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Music show Genius chapter 28

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After final signing the contract and taking over related documents and supplies, Jung-ho was now Jera’s exclusive composer and full-time employee of Black Note.

“Let’s have dinner together. Make yourself at home until you call. You can take a walk.”
Returning to the officetel with a big hug, Jung-ho stared at the small but neat studio apartment.

“Really, is this a reality?”

It still hasn’t hit him yet.

That he became a composer of Jera.

Being a full-time employee of the label she leads.

Also, he has now the title of producer.

What about this studio?

The location is so good that he can see the scenery of Broadway in Manhattan at a glance. A short walk from here is the famous Times Square Square.

When he opened the refrigerator, he found various drinks, drinks, and other food items including salad lunch boxes.

In the closet, there were various types of fashion brands, Belle’s men’s clothing, underwear, and shoes, which were launched by Jera and became a big issue.

FYI, fashion brand Belle’s total sales exceeded $400 million last year.

Considering that she’s still in her late twenties, she’s an amazing businesswoman.

Her talent was not confined to music only.

“Maybe that’s why she needed a main producer who got along well with her.”

After unpacking, he took a shower, changed into T-shirt and pants that she gave him, and sat on the sofa by the window.

“Penthouse key cards, this is hardly something I’ll ever use, but… Let’s give this to you first.”

And another card.

It wasn’t a company card, it was a credit card in Jera’s name.

“How do I use this? Should I carry it around like a talisman.”

Isn’t it the card that Jera made for herself?

That alone was of great value.

At least for Jung-Ho.

‘This is what’s really important.’

Copyright fee.

So far, there are only about 30 songs given to Jera. She bought all of them, and the latest summer-style dance song was also the new title song for the new album.

That’s not what matters.

Of the songs he turned over, four were actually put in the album. One of the most popular song released was [Place don’t go], the previous full-length album title.

It was a song about desperation for her father who died of heart disease.

The copyright fee for this song was so high that it was worth billions of won.

His best performance was No. 2 on the Billboard Singles Chart, but he is still running long enough to remain at the top of various music sites a year after its release.

And Jera has sung it the most recently.

During large and small performances, she made sure to put the song on the list of songs, and showed her affection for the song several times in interviews and broadcasts.

How much is all this?

There were so many zeros that it was hard to count.

Rich, he became rich.

Well, money doesn’t matter now.

Making Jera the all-time number one singer was still his goal.

And his YouTube channel, has now received the diamond button.

First of all, these two were Jung-ho’s biggest goals.

There was a long and rough way to go, so he couldn’t be satisfied with making some money.

‘Cause this is only on the starting line.’

The American music market, home to the world’s leading geniuses, geeks and masters, and YouTube.

How far can he go?

His heart beats fast when he think about it.

‘We have plenty of time left. Let’s keep filming the Vlog! I brought a MacBook for the sole purpose of editing!’

After taking out the equipment again, Jung-ho started recording.

“I just finished my meeting with Jera, and now I’m inside the dorm. Don’t be surprised.

This is an office inside the Black Label building, which Jera has prepared for me! I’ll give you a review now!”

After editing the Vlog video, Jung-ho reviewed it several times and uploaded it to the channel.

Title: I have entered Manhattan and Black Label.

“Is the title a little weak?”

He tried to think about it, but he couldn’t think of anything suitable.

“Okay, let’s just go to bed.”

Late night.

It was the first day, but Jung-ho fell asleep only after finishing his work.


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