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Music Show Genius Chapter 1

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Hello! Because the raws that I have isn’t labeled or it’s chapters is not written, I will not be labelling others like the others with 1.1 and etc. The next chapters will be chapter 2, 3 and so forth.

I wanted to be a star since I was young.

I was confident in dancing and singing, and I heard from people around me that I was talented, so I thought I could do it enough if I tried harder.

So I focused only on dance and singing practice, and when I was a sophomore in high school, I passed the audition and went back and forth to the practice room.

After graduation, I went to Seoul to get a room in Goshiwon and almost lived inside the agency.

It was hard, but I could endure it because I had a dream to realize.

‘Am I up to here?’Jung-ho thought about it seriously.

However, I felt honest that I didn’t want to give up as it is.

I wanted to succeed as if I wanted to be seen as one of those who had succeeded in the entertainment industry and had no idea of their value.

‘Let’s watch the audition.’ Jung-ho has been looking for agencies that have published official audition documents to apply for.

He showed off his talent that he had worked hard on.

However, still none proposed him a contract.

To be exact, there was no one who contacted him yet.

Being notorious among the trainees, a small agency contacted him.

However, he canceled it after thinking about it.

I want to be a star, not ruin my life.

‘I can’t give up like this.’

Being a singer isn’t just passing an audition for an agency.

There were many roads to walk on.

This has the same case with MewTube, which has recently become very popular broadcasting platform.

There are among those who worked as one-man media were those who gained fame and made money beyond ordinary singers just by broadcasting with MewTube.

‘Well, let’s do some market research.’

Jung-ho immediately accessed MewTube.

The one-person media market was growing in size, day by day.

More than 10 million star creators have also appeared in Korea.

The most famous person currently is Yuhwa.

She was a female musician with as many as 15 million subscribers.

‘That’s great.’

On the main page of the channel, the first thing one would see was a cover song video in which was recorded with the highest number of views and recommendations.

It is a hit song made by the pop star ‘Jera’ with 300 million views and 5 million recommendations.

‘She has made a Total of 3 billion views?’

It was such a huge number that it made him speechles..

Ten videos with billions of views in total!

At this rate, how much money did she make?

When I searched, the exact figures were recorded.

3.25 billion won (approx. 2,800,000$).

‘An average of over 200 million (approx. 180,000$) a month?’

Isn’t this enough to be a one-man company?

Even a top idol won’t make as much money as she does.

Click on the video to check the comments.

There are over 300,000 comments.

Most of them are foreign languages.

“I heard it was more popular overseas.”

The more I see it, the more I admire her.

If one looks abroad, higher mountains are holding up. (Meaning there are more famous people)

The most famous MewTube creator is Jera!

She was originally a pop musician, a monster who dominated the world charts, including Billboard upon her debut, and a woman called a genius.

With her, the popularity of MewTube is beyond imagination.

80 million subscribers.

It’s an unrealistic figure, that I can only laugh at.

In terms of the number of subscribers, some creators have higher subscribers in the game, but she was the best in the music sector.

Jung-ho closed his eyes and sighed.

‘Can I do it?’

Many creators say.

MewTube is already a red ocean, so it’s hard for a rookie to succeed.

“In such a competitive place, can I succeed without even making my debut as a singer?”

No, let alone success, can he make enough money to make ends meet?

The worries were not long.

‘There’s no place to fall anyway.’

It’s already mud.

What could be scary?

‘Let’s do it. This is the only way anyway.’

Still, no reckless challenge is allowed.

‘Myung-woo was a mewtuber before, right?’

Kim Myung-woo.

When he was a trainee, he was one of the few acquaintances of Jung-ho, whom he had been close to.

He ran the Mewtube channel before he was a trainee, and continued after he became a trainee. Although he has stopped operating now that he is part of the debut group, his career is not really going anywhere.

‘Let’s get some advice.’

I met Kim Myung-woo at a cafe near Gangnam Station.

My friend, Kim Myung-woo, hasn’t changed at all.

He was still kind and they had a good relationship. 

Listening to the other person’s story still lingered. 

What if my attitude had changed toward him, I feel foolish about myself.

When Jung-ho’s story ended, Myung-woo said seriously.

“So, did you call me to try MewTube?”

“Yes, I’d like to hear some advice from an experienced person.”

“It’s going to be hard. MewTube, it’s hell. It’s hard to survive without something special. Stars often fail because they challenge themselves. Can you do it?”

“I have no choice but to. This is the only way I have left.”

Myung-woo, who was looking at Jung-ho quietly, sighed and said,

“I don’t know how much it can help, but… I’ll tell you everything I know.”

The conversation went about this topic all over.

Jung-ho said with a bright expression.

“Thank you very much for your help. I hope your work goes well. You’re talented, so you’ll definitely be a star if you debut.”

Their meeting ended just like that.

Myung-woo, who was watching Jung-ho leave with a complicated face, took out his smartphone.

And he sent a message to someone.

[Kim Myung-woo: Jung-ho tries to be a MewTuber. ]

The message check marked, it was seen.

Myung-woo grumbled with a soft impression.

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