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Music show Genius chapter 25

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“I should sleep now.”

“That’s it for today. I need to sleep. Good night, everyone.”

“I’m not usually sleeping at this hour, but I’m getting sleepy… Bye, good night everyone.”

At the end of all the selection, the number of viewers dropped to double digits.

The chat window was quiet.

It was clear that the rest of them fell asleep while listening to the broadcast.

Jung-ho spoke in a low voice, whispering.

“Have a good night.”

After finishing the broadcast, Jung-ho read the related article link sent by his subscribers.

None of the information reported in the chat window was exaggerated.

“Min Seo-joon, he was always like that, but even Myung-woo…”

He thought Kim Myung-woo was a good guy.
However, as he read the article, he must have thought wrong about Kim Myung-woo until now.

Come to think of it…

Once in doubt, things that have been inadvertently overlooked come anew.

Last time they met, he didn’t try to make eye contact with Jung-ho. He was awkward until he suddenly changed his attitude.

‘I thought it was just because we hadn’t met in a long time.’

But what if it wasn’t for that reason?

“Why don’t they like me?”

Jung-ho never made a mistake, and the atmosphere was not bad when they met at Gangnam Station to get advice on how to run YouTube.

“Maybe Min Seo-joon has influenced him.”

In any case, it is true that the other parties have said unpleasant things “many times”, so it seems right to sort out the relationship.

‘I just don’t think I should be dealing with Neocrew and S.O.T.A. anymore’

In the rest of the time, Jung-ho diligently created and uploaded YouTube content.

Cover, vlog, healing live.

Among them, cover and Vlog contents were updated two or three times a week, but healing live was held at 10 p.m. every night.

In the first place, the concept was to listen to radio comfortably before going to bed, so it was hard to be diligent until it became recognized.

[Play V.O.A’s!]

[Please put an OST. I have insomnia, but I think I can sleep well if I listen to calm movie music.]

There were also quite a few comments on the song request.

Although it was not known much because it was just the beginning, the number of viewers has steadily increasing due to the interest caused by the existing subscribers.

The reaction of the edited video was also noteworthy.

[It’s great that it’s edited so that I can only focus on listening to music.]

[The sound quality is good and the arrangement quality is excellent, I can keep listening to this song. It’s comfortable to ghe mind and good for improving concentration.
It’s so healing. Please keep posting.]

[It’s best to listen to it at night, but soft healing music always makes you feel good!]

Music creator J.ho’s healing live was becoming known little by little, mainly for women who loved calm songs.

“There’s one thing I need to tell you before I start a healing live. Tomorrow and the next day, I don’t think I can update new contents for these two days. I’m going to New York.”

[Are you going on a trip? Please do a VLOG.ㅠ]

[I don’t think it’s a trip, is it something to do with Jera? Like working on music?]

“There’s a quick-witted person. That’s right. I’m going to work with Jera’s new album.”


[Oh, really?!]

[JERA’s new album is coming out?]


The reaction was hot.

[It’s JERA! Please do a special vlog!]

[vlog! vlog!]

[Let’s have an interaction with the subscribers!]

“About Jera special… I’d like to try it if I can, but still a tough hurdle. She is even the CEO of my agency. It’s a burden to make such a request.”

[Ah! Come to think of it, J.ho was the exclusive artist for Jera’s “Black Label”, right?]

[If you’re in Black Label, you’ll be able to meet a lot of hip hop and R&B musicians who are the hottest artists in the US these days! I envy you!]

Jung-ho, who was watching the chat window, smiled and said.

“Now that I know it, my heart is shaking, too. I’m not sure if we can meet, but if we do, I’ll take a shot. That’s it for the small talk. Let’s start the healing live.”

Early in the morning, Jung-ho, who was ready for the trip, headed for Incheon Airport.

‘I’m going to shoot a Vlog.’

Quite a few subscribers to Healing Live asked for a Vlog.

‘I’ve already filmed a Vlog about two times, but I’ve been awkward and a little shy so far.
But Istill have to. That’s what subscribers want!’

After a two-hour wait and a fifteen-hour flight, Jung-Ho arrived in New York. After one more hour of traveling by bus, the scenery of Manhattan unfolds.

Jung-ho shouted with a shocked face.

“Can you see? We’re finally in Manhattan!”

Tall buildings, large displays and billboards everywhere, and busy people walking around.

He don’t know how long he’ll be working, but it’s where he’ll be spending at least a month.

“The Black Lab building is on the famous Broadway. The meeting time is approaching, so I’ll hurry up.”

In fact, Jera and Sam offered to send the car to the airport, but Jung-ho refused. It was due to the production of Vlog contents.

Indeed, it was worthwhile to shoot a difficult journey.

The sky was clear, and the city was full of life.

Feeling his fatigue go away, Jung-ho took a strong step. The comments were also encouraging.

After such a long journey, he was finally able to reach Broadway.

Far away, he can see signs of the world-class musicals.

“This is the Holy Land of the Musical!”

He really wanted to come sometime.

The Phantom of the Opera! The Lion King, Mamma Mia!

And Wicked!

He enjoy sightseeing world-famous musicals, and eat at famous and local restaurants nearby.

“I’ll have a chance to do that, right? Don’t tell me I’m going to die and end up not working on it?”

That’s what he said, but if he didn’t have it, he thought he’d make it and watch the musical.

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