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Music show Genius chapter 24

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[What are your plans for the next activity?]

[Are you still going to run the YouTube channel?]

[Why you are not active in Korea?]

“I’m going to work with Jera and do a YouTube Content at the same time. I will also try planning activities in Korea if I have a good opportunity. Now, if you don’t have any questions, I will start right away…”

[Hang on! I heard that J.ho’s personality didn’t go well amongst celebrities.]


“Yes. I didn’t get along well with other trainees because I had an outsider temperament. I had a hard time alone because I felt limited in my dancing and singing skills. And…”


Somehow there are lots of uncanny out-of-fact comments.

[I felt bad, but I didn’t reveal it, so I will just ask secretly.]

“Where did you hear that?”

[From S.O.T.A. Min Seo-joon and Kim Myung-woo.]


J.ho was a hot issue, and S.O.T.A. was in the spotlight, so some members were on the show. That’s what they said about J.ho.

He still remembered what was said on Wiki!
He have never heard of it before, so the tail of his right mouth went up by itself.

‘Min Seo-joon, and Kim Myung Woo?’

Jung-ho’s eyes cooled down.

“JUNG-HO is doing a live show!”

Inside the accommodation, the youngest member of S.O.T.A. sounded raucously.

Min Seo-joon and Kim Myung-woo’s expressions hardened.

On the other hand, the other two members gathered together in the living room, making a fuss, and accessing the live broadcast on TV.

This 60-inch LED screen shows Yoo Jung-ho sitting in front of a keyboard with 4K resolution.

“Wow, look at the number of viewers. There are already over 300 people!”

“I heard it’s his first live, isn’t it amazing?”

“If he do well, he’ll get 1,000.”

Jung-ho, who was typing the keyboard, looks cool even when a man sees him.

Open shoulders and protruding clavicle.

The bumpy muscular body and thick forearms, seen over the white T-shirt, are neatly trimmed enough to produce elasticity.

[Let’s have a quick question and answer session before we begin]

[Ask me questions. ]

“Look at his voice.”

“It’s really cool.”

“I should work out hard, too. I envy him”

The three members stare blankly at the TV and keep saying admiration.

“Give me a load of shit.”

Min Seo-joon used abusive language as if he had seen everything, but Kim Myung-woo still looks stiff.

[Yoo Jung-ho. I’m telling you, it’s hard to get 1,000 subscribers if you do it like this forever] I think it’s going to be 2 years, 3 years at the most.]

He still have a vivid memory.

He thought he would destroy himself.

He was sure of it.

However, it was successful as if to break his expectations.

He was successful enough to talk casually to world-renowned pop star Jera.

But then.

[Hang on! I heard that J.ho’s personality didn’t go well amongst celebrities.]


[Yes. I didn’t get along well with other trainees because I had an outsider temperament. I had a hard time alone because I felt limited in my dancing and singing skills. And…]

An embarrassing situation unfolded.

Min Seo-joon hurriedly raised his upper body.
Kim Myung-woo’s eyes shook, too.

[Where did you hear that?]

[S.O.T.A. Min Seo Jun and Kim Myung Woo.]

As soon as the names were mentioned correctly, the three members looked back at the two with embarrassed faces.

Min Seo-joon and Kim Myung-woo’s faces were stained with embarrassment.

J.ho was an issue, and S.O.T.A. was getting attention and appeared on the show. That’s what they said about J.ho.

[I’ve seen that interview. There was a lot of news talking a lot about your name, and I thought, “What the fuck are they doing?”]

Now there were many flood of comments.


The silence subsided.

Min Seo-joon, who was embarrassed and at a loss, shouted nervously.

“They’re talking bullshit! That son of a bitch is talking nonsense! Bro, have we ever had an interview like that?”

“No, I don’t remember. I think they’re mistaken or misunderstood?”

It was a lie.

The three members, who had seen the two for a long time, knew the truth but couldn’t say anything.

It was because it was absurd to do it now.

“If this goes to the ears of the people in the company…”

“Woo-Young, you’ve been under a lot of stress lately…”

As soon as he thought about it, the phone rang.

It was Min Seo-joon’s cell phone, and Choi Woo-young’s name was stamped on the screen.

Min Seo-joon, who hesitated for a while, starts the call and shouted.

When Choi Woo-young talked about Jung Ho, Min Seo-joon started to make a fuss without knowing the subject.

The three members sighed in unison.

Min Seo-joon and Choi Woo-young’s shouting continued.

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