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The Witch And Gretel Chapter 1

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“So… when I planted the cabbage seeds you gave me… What kind of cabbage that sprouted up from there to grow so big? This much!”

Chris made a fuss with his arms wide open. Hearing that, the nun had to try hard not to look at him pathetically.

“I see.”

Chris’ face, which had been pale due to the nun’s calm response, regained a little color. He continued on in a hurry.

“I carefully peeled the cabbage because there was like a glow in it. Whoo… Ha….”

His voice grew louder and his breathing began to intensify. Chris’ wife Elaine handed him a paper bag.

 I think I got hyperventilation again. Chris turned around and took a deep breath with his face stuck in a paper bag. Instead of Chris, who became unable to speak, his brother Alex continued.

“There was a baby in the cabbage! We were so surprised that we took him home without anyone knowing… Before you take him with you.”

However, he couldn’t finish his speech and his lips were sweating a bit not knowing how to continue talking to the nun, so he opened his mouth again….

“We, we… we locked the baby in the basement!”

Finally, Alex burst into tears. The nun forced herself to smile at the stout man crying with his face buried in his hands.

“Calm down, everyone….”

“I was just so scared! I’ve never done anything like this before. I didn’t think how scared the baby would be!”


Seeing the three people as if they were confessing their terrible sins, the nun realized only then. 

It was very bad of you to keep a baby in a dark basement!

She said nothing, however, she had a sad expression that seemed a little too much, enough to let others feel guilty.

“Oh, my God….”



The nun smiled benevolently at the three crying people. Fortunately, the disturbance died down by itself. The nun quickly opened her mouth before the poor lambs continued crying loudly and passed out again.

“Everyone, calm down. It’s okay. You’ve been honest with me. God will forgive you.”

“We will be forgiven…?”

Elaine took the nun’s hand. The nun managed to pull together a smile at the corners of her mouth, trying not to frown.

“Sure. Now, look!”

She stretched her arms out to the side as if to pull out her hand quickly and the people in front of her looked at what she’s doing. Fortunately, as intended, the three of them focused on the direction she pointed.

“Two months after birth, a baby who had never seen the sun in the basement grew up like this! Isn’t this the miracle of God?”

She was pointing with her hand at the girl (It is actually a boy but everyone believed he was a girl.) who looked about seven or eight years old. The child shook her head, unable to face the eyes of those who looked at her as if she had been possessed. However, there was no one in the room who was delicate enough to care about the child’s mood.


“You got off…”


“Yes! Look at her face!”

The nun grabbed the child’s shoulder and shook it strongly once. The child had no choice but to raise her head.

“These beautiful blondes, brilliant golden eyes, white skin like snow that doesn’t mix anything impure! Oh, isn’t that the same as the baby angel God sent you!”

Superfluous remarks were mixed a little, but who cares. Originally, God had to have some such a corner to create enthusiastic fans.

The eyes of the child showed some kind of enthusiasm hearing the nun’s words..


The child lowered her head again to avoid seeing the people in front of her.

“Believe it, everyone!”

“Yes, yes!”

“I believe you!”

They nodded enthusiastically at the nun’s words. The nun gazed gently down at the child. The child looked up at her with her head raised again. Courage is very impressive. There was a strange difference in the nun’s saccharin eyes.

“I’ll take this lamb with me. I will teach her hard so that we can serve God together.”

“Yes, Sister, thank you!”

When the child’s hair brushed her fingertips, she felt a high purity of mana. She must have been born with a lot of mana. Unlike herself.

She looks so delicious.

Katarina, a witch disguised as a nun in a nun’s uniform, changed her appetite and stroked the child’s head. Ironically, the child’s shoulder, which was so nervous about the touch, slightly loosened. She seemed relieved.

What a shame, you don’t even know I’m the most dangerous person in this room.

Katarina gave a very brief sympathy for the young witch, who was about to be slaughtered in her hands.

If you do good things, luck will surely come.

Katarina hummed pleasantly, recalling what she should not dare to say as a witch.

As soon as she came out of town, she threw off her stuffy headscarf. The black hair that falls just below the waist is tied high on the top of the head. When she took off her nun’s uniform, T-shirts and jeans that clung tightly appeared. It was not until she changed her old leather shoes into high heels, which seemed to have been made in the 16th century, that she could die of ease.

She immediately took out her cell phone and ran the ‘The Believers of Harmony’ application.

<Earth, Katharina Shraderin, delivered 20 fast-growing cabbage seeds to the Amish community on April 14. These cabbages will help 46 humans avoid constipation, cancer and diseases such as acne. Vessel point 1200, reward point 2400!>

<The earth is currently in good and evil state 45,000 points (neutral stability), order chaos 27,000 points (neutral stability), and stable degrees of good and evil-neutrality, order chaos-neutrality! Sisters on Earth, you’re doing great!>

<Your current reward point is 10200!>

It’s 10200. If she change it to dollars…Let me see, what’s the exchange rate now?

Katarina tapped the calculator into her head and smiled satisfactorily. Maybe next month, she will be able to change my cell phone to the latest one.

She grinned and put her cell phone in her bag. Only then did I see a child looking at her with his mouth wide open. She was somewhat embarrassed being stared at by the child, the child screamed as if he were surprised.

The child couldn’t take his eyes off from her even though he was shivering. Seeing the complete freeze made me feel strangely relaxed. I can see mana leaking through my pupils due to anxiety.

Katarina could produce little mana. It was an innate problem, and it was deadly as a witch. However, there was no way she could replenish mana. But she can basically absorb mana things from, salt, cocoa, sugar from sugar cane grown in a certain area, handmade butter touched by women over 45 years old, and letters over 100 years old, she can get the mana of the substance directly by eating them.

Of course, she could absorb other witches. For example, this kid.

Katarina had little mana, so it was hard for her to use magic. It is common for young witches to be eaten by other witches early on, or to be caught and burned by humans. But she had some baby hairs and was quite lucky. Even so, she is a witch who survived the dreaded modern Europe.

Katarina asked for cigarettes, recalling her time in France around the 17th century. She was scared back then. 

You call your wife a witch because she’s dead, or you call someone a witch because she digs up herbs. 

Saying that it was a trial was just torture to get a confession. The square was always filled with the smell of blood and the screams of women, and the stench emitted alive by weak witches (mostly nothing like sin) who were almost indistinguishable from humans and them was vibrating.

Witches these days don’t know how comfortable their lives are.

She stepped on the cigarette she was smoking, lifted the child standing awkwardly next to her, and put her luggage down like a load on the old car seat. The child flinched in surprise, but did not rebel.

It’s lighter than I thought. There’s not much meat to eat.

Tsk. When one catches a young witch, it is polite to distribute it to witches from the same department. If she was caught to have such a small child, she would have only thigh meat as big as her palm.

She started the car, thinking it would be better to eat stew than steak. The child screamed quietly as the engine roared and the car vibrated. It was the voice of a child who she had never heard of, but she didn’t care a bit.

The child held the bottom of the car seat for a long time as if he had been scared, but as other cars appeared out the window one by one, he soon forgot his fear and stared at the window. Katarina glanced at the child and opened the window. It was just a small impulse, not a favor. However, it was quite meaningful for the child. The child was choking at the unfamiliar smell of smoke several times, but he was hanging from the window for a long time to see the outside world for the first time.

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