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Music Show Genius Chapter 2

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“You asked me to call you right away when you’re done…”

The answer came after a long time.

[Min Seo-joon: The bastard? Even if he became a MewTuber, he is still a dog. He didn’t audition. ]

[Myung-woo: I saw it, but I guess the results weren’t good. ]

[Min Seo-joon: We’re out of stock. Dumb, I know. I told him earlier to quit and look for something else because he was not talented.]

There was a constant “kk” that he didn’t want to see.

‘That’s a good thing, I guess.’

Min Seo-joon has long been wary of Yoo Jung-ho and hated him.

Yet, he knew the reason.

Seo-Joon thought himself as superior among everyone in every way, even among the trainees.

In one word, he was jealous about Jung-ho’s talent actually.

‘Does he know? That the fact that he is out of the debut group is all because of this crazy bastard.’

Only a few people know that Min Seo-jun’s father was a major shareholder of their agency.

‘Poor bastard, you’ve been wronged by a clever man that ruined your life.’

Min Seo-joon knew how to use his backing very well.

The debut group was already established before the auditions by Min Seo-joon. Kim Myung-woo, who is quick-witted, knew about it earlier and tried to please Min Seo-joon.

The result was the current situation.

As the group was about to make a debut, Yoo Jung-ho was released immediately to the bottom.

‘But this was still unexpected. I thought he could easily join another big agency.’

Age seems to have become the biggest obstacle.

Large agencies have harsh requirements.

No matter how talented you are, you will never be contacted when you are old.

Now, Yoo Jung-ho was old enough to consider joining the military. When it’s time to debut and work, it’s hard to extend it no sooner in his late 20s or later.

Wouldn’t it be possible if he were really that talented or had a very good visual?

‘The problem is that he is considered among the average. Anyway, I feel sorry for him.’

As he was thinking something, he received a message.

[Min Seo-joon: Keep in touch and let me know when you make a channel and start your activities. ]

What else is he going to do?

After trying to suppress the rising question, Myung-woo answered briefly.

[Myung-woo: Got it.]

[Min Seo-joon: I’m at karaoke with the girls. Hurry up and join us. ]

[Myung-woo: I’ll be right there. ]

‘Was his meaning is that…

But what can I do?’

What’s disappointing was himself.

If he want to achieve what he wanted, he will have to work for it.

‘I don’t like him, but I hate him.’

Myung-woo recalled Jung-ho.

A good stubborn man.

Jung-ho hasn’t changed.

And he don’t like it anymore.

‘I think I’ll be so upset if he suddenly turns out well now. So I just want him to be ruined.’

He had given up his pride as he had been doing this…

Yoo Jung-ho, who pretended to be noble, a good enemy, and made all kinds of pretense, should never succeed.

The world of one-man creators was not easy enough to get good grades by knowing a few tips.

Just like they did when they were trainees.

Jung-ho always hoped to last as long as possible even if his grades did not come out right away.

He wish he could do that for at least five years and eventually feel frustrated and give up. So he hope he can keep walking through the gutter because he can’t get a job and do anything right.

‘I finally got you under my feet.’

‘I’m just starting to feel superior.’

If he succeed at one thing, he may go crazy because he feel so wronged and angry.

‘Even if I succeed and become the top star I longed for, Yoo Jung-ho should never succeed.’

This was Myung-woo’s sincerity toward Jung-ho, who was considered as a friend, but behind was a wall that could not be crossed.

‘I hope we can meet again happily.’


After returning to the studio, Jung-ho inspected the equipment.

There was a few years old secondhand MacBook, an audio interface, a condenser microphone, and monitoring headphones prepared for singing practice.

The problem was video editing.

He can do basic vocal recording, but I have never touched video editing. Myung-woo advised that video editing is the key, so he should study this hard.

‘Let’s take this opportunity to study.’

Lectures, good tips, are scattered on the Mewtube.

Jung-ho immediately sat down with his laptop open and started studying video editing.


Doing a part-time job in a convenience store at night.

Practice singing and study during the day.

His practice was conducted by renting a professional practice room.

‘I should take this opportunity to study English.’

Originally, Jung-ho preferred pop songs.

His favorite singer was the pop star Jera.

She, who turned 26 this year, also proved her true value as a singer-songwriter by posting several self-composed songs on the Billboard singles chart.

He had liked her since her debut, so he sang along to her songs a lot as a teenager, but he couldn’t after joining the agency. It was because of the task given by the trainer and the concept required by the agency.

‘I’m free from the agency, so I’ll do whatever I want.’

In order to sing her songs and pop songs well, he also has to study English hard. So in the morning, he divided the time into video editing and studying English, and after lunch, he concentrated on singing in the singing practice room.

He has to work at a convenience store from evening.

He needs to make money to support himself.

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Thx for the chapter, can’t wait for more

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good chapter

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The subject pronoun “I” is a little confusing 😅, because it switched to their name and a third person perspective so suddenly.
Is it like that from the raws?

If it is, I’d suggest try differrentiate the fonts for one person perspective to third person, or changing the pronouns to match the rest of the sentence.

Thanks for the hard work, TL-nim! ✿

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