.

He looked around.

The knights were looking at the both of them as if they had found something interesting to see.

Raymond wasn’t a very good young master for them either.

“Then let’s start.”

He smiled and looked at Gordon Corman.

Gordon Corman marked the beginning of the confrontation.



Raymond held the wooden sword.

It has a proper weight and a tight grip.

A smile formed around his mouth.

He clearly saw the swordsmanship of the knights.

It was a swordsmanship that don’t use mana and only strike once.

He slowly lifted the sword and took the proper stance.

It looks pretty good.

“Come here first.”

The youngest knight said as if he was mocking him.

But Raymond, who had been obsessed with the idea of wielding a sword since earlier, did not mind it.

He is confident in this confrontation and there’s no reason to refuse.

As he breathed heavily, he started “acting. He dashed forward.


Both the wooden sword collided in the air and made a sound.


The youngest knight exclaimed confused.

Raymond was a much faster and wielded the sword sharper than he expected.

An immediate Sword attack after knowing the weakness and clearly aiming for it.

Raymond smiled at his reaction.

If he hadn’t block the attacks immediately, he would have lost at once for being careless.

Raymond could see the youngest knight’s eyes shaking.

He must be confused.

Because a guy who didn’t seem to have learned anything about swordsmanship had actually swung the sword properly.

In the next moment, the sword strikes at his chest.


With a dull sound, Raymond sent another attack to the Youngest Knight.

However, Raymond instinctively decided that it would be better to let it go because it was difficult to break the sword of the youngest knight due to the difference in muscle strength.

They only bumped the sword twice, but Raymond could already feel the pain in his palms.

“It hasn’t been long since I started. What is this?”

His body was weaker than he thought. He had to finish this confrontation as soon as possible.

His Muscle started to cramp and his palms were hurting. If this was drag long, he will only be at a disadvantage.

He focused and thrust the sword forward.

His sword quickly stretched out aiming for the neck of the youngest knight, but the knight dodge at a high speed and avoided the strike.


The youngest knight attacked him with the sword.

At the moment, he took a step back and swung the wooden sword he recovered to avoid the strike and hit the youngest knight’s arm.


The wooden sword and arm collided and made a sound.

According to the rules if Raymond made a strike, it would be his victory.

However, neither the youngest knight nor him had any intention of stopping here.

They were no longer in a state where they would stop.

Raymond was drunk on the spar and tried to release the emotions that were overflowing deep inside.

As he did last time, Sunghyuk released his inner feelings while wielding a sword.


The suppressed emotions wandered all over his body and started emanating at the end of his sword.

The Killing intent came out.

Everyone around him flinched because no one expected that a Killing Intent would suddenly stretch out from the sword of Raymond.

The youngest knight clenched his teeth and let go.

In order not to lose to his life, he also instinctively showed his Killing intent, the same one he used to kill his opponent.

He didn’t use Mana because his reasons still remains, but it could be seen that the killing Intent of Raymond was thicker and more pressuring. At any moment he would have to use Mana and swung the sword without realizing it.

Raymond slipped away with his sword and lifted his foot to kick the youngest knight’s leg.

This is a little different from the swordsmanship of the knights, who would only honestly swing swords.

It thoroughly examines efficiency and performs swordsmanship that can be used in practice.

This is the sword technique that the protagonist of “the Master of talent” has.

The reaction of the youngest knight, who had always spar with the other knights, was bound to be slow.


The power of the slash of the sword with the shock of the kick of Raymond, the youngest knight staggered for a moment.

Naturally, Raymond didn’t miss the timing.

Even those without talent for swordsmanship could see that this was an opportunity.

The sword moved quickly and split the air.

And just before hitting the back of the youngest knight’s neck.

The sword stopped.

As soon as every spectator saw it, no one responded.

They couldn’t say anything.



Amidst that silence, a message came to Raymond’s eyes.

[“The Unknown God” claps with joy.]

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When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

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Lee Sunghyuk, an actor specializing in being an Extra. In the novel, he is a crazy extra.


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Same unknown God, same 👏👏👏👏

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