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Music show Genius chapter 31

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Faced with an enticing smile, Jung-ho had a strong inspiration in his mind.

Jung-ho, who was absent-minded for a moment, smiled confidently. It also seemed to contain a lot of self-confidence.

“You said you didn’t care about anything, did you? Don’t regret that.”

And after a while, Jera regrets the words she uttered thoughtlessly.

Jung-ho’s first thought was none other than a Latin pop-based dance song.

Thinking about this, Jung-ho was so excited about this new assignment.

The moment he started planning, he was thinking about a sexy, passionate guitar sound and percussion rhythm ringing in his head.
‘First of all, Jera’s face and body are unbearably sexy. Latin pop vibes will look good on her, too.’

Isn’t it thrilling to think of Jera singing with a nostalgic voice, wavering lightly?

There were all sorts of sequencers in the studio. Jung-ho opened a program he used often and checked the setting status for a while.

“There really are all sorts of things.”

When Jung-ho was in the midst of making music, he bought only a few virtual instruments that were cheap or considered essential because he didn’t have money and boiled them down hard.

However, there were not only virtual instruments that makes him drool here, but also all kinds of external instruments.

“I don’t have time to touch each and every one of them. Let’s make music according to the plan.”

‘Let’s turn the four codes on the ‘b’ minor scale into infinite loops.’

Chords will be played in a variety of ways, with instruments constantly changing from line to line to line.

“But there should be other instruments present to hold the balance.”

There’s one main theme in his head.

It was too fast to play perfectly at once, but what was the advantage of the midi?

He can hit it roughly with the keyboard and place the note with the mouse at the desired time.

It’s cumbersome, considering the beat, this is the most accurate.

‘It has to feel that this is like an impromptu performance…uhmm…let’s make as many patterns as possible.’

He lost track of time as he played the keyboard and mouse like crazy.

“Yeah, this is not easy.”

“You are not just playing, you are just going around with the keyboard and mouse.”


Surprised by the sound from hid behind, he turned his head and saw a white man, Sam, sitting there. He was drinking coffee leisurely, and when Jung-ho turned around, he handed the other one.

“Do it while you drink.”

“Thank you. Since when have you been here?”

“Since before. But what you’re making, Latin pop?”

“Oh, how did you know?”

“I know it once I heard the first notes. I touched some notes before I became a manager.”

“Oh, you used to be a sound engineer?”

“Anyway, Latin pop, will it suits Jera?”

“Of course it suits her. Do you want to hear? I’ve roughly finished the composition.”

Jung-ho played the intro sound that was barely completed over a few hours.

(I can refer this song with Hips Don’t lie guitar version.)

The sound was like a bonfire burning.

And a deep sigh coming in.

Then, all kinds of steel guitars and Latin percussion begin to resonate dizzy and heat up the atmosphere.

Flamboyant steel guitars were missing, another lead guitar with a different tone is played, and at the same time, an electric piano with a strange tone plays the code like a bouncy bouncy.

A fun and sexy performance with a lot of South American music!

Standing up from his seat, Jung-ho performs impromptu choreography with whatever steps comes to his mind first.

“At first, it’s light, this is how you wave and get into the rhythm. While singing.”

“Come to think of it, J.ho, you said you spent three years as an idol trainee in Korea, right? You’re a good dancer.”

“I’m not overwhelmingly good at anything, but I can pull off all genres of dance at a moderate level.”

The accompaniment was cut off in the bridge part, which connects the verse and chorus.

“I haven’t finished arranging the verse yet.”

“It’s about the impromptu guitar part. Why don’t we use a session?”

“But you have to make sure you draw a sketch so it’s easier to work on it later.”

“That’s true. But now that I hear it, the music and the dance moves seem to be full of self-interest.”


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