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Music show Genius chapter 27

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He has no experience of producing.

Of course, he worked hard to find the materials for the necessary study, but…

‘Is it possible to produce Jera’s album with that much?

I doubt it, but isn’t it a good opportunity?
I didn’t want to miss it.’

“You can do it, right?”

“Yes, I’ll try.”

“That’s not it. I feel safe when you say I can.m rather than I try.”

“I can do it!”

Finally, a smile came to Jera’s lips.

Jung-ho felt his heart overflowing.

After that, Jung-ho had met and greeted people in person, including the studio and the management office where all the label’s work is done.

The last place he arrived was the penthouse on the top floor of the building.

“I don’t have a special schedule, this is where I usually live. I’ll give you the card key, so feel free to come in if you have anything to ask.”
She handed over two cards.

“One is a penthouse card key, the other is…”

“I’m giving it to you to you as your money, if you have expenses while living here just use it. Make yourself comfortable.”


“And to tell you one thing in advance, Yoo Jung-ho is officially registered as an exclusive composer and producer of my label. In short, you are my subordinates.”


“It’s your first year in the company, so I set your annual salary at $100,000. We’ll settle the copyright revenue separately, so don’t worry. Let me know if you need a car. I’ll get you a good one to roll.”

The contents that flow out from her mouth were all too shocking.

‘In other words, she is saying I got a job at a New York company.’

Even in Korean agencies, exclusive composers were often contracted as full-time employees of the company, not as freelancers.

But it’s a story for very few people, enjoying a stable monthly income and all the benefits that the company offers, and if he gives good results, he’ll get paid extra for his grade.

‘Hey, this are great benefit.’

Even though this is Manhattan, they gave him accommodation, they pay him extra for living expenses.

Whether it’s a dream or a real thing, he don’t know if he deserve this treatment.

Jung-ho don’t know what to do because he have a lot on his mind.

Jera, who saw through his heart, smiled and asked.

“Was this too much?”

“Oh, that’s…”

Jung-ho, who hesitated, honestly answered.
“Yes, that’s right. I wonder if I really deserve to be treated like this. Are you sure it is okay?”

Jera and Sam exchanged strange glances.

Sam asked.

“Is there any particular reason why you shouldn’t be treated like that? Have you been running away guilty or wanted by the Interpool?”

“No, I am not!”

“Just kidding, we are giving you this because you are worth it. You don’t have to think anything weird. Don’t you think so too, Jera?”

“Yes, it’s nothing compared to what J.ho did to me… You’ve already seen everything in the building, so let’s go back to the office. There’s more to sort out, isn’t there?”

Sort out? What else?

Jung-ho was confused and couldn’t think straight. He sat on the sofa, back in the office where first arrived, and after a while, Jera handed him some papers.

“Check it out.”

Several documents related to employment, including an annual salary contract.



“Copyright settlement details and contracts. You couldn’t do for-profit activities as a soldier, and you said we’d meet up after you’re discharged.”

“Come to think of it…”

The money in his bank account was for 20 songs that he handed over before he joined the army.

Since then, he has yet to receive settlement payments from songs sold and performances, album sales, and music revenue.

If a large amount of money suddenly comes into the account while being enlisted in the military, an investigation could occur, and problems would arise, so he decided to deal with it at once after he was discharged from the military.

It was a decision that could not be made without unconditional trust with the other party.

“I’ve done a very thorough job of organizing the details, so check it out.”


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