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Music Show Genius Prologue

I wanted to be a star since I was young.

I wanted to shine brighter than anyone else on the colorful stage.

Dreams belong to those who try.

I believed those words.

But that was so naïve of me.

One day the world told me.

Becoming a star is a special event for very few people.

You can’t even step on the threshold called to be special.

Is that really true?

Find a new way.

Early in the morning, the head of the New Development Team, called Jung-ho into the meeting room, and asked.

“I gave you enough time to think about it, didn’t I? What are you going to do now?”

Jung-ho bit his lips tightly.

A month ago, Jung-ho was asked to make a decision.

‘Will you stay and try to find another opportunity or leave the company?’

It was practically a notice of release.

‘I’ve been trying hard for these three years…’

The time when I gave up everything just to work hard for my dream of becoming a singer passed by my mind.

‘I can’t renew my contract, can I?’

It’s not that there’s no possibility.

From now on, you can practice hard and show an amazing performance during the monthly evaluation that will take place within the termination period of the contract.

But such a thing is only possible in dreams.

The trainee contract will be terminated in a few months.

He is already over 20 years old, and no matter how hard he tried, there was no noticeable growth. He was not particularly good in appearance and did not have a great talent.

This has been the company’s assessment of Jung-ho so far.

I’ve tried hard enough now, but I didn’t think this assessment would change to a dramatic level just because I tried a little more.

‘That’s it.’

In fact, the answer was already set.

Jung-ho replied with a painful feeling.

“I’m going to leave.”

While going down to the underground practice room, Jung-ho ran into a trainee who was going up to the first floor.

‘Min Seo-joon.’

Jung-ho’s expression suddenly hardened.

Min Seo-joon asked with a strange smile.

“I heard you were leaving the company. Are you serious?”

“What are you gonna do?”

They didn’t have a good relationship. Now that he is in the worst mood, he couldn’t bother bickering with him.

However, Min Seo-joon, receiving such a responses, delighted him.

“There’s a rumor going around. That you were already eliminated from the debut team a month ago and will be released from the company soon.”

Hearing so, I was furious but I tried hard to control my mind. It was because I thought that a problem would definitely explode if I got angry here.

‘Let’s ignore it.’

I went down the stairs and went into the practice room. Looking away from the pouring eyes, he quickly packed his luggage and came out. And when I went back to the first floor, Min Seo-joon was waiting right where I talked to him. He must have been waiting for himself to say something.

‘That little bastard.’

I wanted to avoid emotional exhaustion. So I tried to pass by quickly, but I couldn’t avoid the harsh words pouring down.

“Look for something else when you get out of the office. I’ve been watching you, but I don’t think you’re fit to be a celebrity.”

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