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Music show Genius chapter 23

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Sam looked at the smartphone notification and said to Jera.

“J.ho posted a video.”

“I just got a notification. Shall we watch it together?”

Soon, a video clip of Jung-ho’s YouTube appeared on the studio’s large screen.

[Hello, I’m J.ho.]

“Healing live?”

“Is it like a radio show?”

It was a promotional video for new contents.
After a brief introduction, the performance began.

A soft and calm performance.

When they listened, they felt at ease and close their eyes by themself.

“Was J.ho’s voice this good?”

She arranges her own pop songs, she knew well.

Because it was another title song of the first album that Jung-Ho participated in.

‘It’s like pouring chocolate all over my body.’
It’s unbearably sweet.

Even the breathing felt delicious.


She feel drowsy.

In fact, she couldn’t sleep well because she was nervous about the new album.

‘It feels so good.’

In fact, she don’t really enjoy listening to this genre.

There are some things that don’t suit her taste, but it was because she usually do trendy pop music.

Music that seems to gently embrace and comfort a small, weak girl trembling with anxiety.

‘The word healing suits you well.’

As expected, if they meet this time, they should tie him up and make him not think about going anywhere.

Jera closed her eyes thinking so.


[You’re finally back! ]

[Congratulations on your military discharge!]

[Are you ready to dedicate your life to music?]

Hundreds of comments were posted within a single day.

He can’t believe the reaction to the commercial video was so hot.

He can only feel that the world has changed.
He was the composer of Jera.

A young genius who made it to the Billboard!
He was not that great of a man.

Just looking at it is making him crazy.

When he held back and read the comments one by one, there were quite a lot of song requests.

[Please play ‘The Way To You’ by Shin Suji.]

[Please play… a new song… if it’s hard, just some songs you know of…]

[Shut up and let’s just wait for it!]

[Don’t make me smell like a duck here!]

[How am I supposed to know that you’re a fan?]

[How can you do that?]


[Stop it, you sick fuckers… This is a place where a lot of people come ㅠ_ㅠ]

[Please stop the homophobia!]

Jung-Ho roughly selected the requested songs, and there are more songs he don’t know than songs he knew of.

He thought it would take a lot of time to search and listen to each one.

So he made a list of 10 songs, including 8 songs he know and 2 songs he didn’t know, and he started arranging them by listening to music.

10 p.m.

The first live broadcast has begun.

[Oh, it’s finally Live.]

[The first live show in five years. Aren’t he being too humane now?]

[I watched the promotional video!]

‘Oh, there are more people than I thought.
Since it’s my first live broadcast, I thought there wouldn’t be more than 10 viewers.
100 people, that’s awesome.’

Even now, the number of users was steadily increasing.

Jung-ho spoke in a damp voice while playing the first song.

“Hello, I’m J.ho and this is healing live, and I am back after two years. I’d like to thank my subscribers for coming to my live broadcast. Let’s start with the first song.”

[What, it’s just starting?]

[How can we start all of a sudden?]

[Wait, I have a question!]

The chat window went crazy because it was proceeding with the contents right away.

‘I don’t think we should let it go.’

The highest value of live broadcasting is communication after all.

If he ignore this and stick to the content, he will be shunned no matter how good the content is.

Jung-ho slowed down the tempo of the performance and opened his mouth again.

“Let’s have a quick question-and-answer session before we start. Ask me questions.”

[I’m curious about your work with Jera! ]

[I heard you were released after being a Neocrew trainee, so please tell me more about the situation!]

[I heard you almost became a member of S.O.T.A. I wonder why you suddenly turned to be a Vlogger!]

The content of the question is not entirely normal.

Some viewers doubt that they are reporters from the entertainment department.

‘Maybe that’s the case.’

After fixing his thoughts, Jung-ho began to give a simple and clear answer.

“I can’t say anything because I’ve never met Jera in person. You know I was discharged from the army a few days ago.”

“I was a Neocrew trainee. I was released because I wasn’t good enough. I need a way to make ends meet, and I couldn’t give up music, so I started with being a YouTuber.”

[How much money did you make?]

“I can just tell you that I don’t have to worry about money when I buy beef.”

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