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Music show Genius chapter 35

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No one knows Jera’s charm as well as Jung-ho does, so she remembered Jung-ho confidence in asking her to believe in him.

She thought he was a just a big, talented, but shy, timid kid.

But her perception changed completely on just one stage.

Once again, she picked up her smartphone and played the video.

Jung-ho’s passionate dancing to the music started.

“I can be like this.”

She couldn’t believe it, but her producer, who claims to be her big fan, spoke with confidence.

“Shall I believe in him?”

A long time later, she rose from her seat with a determined look.

Then, after linking the smartphones with the TV, she began to imitate the dance while watching the choreography video on a large screen of more than 100 inches.

And in less than 10 minutes, she sank into frustration.

“Liar, this is very hard!”

Early morning.

Jung-ho prepared his camera and acoustic guitar and left the accommodation.

Today’s content is touring!

The venue was Times Square.

“The weather is helping me.”

But Jera and Sam won’t help him.

‘I thought it was the best choice, but was it too bold?’

Still, he believed she would accept it because she was from Spain and sometimes enjoyed listening to Latin music.

But it’s already been two days, and he couldn’t even find Jera, let alone answer his phone calls. She didn’t even answer even if he contacted her.

[Why don’t you take a break after that. Haven’t you been busy running a YouTube lately?]

Sam advised that.

While writing the song, he also worked hard on the YouTube channel.

“She is ignoring me.”

The constant grumbling seemed to make him feel more somber.

“No, I’m going to get some ice cream and cheer up.”

Finally, he arrived at Times Square Square.

“Oh, it’s so crowded.”

To his surprise, there were a lot of people.

Jung-ho carefully approached the New York police and asked.

“I’m sorry, but would it be okay if I performed there for about an hour?”

The big black man looked indifferently at Jung-ho and threw words at him.

“If you make a fuss, I won’t let you.”

“Thank you!”

He got permission!

Jung-ho unpacked on the spot.

Put the camera on the tripod, take out the acoustic guitar, and start tuning it quickly.

“Okay, let’s get started.”

What should he perform busking in a place like this?

Jung-ho coughed and immediately started strumming.

The first song was Jera’s please don’t go.

It was also the title track of Jera’s first full-length album made by Jung-ho.

For as long as an hour, he played and sang like crazy without a break. It was not until he looked around that a large crowd gathered and listened to his songs.

“That’s cool.”

“Your pronunciation is good, and you’re a great singer, aren’t you?”

Applause and cheers burst out.

A loud cry came to Jung-ho, who looked around with a puzzled look on his face.

“Hey, are you a YouTuber? What’s the name of the channel?!”

“Oh, if you search J.ho, it’ll show up.”

“Yeah, J… uh, what?”

His big eyes widened as if they were sticking out. Jung-ho replied embarrassed by the fierce reaction.

“So you are J.ho…”

“J.ho the Asian composer of Jera. Is that you?”

“Hey, that’s right.”

The other crowd roared as they heard his scream.

A black man, who searched in internet and kept comparing the photos and his face, shouted with a bright face.

“That’s right, J.ho! That’s right! Wow!”

Coming up, he reaches out his big hand and asks for a handshake.

“I love the song you made! And I’m a fan of Jera, too.”

“Thank you.”

“Can you take a photo and autograph?”

“Of course.”

That was the start.

Those who learned about Jung-ho’s personal information competed and asked for handshakes, autographs, and photographs.

Some people shouted encore, but the song was too much in this atmosphere.

Then a police officer stands in the way of Jung-ho.

He was a black police officer who allowed him to perform.

His muscular was enough to remind him of a heavyweight fighter!

When he stare at them with a harsh impression, they left on their own for another place or line up.

Only then did he take a satisfactory step back. And looking at Jung-ho, he made a light gesture. It was a gesture to keep doing what he was doing.

“Yes, well, then…”

An unexpected fan service site unfolded.

“Wow, that was hard.”

After a long time, Jung-ho, who was finally liberated, sank into a chair waving his numb wrist. But someone came up in front of him. It was the scary black cop. Jung-ho smiled.

“Thank you for your help.”

The hesitant black police officer asked cautiously.

“Are you really the composer of “Please don’t go”?”

“Have you heard of it?”

“It’s my favorite song.”

It’s was , but his expression and voice softened. Standing up from his seat, Jung-ho asked for a handshake.
“It’s Jung-ho. Call me Jung-ho, or J.ho or J.”


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Thanks for the chapter 🙏🏻 I really love the showbiz genre, but it’s hard to find good ones and there’s so little of them as well.

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