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“How did you meet Selina?”

Count Millennium asked.

What is the intention of his question?

He wanted to ask that question but Raymond saw the gaze of Count Millennium at him.

“I came because I was curious.”

“What were you curious about?”

Count Millennium asked as he took a step forward.

The space between his eyes narrowed.

He had to use his brain to understand Count Millennium’s intention for asking such question.

“Were you curious about her beautiful appearance? Were you curious about her swordsmanship?”

When he heard the question, Raymond wanted to laugh.

Because he felt like he knew what they were thinking about by asking such questions.

Perhaps because of his previous ‘Jerk’ character, he only wanted to see Selina’s appearance.

“I was curious about her.”

At times like this, he knows it’s better to answer honestly.

He said it as it is.

Selina Warlug.

Meeting her was to identify her characteristics and bring her to his side as soon as possible.

Fortunately, he haven’t done any negative doings to her for now, so he thought they get together more after talking enough at the banquet later.

Count Millennium’s question, which followed after his honest answer, was unexpected.

“Where did you learn that sword technique?”

“I’ve never learned it.”

“You were holding a sword earlier.”

“It’s my first time swinging it.”


Count Millennium slightly frowned.

His old friend, Bain Warlug, said Raymond was definitely a swinging the sword with a top-notch skill.

When it comes to swordsmanship, the best family was the Warlug family, and Bain Warlug was the most skilled swordsman in the family.

But if he said so, it was clear that Raymond showed more than a certain level of swordsmanship, so it should be his first time swinging the sword today.

“Bain said that while you were swinging your sword, it was full of killing intent. You were definitely skilled in swordmanship.”

What does this mean? His body flinched momentarily.

Killing intent was ingrained?

There’s no way he can know that.

He just swung it.

But he could guessed why.

‘Is it because I acted as the main character?”

The protagonist of the novel, The Master of Talent, was a person who had resentment for the world and a desired to kill.

It was not unreasonable to emmit killing intent as long as he followed the main character’s sword technique.

“…I guess I’m talented in swordsmanship.”

It’s not wrong. Raymond actually has a talent for swordsmanship.

Count Millennium smiled as if that was absurd.

“The only son of the Millennium family is talented in swordsmanship. Everyone would laugh at me if the world knew.”

He did believed that Raymond is talented in swordsmanship.

Raymond’s image that Count Millennium has seen so far had been just the image of an untalented 1st circle wizard.

He’s even a jerk.

But now that someone said he was talented in swordsmanship, he couldn’t take it seriously immediately.

Raymond could see his thoughts, so he ‘tsk’ his tongue lightly.

Like Count Millennium said.

People in this world would not believe it immediately.

Raymond born from a Wizardry Family, had actually talent for swordsmanship.

But those things didn’t matter to him at all.

“It’s more important that he live.”

Swing the sword and grow.

For his survival.


Since that day, he have steadily trained himself.

When he went to Count Warlug and swung a sword, he realized something.

That my body can’t keep up with his talent.

Raymond was certainly a genius in swordsmanship.

The problem is that his body is not properly trained right now, so he can’t even swing the sword properly.

Even if he swung it a little, he would become fired and his palms would be full of blisters immediately.

“Young master, I’ll wipe your sweat.”

“Oh, thank you.”

Alice approached and began to wipe off the sweat carefully.

He stood still for a while, stabilizing his rough breathing, and when be saw Alice stepping down, he took a step.

“Let’s go to the first training field.”

“I’m sure the knights are training now…”

“That’s why I’m saying let’s go.”

He immediately replied to Alice’s

He wanted to see the training of the knights.

He wanted to see the proper kingdom basic sword technique.

Alice looked a little worried, but she didn’t disobey him.

It may be because she have known that he is a person who does what he wants.

Alice just follow Raymond, one step behind him.


“Palin! You put too much pressure on your shoulders!”

“I’ll correct it!”

As he headed to the first training field, he heard numerous sounds.

Dozens of people were wielding training swords in the training field.

Perhaps this is the most of Count Millennium’s knight history.

The family raise knights just in case, but they were more adept in training wizards.

He stood far away and watched the knights wield their swords.

It was similar to Selina’s move from Count Warlug last time.

The basic sword technique of the kingdom.

“But… I think everyone’s swordsmanship is similar to Selina’s.”

The movement was somewhat awkward, and even their movements were not efficient.

He expected a little because they were knights of a prestigious family, but to be honest, he was disappointed.

“The knights over there… Are they official knights?

Still, he asked Alice just in case.

He wanted to hear that they were knight in training.


“Yes, these are official Knights of the Millennium Knights”.


Those are official Knights?

Recognizing that Raymond seems to didn’t like them, Alice took half a step forward and spoke.

“They’re very strong.”

“Really? Honestly, I think they are no different from Selina.”

“Are you talking about the young lady, Selina Warlug?”

“Yes, that Selina.”

He nodded.

Rather, he thought she was better than them.

Alice carefully opened her mouth.

“I heard that she is a genius of swordsmanship. Perhaps the level of swordsmanship itself is similar to that of formal knights. But if they compete in practice right away, it will be Selina Young-ae’s victory.”

“Really? Do you have any experience? Is it like this?”

Raymond was confused and asked.

No matter how much he thought about it, he thought Selina and the knights in front of him would be neck and neck if they exchange swords.

“All formal Knights of the family can use Mana. No matter how good they are at swordsmanship, they can’t become a knight if they don’t use Mana.”


Oh. If that was the case, he could understand it now.

“The master of talent” also mentioned the importance of mana several times.

No matter how good someone was on swordsmanship is, it will be hard to fight without Mana.

In fact, wasn’t there a scene where the main character barely managed to deal with the Orc group because he couldn’t use Mana even with Raymond’s sword skills in the beginning?

“Should I learn how to use mana, too?”’

It’s because Sunghyuk doesn’t know anything about Mana that he didn’t took notice the of it, but he didn’t think it would be too difficult simply to deal with Mana.

In the first place, Raymond was a 1st circle wizard, and he could use basic elementary magic.

While thinking inside himself, the shouts of the knights subsided.

Whether the training was completed or not, their swords were facing the ground.

A middle-aged man, who had been pushing the knights hard until just now, came out and found Alice and approached them.

“What brings you here?”


Rather than welcoming him as the Young Master of the family they are serving of, it was close to the meaning of “What are you doing here?”

Seeing that the Knight was sharp, Raymond didn’t get along well with the knights.

Alice quietly stood behind Raymond and did not react much.

In the first place, she seemed to have expected that this situation would happen.

“I was just wondering around.”

Raymond’s influence is great.

In his words, a middle-aged man hummed and made a sound.

He didn’t seem to like him.

“You came to see us who only know how to swing swords ignorantly, so you must have been frustrated because the magic training didn’t go well.”

The middle-aged man replied.

Alice, who was behind him, looked up and stared at a middle-aged man.

Alice also knew that what a middle-aged man said now was clearly ignoring the position of Raymond.

At first glance, they seem to talk while lowering themselves in front of their young master, but they were deliberately talking about magic training and mentioning that he was not talented in magic.

Previously, Raymond has said that those knights are just swinging their swords carelessly so they didn’t like him.


He raised his hand and scratched his head.

He don’t like the fact that he have to clean up Raymond’s mess, but what can he do?

This is his life now.

“In the end, I have to fix his mess again.”

It’d be nice if he could live a tranquil life.

How can he let it slide because there are people who ignore him like this because of Raymond’s usual behavior?

He must let them now who is their master.

He closed his eyes and opened them, and he started “acting.

[The Unknown God” is happy that there is suddenly something to see.]

Ignoring the rising message window in front of him.

He told him.

“I think you are not good enough for sure.”

In his words, the middle-aged man’s forehead narrowed.

He didn’t expect this answer.

“My my… We’re not that talented but we’re necessary for the family. You can’t live without the Knights.”

The middle-aged man smiled and said.

This time, too, his words ignored Raymond.

They are still necessary for the family, and they were saying like, “What are you?”

“Even a child can do swordsmanship. Is he necessary for a family?”


This was funny. He was thinking that such swordsmanship was necessary for the family.

The forehead of the middle age man, wrinkled.

“Sword technique that even a child can do? Young master.”

“Why not?”

Middle-aged men eventually frowned openly.

But he soon put a light smile around his mouth as if he had an idea.

“Then young master. Do you want to try it?”


“If it’s a sword technique that even a child can do, the young master can do it.”

The middle-aged man said so.

It was obvious what his intention was.

Do you want me to take it or not?

Raymond don’t want to do what his opponent wants, but he worried that it will let their head bigger.

“Prove that it’s a sword technique that even a child can do.”

“Well… Like a fight. Even a child can do it. If it’s a sword technique, you can do it.”

A middle-aged man spoke provocatively.

After listening to him.

Raymond stopped laughing.

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When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

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