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Music show Genius chapter 26

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Since he was young, Jung-ho has long admired the unique street atmosphere of musicals in the United States and Broadway.

He has now arrived at the place he dreamed of, but isn’t it something he can’t go back to after working?

Jung-ho relaxed himself and then finally arrived at Black Label.

A major music label founded by Jera!

“For now, let’s put the camera off.”

He didn’t get permission, so this is the end of the shoot.

He didn’t even dare to bring it up.

Because so far, Jera and Sam have been difficult opponents. Especially, isn’t Jera the boss and his object of admiration?

‘Whoo, let’s calm down. Calm down.’

After putting all the equipment in the carrier, Jung-ho looked in the mirror and organized his hair and clothes. His heart skipped a beat. He just can’t relax.

‘But I have to go.’

He took a deep breath and entered the building.

‘They said it was the sixth floor, right?’

As he climbed up witg the elevator, he could see the entrance door with the label in English.

The hallway was so quiet that even the sound of dragging the carrier rang loudly. When he opened the door and entered, a man in suite sitting at the desk asked.

“How did you get here?”

“I’m here for a meeting with Jera.”

At the word, the teller’s eyes change strangely.

“Are you J.ho?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“That’s right! It’s nice to meet you! J. ho!”

The scary face suddenly brightened up.

Suddenly, the atmosphere changed, and Jung-ho asked with an awkward smile.

“Thank you for welcoming me. Where should I go in order to meet Jera?”

“I’ll show you around. Follow me.”



When the door opened, the first thing he saw was a milky beauty sitting comfortably in a black leather sofa, wearing black leggings and an orange shirt.

“J. ho?”

‘It’s Jera! I finally met an idol that I had only seen in pictures and videos!’


Jung-ho froze without saying a word.

Standing up from her seat, Jera approached with a deep smile. And she spread out her arms and hugged Jung-Ho tightly.

“Welcome. Welcome.”

He could not breathe because of the deadly scent that stimulates men’s hearts and the loud beating sound in his chest. Jera took Jung-ho’s hand, which was hardened, and sat down next to the sofa where she was sitting.

They sat close together, and said without letting go of her grasp.

“It’s our first time seeing each other in person, right?”

“Yes, yes! That’s right!”

“Well, are you uncomfortable talking with me? Do you want to talk to Sam?”

Only then did he see Sam, a white man in casual clothes (Note: I don’t know what should I call his style. But it is the style usually used by producers seen in movies.)

Jung-ho hurriedly greeted him.

“Ba, nice to meet you. Sam, you’re really big.”

“Now I have to thank you for just noticing me here.”

“I’m sorry. I was so nervous…”

“It looks like it.”

“Don’t be so nervous. Now that we’re here, J.ho is part of our family, right?” Jera said with a playful smile.


‘Jera called me a family!’

Jung-ho was about to cry with emotion.

She stood up and said, looking at Jung-ho’s innocent appearance as if he were a mysterious creature.

“Follow me. I want to show you something.”

The place where she guided him was a small office on the same floor.

Bed, bathroom, sink, refrigerator, etc.

It was a space reminiscent of a full-option studio apartment.

She asked with a look full of anticipation.
“What do you think about this?”


“It’s a space I’ve got for J.ho. Think of it as home and relax. You don’t happen to have a residence in Manhattan, do you?”

“Oh, no, no! By the way, is this my accommodation?”

“Yes, it’s my welcome present.”


Jung-ho was speechless.

It was obviously a great studio apartment.

There was everything necessary for life, and a panoramic view of Broadway was laid out in the front window.

“I put something to drink in the fridge, and there are clothes in the closet, so you can change anytime. Right now, just put your suitcase in and follow me. I have another thing to show you.”

“Yes, yes!”

In a hurry, Jung-ho left his suitcase in the room and moved to another place, led by her hand.

“This is my private practice room. From now on, the two of us will meet here often.”

“Well, me too?”

When Jung-ho asked in surprise, she asked back as if she was rather strange.

“The person who knows the song I sing the best is J.ho. Vocal, choreography, costumes… You have to direct everyone.”

Jung-ho, who realized what she meant, was really surprised.

“You want me to produce this album alone? Really?”

“Of course J.ho should do it. Including the title song of this album, half of the songs were written by J.ho.”



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