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Music show Genius chapter 22

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After the meeting, Woo-young headed to the practice room in a heavy mood. The members were practicing dancing with the choreographers.

[Don’t hesitate to get the next song from Jung Ho. If it’s not from him, it’s over. Do you understand?]

He didn’t thought of it.

Yes, let’s say this song is a success.
What’s the next song?

‘Haven’t they failed until now due to poor song quality?’


Although there are some differences in opinions with the executives on this part, they were unable to appeal to the public due to their lack of singing ability, in other words, the members’ capabilities.

That’s what he got for them.

It wasn’t something anyone could do.
It was possible because Jung-ho knew the capabilities of S.O.T.A members so well.

He got goosebumps when he reached this point.

Jung-ho did such a great job in less than a day.

‘If we don’t continue to get Jung-ho’s cooperation, we’ll be done.’

How did he get up here?

Choi Woo-young grabbed his smartphone with urgent eyes.

“Let’s stop writing songs for others.”

From now on, all the new songs will be produced mainly by Jera.

She’s still a top-notch musician, but she hasn’t reached the peak yet. On top of that, legendary musicians who make their hearts beat just by name are still alive.

It’s because they don’t promote much.
Jera is the best female musician of her age, not the all-time number one.

‘I’m going to make Jera the greatest musician of all time.’

To do so, he have to work on his own songwriting for Jera.

Cover, vlog and…

Jung-Ho’s eyes sparkled.


Early in the morning, lunchtime, or late in the evening.

They set a time zone and arrange the songs they want to hear in advance, play them constantly, and sing songs if they want.

“Like a radio show.”

There will be plenty of Podcast content.
Not to viewers, not to yourself.

“Let’s call it Healing Live.”

First, shall we take a sample video?

Jung-ho, who randomly selected five songs, started playing it live through an impromptu arrangement.

‘Let’s try to give a gentle echo to suit the evening sensibilities.’

After he finished playing, he checked the video.

Two of them were vocal songs.

The tracks would be a jazz ballad, expressed slowly and deeply.

Jung-ho, who had been listening for a long time, pressed the space bar nervously.

The video has been stopped.

‘I don’t like it.’

The recording, and the vocals were very annoying.

‘I need to change the machine.’

The equipment in use now was a used device, nothing short of an introductory device.

This is enough to create great songs and content, but…

‘I think healing live is about sound quality.’

Playing, melody and voice.

All of this should be permeable to the ears and sensibilities of the listeners.

‘It’s not like I don’t have money, let’s change it for this opportunity!’

Jung-ho, who stopped working, immediately accessed a shopping app that sells media equipment.

“Let’s buy all the equipment we wanted.”

That evening, the equipment was delivered by quick delivery.

Audio interface.

Monitoring speakers.

Condenser Mic and Pop Fielder.

Master keyboard, iMac and MacBook, camera, lens, and dedicated microphone.

All ordered in the latest and highest quality.


He was full just by looking at it.

He was so happy that the corners of his mouth are getting stuck in his ears.


After humming and enjoying the equipment, Jung-ho opened the sequencer again and started playing.

“Wow, that’s it!”

How good the sound quality was, to exaggerate a little, it seemed like as if Jera wad whispering sweetly.

“Calm down.”

What was he gonna do in front of Jera if he was already like this?

After keeping himself calm, he started playing again.

It was like a star shining in front of his eyes.

Every sound was lively.

The quality of the sound has made a dramatic change, so that even ordinary people who do not do music can quickly see it.

‘Shall we re-record it?’

Practice like it’s real!

This time, 10 songs.

The process of arranging songs with different characteristics into one consistent flow was not so difficult.

After finishing the composition in a flash, Jung-ho started rehearsing in earnest.

The result is.


It was very satisfying.

Let’s edit this video and post it for promotion.

Note: I don’t really know if it was podcast. In Korea there are those radio show that posted in YouTube or vlive.

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