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Music show Genius chapter 32

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“Jera said it doesn’t matter as long as the results are good.”

Jung-ho was very confident.

Sam said with a smirk.

“When I heard she wanted a double title, I thought this would fail. But I was wrong.”

“Do you think it’s going to be okay? Do you think she’ll like it?”

Sam laughed at Jung-ho, who seemed a little unsure.

And advised.

“You said you had a lot of fantasies about Jera in the Tropical House the other day, right?”

“I did.”

“Put a lot of self-interest into this song. Take a picture of what Jera’s missing. Straightforwardly, very boldly.”

The word touched Jung-ho’s heart.

“Now that I hear it, there’s something else that comes to my mind. Thank you!”

Jung-ho, who was madly immersed in the work again, stood up and left his seat.

He continued the work until the next day.

‘The sound texture and rhythm should be more intense than it is now.’

After careful consideration, there were more than a hundred tracks.

‘If I keep going like this, we’ll have over 200.’

Modern midi music uses so many tracks, no matter how simple it sounds to listen to.

Even the same instrument was often divided into several tracks to create a variety of textures, giving them various effect effects or calibrating them differently.

That’s why it’s said that MIDI’s world is wide and vast.

In some cases, composers who were fascinated by the arrangement focused more on the arrangement than on the melody and lyrics.

‘Jera’s charm should be in the sound and rhythm.’

This is music only for Jera.

He intended to express the passion and alluring feeling of Jera, which has not been revealed so far, in a different way.

The basic framework of accompaniment is now complete.

From now on, a demo recording was scheduled to proceed.

With Sam’s help, Jung-ho collaborated with Black Label demo artists for the first time.

“Demo playing is definitely on a different level!”

Until now, music has been made using only virtual instruments and midi. The demo was a luxury and he didn’t dare to have before. So he was scared before even starting.

However, the result was better than he imagined.

This is how the accompaniment is all done.

The bass is definitely Latin pop, but it has several devices for a Anglo-American pop feel.

Play a popping-textured synth with a cord and arrange it like a rhythmic instrument, or mix drums and percussion with hip-hop and electronic sources.

Thanks to this, unfamiliar but trendy fusion pop music has been completed.

From now on, he have to make vocal lines and lyrics.

‘We’ve decided on all the concepts before we start.’

A song that criticizes a person who abandoned herself with an unconvincing excuse.

From the beginning to the end, he really condemn.

In the music video, the main character will be a woman, but the lyrics will not necessarily include the gender of the speaker.

‘It would be better if everyone who has experienced betrayal can relate to it.’

It may be considered shallow, but he hoped that as many people will enjoy this song as possible.

The title is crítica Spanish for swearing and condemning.

Combination of English and Spanish.

He will write the base in English lyrics and leave the Spanish to Jera.

Since her father is from Italy and her mother is from Spain, she can speak both languages freely and is very good at culture.

It may feel awkward if an American just plays Latin pop, but her history is something that all fans know, so they will naturally accept.

Jung-ho, who was savoring the lyrics, grinned.

‘I guess I’m a pervert.’

With sexy singing and dancing, Jera stares at him fiercely and blames him.

He was immersed with his fantasies.

Isn’t it thrilling?

‘I’m trying to make this feel as good as I can!’

Thanks to the exciting writing, not only the lyrics but also the vocal line were completed in an instant.

After recording the guide, he sat back and listen to it.

‘After Jera’s vocal recording, mixing, and mastering, the amazing sound will be completed.’

That’s the real start of self-interest.

He’s going to be in charge of the outfit concept and choreography directing.

‘There’s a lot else I want to do. Let’s get this over with.’

He’ve been working on it for a week now.

Suddenly, even Jung-ho’s eyes showed madness.

The Demo song has been completed.

The mixing and mastering conditions were a little clumsy, but there was no need to worry already because the best engineers will be deployed when the song is selected.

“Let’s hear it.”

In the late afternoon, Jera and Sam entered the recording studio.

Sam pulled a rolling chair to the sofa, and Jera sat right in front of Jung-ho.

“Are you confident?”



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