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Music show Genius chapter 29

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For more than three years, YouTuber J.ho had never broken a promise with his subscriber.

Before leaving for the U.S., J.ho promised to shoot a V-log, and as the upload time approached, enthusiastic subscribers feel like they have waited for forever.

And finally the video came up.

Home, Incheon Airport, New York Airport, and Manhattan.

The whole process was edited relatively quickly.

It’s not just that it’s fast.

What needs to be shown is shown, and funny comments were highlighted using subtitles and various effects.

Thanks to this, it was not boring, and it was quite interesting.

The most interesting part for subscribers is when he entered Black Label!

[Is Jera coming out?]

[Jera! Jera! Jera!]

But the expected scene didn’t come out.

The reason was very simple.

Jung-Ho haven’t even talked to Jera yet because he was busy. He’ll ask when they would get really close.

It wasn’t that there wasn’t nothing to see, though.

The studio apartment that Jera gave him!
Belle’s men’s clothing full closet.

Black Note employee ID and a credit card that Jera gave him.

[Hey, You’re a full-time employee of Black Label? That’s awesome.]

[The company Black Label, the house, a studio apartment right in the middle of Broadway… He has been given a high salary, right? What an enviable life! ]

[I’m most jealous about how he can see Jera whenever he wanted to see her more than anything else]

[Jera, she is my ideal type.ㅠ]

Since then, he would only do a simple walk in the neighborhood.

Broadway, Times Square, Korean Town, etc.

He couldn’t have been more excited of taking pictures and reviewing famous places and buildings in Manhattan.

Jera and Jung-ho have dinner plans, so he should stop filming VLOG.

Tomorrow, he’ll film a cover song video at Jera’s Studio and upload it.

It’s a recording studio full of the best equipment, so he was looking forward to what kind of sound he will make.

[Hahah, I can’t believe he is now a producer and free to use the studio…]

[I heard there’s Jera’s penthouse on the top floor of the building, and he is living really close to her.]

[Jera must have really liked J.ho. I can feel how much she specially treating him. Maybe, there must be more he had actually done.]
[Dinner with Jera… I’m so jealous that I’m going crazy.]

Subscribers, who were attacked by a salt attack, struggled with envy.

Early in the morning, Jung-ho, wearing a Belle training suit and sneakers, left the studio and he ran into Jera in the elevator.

“Huh? Are you also going to work out?”

“Yeah. Jogging, Jung Ho?”


“Then let’s do it together. I’ll show you my favorite course.”

His heart starts beating too much and it was still morning.

After finding out that Jung-ho was nervous, Jera tapped him lightly and said.

“When do you think I’ll be comfortable?”

“Well, I guess it’s just going to keep getting tough. First of all, you are the boss, and you are also my favorite musician…”

At the shy confession, Jera smiled silently.

Broadway was very quiet.

She said after wearing a hooded hat and a black mask.

“Follow me.”

She’s running ahead.

Jung-ho, who was following hier reflexively, didn’t breathe for a second.

“Uh, her butt…”

She usually prefers leggings.

His natural resistance is great, but the fascination movement that occurs every time she runs through diet management and exercise stimulates his mind of the newly discharged single male.

‘As expected, Jera is amazing!’

Overwhelming in many ways!

But he thought it would be bad for his heart if he kept staring at it.
Jera will find it strange, too.

So he picked up the speed and stood shoulder to shoulder with her.

After jogging, they returned to the label and headed to the practice room.

“Let me show you my stretching routine.”

When she took off her hoodie, her pure white sports bra was revealed.


Jung-ho, who lost his breath yet again without realizing it, was embarrassed because he couldn’t find a place to put his eyes on.

He know it’s a training suit that women like, but she was not just anyone else, she is Jera. The person he admired.

Looking at Jung-ho with his red ears, Jera smirked, but soon spoke in a stern voice.

“Let’s start training.”


As they focused on training, Jung-ho’s embarrassment somewhat subsided.

It was she who broke the silence.

“Does you have a goal or something?”

“Of course, I decided two things on my way here.”

“Two things? Do you mind if you share it to ne?”

Jung-ho answered her honestly.

“Of course. One thing is to make Jera the all-time number one musician.”

Hearing that one of his goals was related to her, her two eyes widened.


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