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Music show Genius chapter 33

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“At what percentage you’ve completed?”

“70% of the lyrics. If you like it, please write what I ask you in Spanish.”


“That’s the only way to complete the song.

“Well, we’ll know when we hear it. And anything else?”

“I’m done with the rest. You can leave the mixing mastering to the engineer after the vocal. I made the basic choreography. I’m going to collect the data and make it into a document once it’s confirmed.”

“You’re saying you’re done with the basic concept?”

“Of course.”

With his confident attitude, Jera smiled with satisfaction.

“Let me hear it.”

Jung-ho pressed the space bar vigorously.

It was the first time Crítica was released to the world.

Music begins with a flash of guitar playing.

Originally, bonfire and a woman’s sigh were inserted into the intro. But when he listened to the song after he finished it, he felt like it was cramped, so he removed it.

‘It’s Latin Pop.’

She noticed the identity of the song at once.
She couldn’t help but notice.

She’ve been familiar with this genre since she was young.

Finally, the introduction begins.

‘It feels good.’

Her expression brightened up.

A solid stack of beats makes the body flutter.

But as soon as the song started and the lyrics came out, her expression changed little by little.

‘The lyrics are… aggressive.’

So far, she has sung a wonderful and beautiful song reminiscent of poetry.

It’s not because she like it, but it was because “luxury” matched her.

“That’s really aggressive.”

It’s close.

A little too much would make it vulgar, but never cross that line.

‘It’s intentional.’

Fierce condemnation of a loved one forsaking herself.

“You want me to sing this song?”

Whether there was a record that she was desperately abandoned in the past, the beat, melody, lyrics, and vocals felt desperate. The speaker’s feelings of anger and injustice are conveyed intact.

Childishly, there is no such thing as being a regrettable, wonderful woman that a child wouldn’t care about.

It is full of full of criticism.

However, the song is so exciting, so her mind is careful, but her body was excited and she got into the rhythm.


Finally, the song was over. She looked at Jung-ho with a mysterious expression.

Jung-ho looked at her with sparkling eyes.

“How was it?”

“Uh, um…”

Jera could not answer easily.

Obviously, it’s a song that a genius she spotted would produce. Amazing.

Rhythm, melody and lyrics keep going in her head.

But she couldn’t make a decision easily.

She was not sure if this is right or if it’s okay.

“If it’s hard to answer, would you like to see the choreography and make a decision?”

“Did you make the choreography?”

“Of course.”

A smile hung around Jung-ho’s mouth.

“It’s a little small here. I’ll show you in the practice room, so follow me.”

Women’s sexy dances are almost all based on waves. Jung-ho, who is in the middle of the practice room, and Jera look at him from a complicated perspective.

Jung-ho said with a confident face.

“Let’s get started.”

Then he look at Sam and nod, the music was played.
The expensive speakers installed everywhere was now playing the song.

Jung-ho holds the microphone with one hand and sang it himself, and even showed the choreographed moves.

He is no less flexible than a female dancer.

“His moves are good…”

It’s her first time seeing him perform in person.

She’ve only seen it in videos.

‘That’s not unusual.’

So far she took time to grade him.

Based on body waves, it was like shaking the body lightly to the rhythm.

Gestures in the middle and point movements that utilize various body parts add quality.

A little bit more she would think it feels like KPOP, which is recently popular around the world.

However, after the verse, the movement becomes violent in earnest as the chorus enters.

He bounces his pelvis strongly, sweeps his body parts strongly, and does intense wave movements.

Twerk that shakes back and forth with his butt!

Valley Dance’s unique movement that makes fun of the upper body and pelvis move freely!
In the killing part, which is strongly criticized, samba’s unique groove reminiscent of Rio Carnival Muhee is added.

All sorts of elements were mixed together and the difficulty of operation soared sharply!

But that was not the problem.

‘It’s too sexy! He want me to do something like that?’

That’s too much.

This is too far from the current image of Jera.

‘I’ve never imagined a performance like that!
I’m sure that’s the case by now.’


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