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Superstar from age 0 Chapter 157

Translator: IDCboutmyusername

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With Seojun’s mini-concert, the filming of the movie Over the Rainbow came to an end.

Director Sarah Lot will now be locked up in the editing room, as Whale Studio announced the completion of the filming.

South Korea was unable to stop getting excited over the news that Lee Seojun’s filming was over.
Many people paid attention to welcoming Seojun, who will return.

However, little did they know, that Seojun still had work to do in the U.S.

“Isn’t it also your first time listening to Jason’s performance?”

Catherine and Paul nodded at Seojun’s words.

“During the lesson, he performed for while but it was very short.”

“In addition, Jun was so good that Jason had no time to show his own skills”

At Paul’s words, Seojun and Catherine burst into laughter.

Today was the day of Jason Moore’s first solo concert.

Fortunately, the three of them managed to get tickets before they got sold out.

Catherine and Paul sat next to Seojun.

Seojun wore a hat and facemask, while, Catherine and Paul did not wear hats.

The movie hasn’t even been released yet, but looking at how the whole internet is talking about it, it could be seen how big Seojun’s popularity is.

Even the people inside the hall were talking quietly about Seojun before the concert starts. If they knew Seojun was here, there could be a commotion happening.

All the lights went off, the audience are now in completely silent.
The student of Benjamin Morton, a superstar among violin lovers. This was Jason Moore’s first solo concert.

To make this concert a success, he collaborated with famous orchestras.

Everyone glistened and waited for Jason Moore’s appearance.

“The audience clothes are different, but it’s like Gray’s concert.”

“I know. There are a lot of people who know about the movie and they are looking forward to it.”

At the words of Paul and Catherine, Seojun also nodded.

Everyone was wearing suits and dresses with formality and courtesy.
It was not as casual as it was during the shoot.

The attire might be different but the eyes looking forward to the performance were the same

The curtain opened and Jason Moore appeared in a black soft suit under the spotlight.

Standing alone on a wide stage, Jason Moore put the violin on his shoulder. It was Stradivarius, the same violin he lent to Seojun for his mini-concert.

The audience looked forward to what music will come from Jason with the Stradivarius.

Jason Moore smiled without realizing it looking at the audience.

At some point, all of this felt burdensome, but now he was looking forward to it.

Praise and cheers from his supporters after his concert… Just by imagining it, he started looking for it.

Jason Moore’s arm moved in silence.

[Composed by Benjamin Morton, Performed with Violin, No.1]

Jason Moore’s violin Concert will mainly consist of Benjamin Morton’s songs except for the last one.

Before building up the current reputation of his master right now, the songs composed by the young Benjamin Morton were pure yet intense.

The violin pattern tattooed in Seojun’s finger sparkled.
It was the pattern that represented the Violin Fairy.

When he first saw Jason Moore, Seojun found a faint trace. It was a Violin Fairy. He didn’t expect it to exist in this world.….

Seojun looked at Jason Moore, who shone on stage.
A faint trace of the dream fairy showed how talented Jason Moore was.

The performance of Jason Moore, a genius violinist recognized by the Violin Fairy, continued.

A melody and emotion that resonates with the whole body, similar to Gray but somewhat different. Also, Benjamin Morton’s teaching of smoothing it out.

The wonderful concerto of the teacher and student was revealed here at Jason’s solo concert.

Applause erupted at the surprisingly wonderful performance.
Applause did not stop throughout the concert.

Maestros and musicians among the audience were in awe, and the students looked at Jason Moore with envy.

“It’s the last song.”

“Yeah. It doesn’t even have a title.”

Everyone looked at Jason Moore standing on the stage with a serious face.

Jason Moore wiped off his sweat, sighed, and tilted his chin on Stradivarius. He moved his right arm greatly.

* * *

“How was it?”

“I loved it!”

“You were so cool!”

The three children, who stopped by the waiting room, handed Jason Moore a bouquet of flowers.

Jason Moore overcome all the burdens and finished his solo concert beautifully. Seojun clearly saw Jason Moore’s proud face amid the people’s standing ovation.

“Good job.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Jason Moore smiled softly at Benjamin Morton’s compliment.
His soft smile resembles his teacher, Benjamin Morton. The children laughed at the expression they saw for the first time.

Catherine and Paul tapped Seojun. Although they became quite close, Seojun was the most comfortable talking with Jason.

Seojun received the children’s signal and asked.

“I especially liked the last song. Jason, you composed this song, right?”


Benjamin Morton coughed when the last part was mentioned. It was a song that expressed gratitude and praise for his teacher, as per the interpretation of Seojun and the others knew of.

Benjamin Morton’s eyes were red throughout Jason Moore’s concert.
He didn’t want to miss a single moment.
As expected, his student was the best.

While Benjamin Morton wiped away his tears, which seemed to come out again, Jason, who held a bunch of flowers, looked at Seojun.

“Next time…”


“If you want to learn the violin next time, contact me.”

“Yes! I will!”

A violin teacher with tremendous talent and skills has been created.

Seojun and the children talk with Jason and Professor Benjamin but left when their acquaintances came inside the waiting room.

As they were leaving, Seojun looked back at the student and teacher.

“I’ll call you even if everything’s fine! Is it okay?”

Jason Moore and Benjamin Morton blinked their eyes and smiled exactly the same.

“Okay. Do whatever you want.”

“Anytime is fine.”

Seojun smiled at the two answers.

* * *

Seojun and An Daho stopped by the Marine Studio to shoot the trailer video of Shadowman 3 which will appear at the end of the credits of Assemble 2.
Seojun was quite disappointed that it wasn’t the whole Shadowman 3, however, he knew that the filming for the movie will be soon.

As they went inside the studio, they were surprised to see someone.
Hollywood’s famous actor Swarlin An was with Ryan Will!

“It’s been a while since the last film festival party. How have you been?”

“Yes! Hello, Swarlin!”

Seojun greeted him. excitedly with sparkling eyes.
Ryan Will and Swarlin An smiled at a glance as they could see that he really liked Swarlin An.

Seojun recalled each of the characters while thinking of a role that Swarlin An would play in Shadowman.

The terrifying King of Natra, who invaded the earth.

“Is Swarlin An going to be Jin’s father?”



Seojun’s eyes sparkled at Ryan Will’s positive answer.
He still can’t believe he will act in the same Movie as Swarlin An!
It feels like yesterday when he studied acting from his documentary!
His heart pounded with joy.

“You know it’s a secret until the trailer comes out, right?”

“Yes! I won’t tell anyone”.

Seojun and An Daho made a zipper action at Ryan’s words.

Swarlin An smiled and asked for a handshake.

Seojun also reached out and held Swarlin An’s hand tightly..

“Nice to meet you, Son.”

“Ye-yea! Please take good care of me!”

Seojun, who was looking Swarlin An heading to the dressing room with sparkling eyes, asked Ryan Will.

“Will Swarlin An really be in Shadowman?”

“Yes. He already signed the contract.”

“Wow, I really wanted to film a movie with Swarlin! Did you know? My favorite movie was the one with Swarlin!”

Seojun, who was talking excitedly, suddenly felt someone was missing
No matter how much he looked around, there was no one who was next to Ryan.

“Director, where’s Jonathan?”

“He’s now independent.”


Seojun tilted his head.

“Yeah. I made Shadowman, the movie I’ve been dreaming of making in the past 20 years, and also it became a series, so I guess he wanted to do something. A year ago, he became independent and made an independent movie.”

“I’ve never known about that. What’s the movie title?”

“He is still filming. Jonathan started following me around when I filmed Shadowman, so it’s probably his first time experiencing an environment where money, time, and people are scarce.”

“I see.”

Seojun’s eyes sparkled.
Jonathan Will, a middle school student. He still remembers him clearly.

Jonathan Will, like his uncle, began to walk the path of a film director.

“He’s finished. Jun. It’s your turn.”


Swarlin An, who finished dressing up, appeared.
Taking turns with Swarlin Anum, Seojun headed to the dressing room this time.

Since it was a trailer shoot on the set, there were not many staff and actors.

When Seojun appeared after finishing his makeup, then Director Ryan Will shouted “Action.”


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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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