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Superstar from age 0 chapter 135

[(Exclusive) CEO Seo Eun-chan of Cocoa Entertainment got married today!]

[Cocoa Entertainment CEO’s private wedding]

[Brown black, White, Lee Seojun is here!]

[Brown black x White x Lee Seojun’s wedding song!]

-The news of the wedding of a CEO?

-It’s Lee Seojun’s company.

-I’m trying to see the article about Lee Seojun, I’m not curious about the president of the agency.

-The President is the uncle Lee Seojun.


-Then Seojun must have gone, too!

-Was it only Seojun? I’m sure there is also Brown Black and white.

-Wouldn’t the media people came to see Lee Seojun?

-No, it’s private, so only acquaintances  came. The wedding is already over.

-Congratulations on his wedding!

-The future baby’s cousin is a Hollywood star! Lee Seojun!

-That’s true.

-Wow… It’s already hard to get these three teams together even on broadcasts, but they all attended the wedding…

* * *

The keyboard sound, which was being heard for a long time, stopped. They heard a few clicks for a moment, and then heard the sound of the keyboard again. Emily sighed and put a cup of warm coffee next to her laptop.

“Drink while you do it. Did you eat a lot today?”

When Emily asked, Sarah Lot looked only at the coffee cup and avoided her eyes awkwardly. Emily sighed again.

“I’ll buy you something simple to eat.”

“Thank you always.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Emily went outside and Sarah Lot focused on her laptop again.

Musical Movie.

At the film festival, she thought that her obssession toward the genre would pass, but Sarah Lot was already writing the synopsis and writing a script.

She went around places where she could cover, collect data, and use it as a background.

Sarah Lot has been focusing on it for the past few days because the script, which seemed unlikely to end, is nearing the end.

“Here’s a sandwich.”

“Thank you.”

“How far did you go?”

Honestly, she didn’t have much expectation. This was because it was Sarah Lot, who deleted the scripts a year ago, kept shouting, “This is not it!” After that, there were more than one or two scenes that were contastantly deleted.

“You have to complete it, whether you’re looking for an investor or actors. It need to be finished.”

Green Wing was a comic before so she ended quickly on creating the script, but this was Sarah Lot’s Original story from beginning to end.

Emily understood her struggle, but at this rate, she would only spend her time on the script in this few years.

“Wait a minute…”

When asked by Emily, Sarah Lot, who bit into a sandwich, quickly typed on the keyboard. Emily thought. She failed to persuade again today.

Next day

She failed to persuade her again today.

“It’s over!” Sarah Lot shouted to Emily, who bought kebab thinking that it would be over in about 10 years.


Sarah Lot smiled proudly at the astonished face of Emily. Emily ran over and sat in front of Sarah Lot’s laptop. Sarah Lot received the kebab and sat leisurely on the sofa.

How many days has passed since she started writing? It was really tough!

“May I read it? Director!”

“Of course. You’re the assistant director of our movie.”

Emily read down the text on the laptop screen. She thought of an actor suitable for one role, a place suitable for one place, a schedule, and production costs.

“Director, is there an actor you thought of as the main character?”

Sarah Lot smiled brightly at the question of the assistant director, who she filmed together with for a long time. The script was completed and now they had to cast actors and receive investment with this bunch of paper. Considering the film festival, it would not be as difficult to find investors as she thought.


Sarah Lot looked at the television attached on the wall. On the screen, Imshe could see the face of Prince Seongnyeong smiling broadly. From the first time she would watched the drama, there was an actor she really wanted to film with.

“I hope you’ll be with us.”

[KBC Broadcasting Station, replay of “My Clinic” during the Lunar New Year holidays!]

[During the Lunar New Year holidays, each broadcasting station schedule!]

[New Year’s Day filled with movies, only one drama!]

[Will the ratings come back again?]]

[KBC, 3 hours a day, 2 episodes a day, 4 days in a row!]

“Isn’t this crazy?”

Other broadcasting stations were turned upside down by KBC’s Schedule.

“If we work On the same industry, they should yield to others.”

“Calm down, producer.”

Director of the entertainment program broadcasted at same time as KBC’s schedule was in rage. Assistant directors and staff stopped the Director.

“But since it hasn’t been long since the show ended, aren’t there a lot of people who aren’t watching?”

“Look at the comments.”

The assistant director and the staff each picked up their cell phones and looked for comments on the article.

-Oh! Good. Grandmother’s TV. It’s big and new, so I think I can watch it well. Laptop is too small.

-Please do a special episode of “My Clinic”

-No! Why now? I’m going on a trip abroad!

-I will not miss it!

“We’re screwed!”

During the Lunar New Year holiday, the director, who was trying to organize a pilot entertainment show, started wailing at the unfortunate events.

* * *

After the Lunar New Year holiday, it was already January 4. Interesting posts trended one by one.

[Title: Uncle got kicked out

I have an uncle who would always complain. He make people feel bad whenever he open his mouths. I have to listen to him this year too. But I got no choice and still went grandfather’s house. Those who are preparing for college entrance exam, those who are preparing for employment, will not look too happy.

I didn’t want to listen to my uncle naggings so I thought I should listen to the sound of TV, to concentrate well. So I was listening to my uncle’s words in one ear and My Clinic’s sounds in the other. Haha, my grandfather and grandmother, who were laughing, started watching clinic.

It turns out that My Clinic is on air every 10pm. Grandfather and grandmother go to sleep at 9pm. I didn’t watch the rerun because I was busy studying. It’s my first time My clinic.

Anyway, my relatives were watching My clinic, and suddenly my uncle said.

“Father, mother, don’t watch this anymore. He will die.”

Lol. That was episode 5. Prince Seongnyeong’s first appearance. When he said that atmosphere suddenly got cold.

My grandparents answered:

“If you’re not going to shut up, just leave.”

Grandpa Hahaha, I’ve never seen a grandfather and grandmother who are so serious after hearing that. Thanks to that, it was quiet throughout the Lunar New Year holiday. Thank you, KBC!]

– if your Uncle try to open his mouth, your cousin should quickly connected to TV plus+.

– (Breaking news) My cousin who was about to give spoilers shut up after receiving allowance.

– (Breaking News) Uncle who said he’d never cried after becoming an adult, sobbed in episode 14!

-Everyone in my house is crying too lol

– (Breaking News) My Cousin’s younger brother says: My uncle is wailing while hitting the floor watching the last episode!

-I’m still at my mom’s house and didn’t get to watch episodes 23 and 24. I’m sure she left early because of traffic.

-I guess everyone thought the same thing. We left after the 24th episode, but there’s a traffic jam. lol

[Title: Highly Recommended Fanfic novel that you could read during the Lunar New Year holidays

These are my most recommended fanfic novels to read of My Clinic! If you are a fan of the drama, these are for you.

1. [Your Highness, Prince werewolf!] > Prince Seongnyeong is so cute here. He is the Prince werewolf and need to hide his ears and tail. Everyone is shocked because his mom, dad, and hyung are avoiding him.

2. [I became the colleague of doctor Heo] > A fan of the doctor becomes a colleague in the clinic. His goal is to cure Prince Seongnyeong! He’ll show you the power of memorizing the specials of his skills!

3. [I’m Prince Seongnyeong?!]> Some people don’t like this. The MC transmigrated in My clinic and became Prince Seongnyeong. His primary goal is to find treatment for Changjin! His second goal is to stop Heo Yoo-seon! It is said that it is not good because Prince Seongnyeong will still die.]

-Thank you. I found something to relieve my boredome.

– “Your Highness, Prince Werewolf” has a webtoon too.[LINK]

– I can empathize well with “I became the colleague of doctor Heo” as a virtue. I’m a fan and I also want to cure Prince Seongnyeong.

-This is where Heo Eui-gwan lied down in episode 14!

-“I became the colleague of doctor Heo” is so funny. I recommend it 2222

-Prince Seongnyeong: Wasn’t your fellow doctor coming tomorrow?

– Prince Seongnyeong becoming a werewolf is so cute! 🙂

-The English translation of “I became the colleague of doctor Heo” came up. The reactions of the foreign readers are no joke. The readers will even draw comic strips.

Prince Seongnyeong: Cough.

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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Happy new year!

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