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Music show Genius chapter 30

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“When asked who the best female singer of all time is, my goal is to make sure that everyone’s mouth will say Jera.”

This unexpected answer surprised Jera even more.

There were many things she wanted to ask, but she suppressed them.


Jung-Ho hesitated.

Curious, Jera asked.

“Why, are you embarrassed to tell me?”

“There’s that, and… but hey, as a YouTuber, I want to get the DIA button.”

“Dia Button… That one?”

A YouTube button was displayed on one side of the practice room.

Silver button that was awarded when the number of subscribers exceeds 100,000.

Gold button for 1 million.

And Jung Ho’s goal was DIA Button which was equivalent to 10 million people.

But there was one more thing next to it.

It’s called Ruby Button.

A custom button that requires more than 50 million subscribers.

“It’s a microphone! They said they’d make it look like what you wanted. That’s great!”

“It’s nothing. Even if it’s 10 million or 100 million, the average number of views is similar when you go in and look at the content.”

Even though she said so, she must have been quite proud of her achievements as she even made a dedicated space for it.

Jung-ho said with envy.

“I was barely able to get over 100,000 people four years after I started as a YouTuber. In fact, it was also thanks to you.”

“I didn’t really think I’d help. It was all your abilities after all.”

“Anyway, Jera is amazing. You have the largest number of subscribers among all the musicians in the world.”

Jera laughed silently at Jung-ho’s envious eyes.

“Come to my house after taking a shower and changing clothes. Let’s have breakfast together.” She said when the stretch was over.

“Can I really do that?”

“Is there any reason why not?”

“No, I’ll be there as soon as I can!”

Excited, Jung-ho finished showering and changed clothes at the office as soon as possible, and went up to the top with a card key.

And the penthouse layout was admiringly gorgeous and elegant.

A sensuous appearance like a huge piece of architectural art!

Carefully put the card key and try to enter the inside.

A huge living room.

Two chandeliers, and arched windows offer a sense of openness.

“This is Jera’s House!”

Jung-ho thought he’ll have to use the whole day to get a closer look inside.

Even the stairs leading up to the second floor consisted of high-quality marble and high-quality brass.

Jera, dressed in a white shower gown, walked out from one side as she sat quietly on the sofa waiting.

“Have you been waiting long?”

“No, I lost track of time looking around the penthouse.”

“Sit there. I’ll bring breakfast.”

Moments later, she brought detox juice and a salad lunch box that appeared to have been made by herself.

“That’s all I have to offer to you because I’m on a diet. I’m sorry.”

FYI, she avoided eating too much at dinner the night before .

“I like it.”

“Do you like this kind of food?”

“I used to eat a lot when I was in the military, and most of all, my artist takes strict care of herself, but there’s no way her own producer wouldn’t like it.”

And Jung-ho drank detox juice and scooped up the salad. Jera, who was watching the scene, asked with a smile.

“I want to continue what we discussed in the practice room, so how are you going to make me the best musician?”

“I have to think about it now.”

“Then can I give you this as an assignment?”

All of a sudden, an assignment?

He was wondering why his dream was his assignment.

“Tell me.”

“You know the Tropical House you give recently?”


“I really liked it, so I named it as the title track. Come to think of it, I got greedy.”

“What kind of greed?”

“Something, I wish I had another powerful weapon.”

Jung-ho was confused when he heard that.

With such expectations, Jera watched with him with anticipation.

“Are you saying that you want to host another double title like the last regular album?”

“That’s it. What do you think? Is it possible?”

The title song of the album is both a greatest creation and a burden to the composer.

This determines the fate of a musician.

With a Top Musician like Jera, this gives more burden than ever.

‘If I don’t, if I don’t… Succeed…I am just going to die.’

All the blame will be on Jera.

J.ho, an Asian musician, and she chose his song.

From the production of the album to the launch.

The whole process is evaluated as the competence of top musician Jera.

That’s why it’s more burdensome.

Because he didn’t want to dishonor Jera, who he admire and like more than anyone else.

“Do you care about the concept?”

“As long as the song is good, I don’t care what is it’s concept. However, I would like you to consider the future process thoroughly and proceed with the work. Because you’re not just a composer, you’re also now a producer.”


He felt more pressure.

He feel like his heart was being weighed down.

Still, on the one hand, he was looking forward to it.

He can’t believe he can direct the pop queen any way he wanted.

What could be more wonderful than this?

“I’ll give you plenty of time, so don’t be too hasty. But don’t let me wait too long. All right?”



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