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La Luce Chapter 1

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La Luce has at least 34 document pages with arial 12 on chapter 1… Because it was too long for a chapter, it will be divided to 9-10 chapters. Mature will be password protected.

Korea is a good country to live in if you have money, and I can do anything with money.

Choi Min-jae, who was born as the grandson of the founder of Hansung Group, realized that at a relatively young age. Min-jae never thought he was particularly better than others. There was only a lot of money in the house, not his own. There were no men above men, but there were men above money.

The world could be bought with money. Whether it was visible or not, it was irrelevant. Money was the driving force behind creating yu from nothing and radish from yu. Min-jae’s life, which he realized at such a young age, faced a series of boredom.

When others walked on two legs, ran and repeated exhaustion, there was a movement transport under Min-jae’s feet, not his own. By walking a little out of curiosity, he could move faster than anyone else.

However, life was not just smooth. 

He was the grandson of the founder of Hansung Group, but he was the third, not the first. 

He didn’t want to do anything to older brothers who he had a big age gap. Rather, he thought it was fortunate that he was not the first or second child.

Since his father, who will someday become chairman, is alive, he can enjoy it enough just by living under his father and then go under his brothers around the time when they are in one place. The two older brothers, who had to reduce even one competitor, couldn’t hate their younger brother who would quietly and simply follow their words.

It was only after graduating from high school that life, which was definitely supposed to be like that, began to go wrong.

There is a strange rumor in the Hansung group. It was a myth that the founder, the Choi family, had special abilities, and that Choi established the current Hansung Group because of his ability. Some say it is superpower, some say it is genetic disease, and some say it is a kind of curse. But no one knew the truth in detail. It was a common urban legend that was treated as a kind of Internet meme.

Minjae, who is closer to the rumor than anyone else, also thought it was just a kind of rumor. 

Until he realized that the blood that he wiped because he thought his nose was bleeding while he was sitting in front of his laptop and surfing the Internet meaninglessly as usual was not coming from his nose but from his eyes.

Min-jae, who couldn’t handle the blood flowing as he rubbed his eyes, stumbled out of the room. As soon as two maids who were doing housework in the living room found Minjae, they screamed.


“Oh, my God, little master! Are you all right?”

The family was in chaos, and people who didn’t know what had happened came one by one to the living room. Among the noisy employees, his big brother who happened to be at home came out.

Min-jae wiped the blood flowing around his eyes with a handkerchief in his hand. His eyes met with his brother, who was leaning against the wall in a dimly returning view. He couldn’t forget your eyes at all.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

The sound of the fuss did not reach his ears, but Min-jae vaguely noticed that the older brother’s swearing at him. It was a completely different nuance from the brothers’ comfortable voice. 

His eyes were mixed with all kinds of emotions, including anxiety, jealousy, fear, and contempt that he would be deprived of his position.

Minjae wiped away the blood flowing down like a faucet. He spoke on the phone with the current president, not his father, he was still the vice chairman. If he stayed in his room instead of going to the hospital, his eye doctor would definitely come soon.

About 30 minutes passed until the doctor came. He could hear a middle-aged man’s voice over my eyes.

“Would you like to open your eyes slowly? It’s okay.”

The man who soothes gently with a soft voice was a doctor called by a director. Minjae slowly opened his eyes following his words. It didn’t hurt, but the world looked red for a moment how much blood he shed from my eyes. He was worried that he should live with only red eyes forever. Fortunately, he washed all the blood in his eyes and returned to the original after a while.

The smell of blood poked Minjae’s nose. The doctor’s white shirt, which reassured him that the persimmon was okay beyond his eyes, was believed to have been red. He couldn’t figure out what he had done to have his eyes bled like that.

The director was talking on the phone next to his doctor, who calmly cleans up his surroundings.

“Yes, the blood seems to have stopped. I’ll do that. Yes, Vice President.”

The director, who hung up the phone, approached his doctor and whispered something in his ear. He nodded slightly after receiving orders from Vice Chairman Han, who was the father and chief of the department Han’s message. He did his best in his role, reassuring Min-jae as much as possible.

After finishing the process, he came out to the living room and changed into new clothes prepared by a director. When he changed his clothes and came out, Han handed him a white envelope prepared in advance in return for his silence. He received the envelope with both hands without checking the contents. This was an envelope prepared by Hansung. He had no doubt that these would be a good amount.

“I didn’t see anything today.”

“Be careful when you go back.”

The two men parted with a fake smile, raising their mouths awkwardly.

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