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Music show Genius chapter 34

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At the break, the difficulty of choreography rises to the limit.

There are countless dance genres that are hard to count, and it doesn’t feel awkward or complicated at all because of how hard they worked on the composition.

‘He was crossing the line a little on purpose and giving me a shocking feeling.’

Obviously, in the song, he didn’t cross the line until the end, and he did a fine job, but he had gone over a little bit at the break.

His manly dance was unbearably erotic.

It’s as if he was the left lover that bursts into anger to the limit.

Too Sensual.

When he swept his body, swung his pelvis wide, and bit his lips slightly, her heart felt like skipped a beat without realizing it.


At last, all the performances were over.

The man, who had been sprinkling sensuality that was unbearable even for her, returns to his naive state and glitters in his eyes like a child.

“What do you think? It’s a choreography that I’ve made until my head exploded!”


Jera, who had been shutting her lips tight several times, swallowed a sigh.

If she spoke now, he would notice the strange excitement that she had felt throughout his performance and the embarrassment that she had never felt before would be known.

So she looked at Sam and asked him.

“How was it?”

“Are you asking for my opinion? If it’s not good, aren’t you going to rewrite this song?”

Sam, who has been working together with her for a long time, seems to have seen through all her emotions. Frowning, Sam smirks and his shoulders shrugged.

She was in trouble.

What should she say?

In the end, her answer was…

“Will I be able to pull it off?”

“Of course. Actually, it’s time for Jera to try a lot of things. Elegant, luxurious, and sexy. You’ve done as much as you want. It peaked with our last full album and digital single.”

That’s what she was feeling, too.

“This is going to be the beginning of a radical transformation. Casual fans, or ordinary listeners, will be shocked to see Jera had this charm, and enthusiastic fans like me will be happy that they have finally begun to see you develop what they want to see.”


“If you trust me. I’m going to lead you to a new world that you have never experienced before. I’m confident. I wouldn’t have been able to say this in front of other people, but I can say it because it’s you, Jera.”

“Uh, why?”

“No one likes you as much as I do, and knows you better. I know a lot of your charms that even you don’t know, and I’m a person who loves them.”

There’s a little bit of madness in his eye.

She could compare him to hungry predator’s gaze toward her prey.

Jera felt frightened and thrilled at the same time.

‘Am I… capable of something like this?’

Really? Really?

It’s too sexy, too aggressive. And it’s too intense.

She thought this powerful performance was a story of a star world far from her.

Unable to decide easily, she looked at Sam urgently. She gave a look for help, but Sam smirked and casually turned away.

It’s always been that way in the moments ahead of an important decision.

Eventually, she…

“I’ll think about it a little more.”

She avoided answering.

‘I guess she didn’t like it.’

Feeling disappointed, Jung-ho’s shoulders drooped weakly. Sam, who was watching the two, burst into laughter.

Jera was a top pop star, genius musician, and the new queen of pop. And a talented businessman.

It was how she was described by media around the world and countless pop music fans.

She was like that, but she was definitely lacking in many areas too because she was also human.

First of all, she was weak at performance. It’s not that she is bad at dancing, but she is not at the level like dancing is her second nature.

And she is more conservative than everyone thought.

She often wear body-exposing costumes like skinny jeans, hot pants, and leggings, but they had never been too revealing.

With her musical tendencies added, fans and the media often use the word “elegant” to express her.

That’s how she’s lived her life so far. And this is the image that she has to protect for life.

For her, Latin pop style Crítica was a big challenge.

‘What if I fail at it? What if all the images I’ve built up fall apart?’

In her view, Crítica was intolerably sexual and frighteningly violent.

It was a concept she had never imagined, so she couldn’t help but hesitate.


She was going to review the downloaded video with her smartphone. In the practice room, Jung-ho in his Belle training suit was dancing like crazy.

Watching it blankly, she felt embarrassed and fell down on the sofa. And stamped her feet.

“I really don’t think I can…”

But she feel like she’ll regret it forever if she refused.

As such, the sound and melody were excellent addictive.

“Shall I give it a try?”


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